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If you smell smoke outside today in San Francisco, it's not your imagination. But it is blowing in from hundreds of miles up the coast.
The highly polluting airshow should be a relic of the past as we face the climate crisis. Dear Seattle, it’s time to be as brave as a mother. There’s one topic intruding into our thoughts this summer: When will smoke season in Seattle begin? Can we plan fall birthday parties outdoors anymore? Are there enough toys
Parts of the Midwest are seeing unhealthy air quality this weekend, including Minnesota, Wisconsin, Montana and the Dakotas. It can be most dangerous for kids, older people and other sensitive groups.
8 things you should know about the number that measures bad air.
The Michigan State Veterinarian’s Office released a statement warning pet owners their pets could also be in danger outdoors.
Much of the American Midwest and Northeast faced unhealthy air alerts because smoke from Canada wildfires continued to blanket the region, while the Southern U.