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Deux jeunes Franco-marocains ont été abattus, mardi 29 août, par les garde-frontières algériens alors qu’ils s’étaient perdus en mer à bord de leur jet-ski, près de Saïdia, dans l’espace maritime algérien limitrophe de la côte marocaine, a appris Le360 de sources concordantes. Un crime abominable qui ne grandit pas une junte incapable de tenir ses nerfs.
Wind-whipped wildfires raced through the Hawaiian island of Maui, forcing evacuations and leading some to flee to the relative safety of the ocean.
Experts inside and outside the company warned of potential dangers and urged the company to undergo a certification process.
The U.S. Coast Guard of the Great Lakes said it "ran soft aground" around 8 a.m. Wednesday morning. There were no injuries, pollution, or damage reported.
Searchers have found wreckage near where a U.S. Navy contractor’s aircraft with three people aboard crashed near the Navy-owned island about 65 miles off San Diego.
The child is said to have been seriously injured and is in hospital after the crash on Beaver Island in Lake Michigan
Un vétéran de 106 ans a lancé le premier lancer lors d'un match de la Ligue majeure de baseball.
. . The governor of New York said on Monday, "My mother (inset) and two of my girls (leading lady) are coming. ". His comments sparked a backlash online and he was forced to announce a change in plans.
. . High winds hampered the Coast Guard's search for the Emmy Rose fishing vessel and its four crew members in an area of ​​the Atlantic Ocean about 20 miles northeast of Provincetown on Monday.