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Multiple people were killed in a crash involving four vehicles on Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu.
Gary Busey allegedly was involved in a Malibu hit-and-run ... and the alleged victim was pleading for him to stop and exchange info, but video shows he wouldn't play ball.
A magnitude-5.0 earthquake centered in Ventura County rattled parts of Southern California Sunday.
Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt's former costar Michael Rapaport recently shared his favorite memory from the exes' lavish 2000 Malibu wedding and it's pretty impressive.
Mardi 4 juillet dernier, le journal anglais Daily mail a révélé des photos et une vidéo de l’actrice américaine Heather Locklear qui questionne les fans et les proches sur son état de santé physique et mental.
A chart circulated on Wednesday shows Airbnb rental revenue falling in some major U.S. cities, even as a separate set of data took issue with that.
La vie en rose - Pour la sortie du film « Barbie » de Greta Gerwig le 19 juillet, Airbnb donne accès à la villa de Malidu de la plus célèbre des poupées
Jay-Z and Beyonce have just snagged one of the greatest architectural masterpieces in the country ... a 30,000 square foot home in the prime area of Malibu ... and they paid a King's ransom.