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There are a ton of error codes you can encounter in Destiny 2, and none of them are fun to run in to. Error Code: Currant is  quite a common one and is directly related to your connectivity to the game. Quite often you’ll encounter the problem when you get disconnected while playing. Let’s go over a few steps that you can take to resolve Error Code: Currant and get back to playing Destiny 2. How to Fix Error Code: Currant in Destiny 2 Error Code: Currant is an issue with the player side of the connection to Destiny 2. […]
Aujourd'hui, Bungie refait l'actualité suite à la publication d'une annonce inédite sur son compte Instagram. Le studio cherche à agrandir ses équipes afin de (...)
Back to the drawing board.
Destiny 2 is down for maintenance right now ahead of the upcoming Season of the Deep content update, also known as Season 21
Destiny 2’s Season of the Deep will follow after the Season of the Defiance, here’s everything we know about its release date, new content, and more.