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Any huge fans of "Shrek" will have the opportunity to live like an ogre for a couple of nights because his iconic swamp home has been recreated and available on Airbnb.
This Halloween, Donkey is letting fans call Shrek's Swamp home through a collaboration with AirBnB.
Durant les vacances de l’attachant ogre vert Shrek, sa maison dans les marais est disponible à la location, explique une annonce, sérieuse, parue sur Airbnb.
Harwell was a founding member of the band, which broke out with hit songs like “Walkin’ on the Sun” and “All Star.”
. . Films like "The Dark Knight", "Shrek" and "A Clockwork Orange" are among the 25 films that the Library of Congress has listed in the National Film Registry.
. . Shrek, Fiona and Donkey will be coming to the Queensland Performing Arts Center's first major musical to be available to a 100 percent audience in the country since COVID-19.
. . Art Secretary Leeanne Enoch said the production would include 38 performances that run up to 50. 000 people in full theaters.