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The debt erasure applies to long-time borrowers who should have qualified for loan forgiveness under the rules of the government's income-driven repayment plans, but haven't received it.
Kraigg Brathwaite has stated the obvious in the leadup to their two-test series against India to try and contrast his team's prospects.
Katy Perry showed off her new bangs haircut in an Instagram video while promoting her non-alcoholic drink brand, and some fans had to do a double take! The Grammy winner is no stranger to epic hair transformations (from blonde pixie cuts to long, wav...
While the Warriors headlines have focused on their fight in the Western Conference Playoffs on a road to another possible championship, Golden State guard Gary Payton II (GP2) has quietly celebrated an off-the-court feat of his own: The 30-year-old NBA star has earned his college degree.
The Sixers' James Harden promised Michigan State University shooting survivor John Hao he would bring him to a game. Now Hao is coming to Game 4 against Boston.
Steph Curry doesn't talk a lot. When he does, his teammates listen. This speech would become part of his legend.