World News – USA – Undertaker over gimmick matches is critical to its development


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Days before his final departure from the WWE Survivor Series, The Undertaker appeared in WWE’s The Bump, reflecting his legendary career. For example, he looked back on all of the match games, such as Casket Matches and Buried Alive Matches, with his character inspired. Here are a few highlights.

« I was just kind of an honor, like all of these different games were inspired by my character. You know, a lot of the matches with Mick Foley, I thought they just wanted to get rid of me. I thought this was her way of saying, « You have to go man » because some of the matches with Mick were just insane. [They] presented some challenges too, but it’s really humbling to think about the games that are associated with Undertaker. ”

« I remember sitting there with Kane when the Inferno Match was being presented and you know we look like, » Hmmm. « It actually happened that both Kane and I agreed that the first Inferno match was one of our better technical matches, and it was insane. It was crazy. ”

« I think those early coffin matches were so critical to character development because they were like that. You speak of the early 90’s and nothing like that has been done. « . ”

« That was kind of a move in the Lord of Darkness and all that. I just wanted to keep the roots of The Undertaker, but it also had to evolve and the big motivation or inspiration should I say for this type of jackets was the Hellraiser series with pinhead. We figured out what’s functional and what suits me in terms of character and what looks bad and how close I can get to that pinhead character. ”

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World News – USA – The Undertaker about gimmick matches is crucial for his development
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