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Raise your mugs as Oktoberfest events are scheduled across Norfolk for the next month. Oompah band Bavarian Strollers perform at Oktoberfest Norwich at OPEN, which has moved to Epic Studios for 2021. - Credit: Simon Finlay ...
LIVERPOOL legend Ian Callaghan will raise a glass to absent friends when he sees England in their first grand final in 55 years tonight.
. . Thousands were "left in the dark" due to a blackout in Maidstone, Kent, this evening.
. . Engineers are working to repair a defective power cable that left more than 3,300 without power.
Brian Chow Rodriguez said he felt "faint" when faced with the reality of a Channel 4 show
Barry West is believed to have died "a few weeks ago" after a "difficult life" in which he "never found peace" for the horrific crimes committed by parents Fred and Rose West