World news – Whitsunday resident condemns MP’s conspiracy theories


The recent mob attack on the American Capitol was an appalling act of turmoil and condemned by world leaders. Many rightly accused President Trump of instigating his « make America great again ». Followers to riot.

Our own Prime Minister refused to convict Trump of inciting violence in the American Capitol.

Even more worrying are the actions of MP George Christensen, a staunch Trump supporter from the start.

Immediately after the US election, Mr. Christensen began promoting conspiracy theories that would cast doubt on Democratic election results, claiming they were [Democrats] trying to steal the election.

More recently, Mr Christensen went on Facebook claiming the situation (attack on the Capitol) was « a dumpster fire at the moment » … all because nobody dared to look into the vote.

He then continued to advocate disproved conspiracy theories, this time claiming that the Antifa somehow infiltrated the mob and incited violence. Total nonsense.

It is a real concern when Australian politicians begin to accept conspiracy theories and then promote those theories as fact.

A little common sense and the ability to check facts should be a prerequisite for holding political office in this country.

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