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Une partie des membres de la famille Casiraghi est apparue tout sourire, ce samedi 27 mai, sous le soleil radieux de Monaco. Ils assistaient, comme chaque année, au Grand Prix de Formule 1.
The two-time Oscar-winning actor is urging young people to "embrace liberty and freedom for all".
The two-time Academy Award winner spoke to the graduates on truth and was given a volleyball as a gift
On Thursday, Tom Hanks appeared at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts to deliver the school's 2023 commencement address. Hanks, 66, was also awarded an honorary doctorate of arts from the Ivy League university
The actor is working on a movie that will utilise deepfake technology to de-age its stars – but that’s barely the beginning of his ambitions
The Forrest Gump star says technology could be used to recreate his image in movies after his death.
“A Grammy Salute to the Beach Boys” airs tonight at 8/7c on CBS. Stream the special with FuboTV and Paramount+.
En attendant de pouvoir regarder tout ça dans nos salles de cinéma, le réalisateur nous dévoile une bande annonce on ne peut plus intrigante.