World News – USA – Lucas Till teases the upcoming « awkward suspense » this season on MacGuyver


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MacGyver Season 5 is going to feel fresh as the CBS series has a new showrunner, Monica Macer. And according to series star Lucas Till, she’s managed to go through previous seasons and find story points that remained unsolved and turn them into « amazing » capers so that it always looks like that’s the plan.

Macer also added a film tribute element to at least two episodes. The first is the premiere episode, which features a page from the John Wick films, when Mac and the team infiltrate the Grand Hotel, an international hideaway for criminals very similar to the Wicks Continental Hotel, to provide a woman with vital information about Find Codex.

« It was pretty great, » says Till Parade. com in this exclusive interview. “One of the things we are first and foremost is an action show in my opinion, and to be able to pay homage to the most action packed action films of recent times it was amazing. Levy Tran [Desi Nguyen] definitely had fun because she’s an action junkie. Everyone loved this one. ”

Although the first episode is still about Codex, there will definitely be stories in its own right, which is good to hear as it felt like Codex dealt its fatal blow in the season four finale.

« Codex is exactly what you would think, » says Till. « Something that has been destroyed and put down and no longer organized while there are remnants of the old order in the world. You will still hear whispers, but for the most part, you have been defeated. It doesn’t mean that there aren’t any characters in the game who belong to those factions, but for the most part there will be many separate storylines that deal with individual characters and their backstories or current stories. ”

The second episode of Homage Film, which will air later in the season, pays homage to James Stewart’s rear window. Till calls it the « COVID » episode because it will mostly take place in the house.

« It sounds bleak, but it’s not funny, » says Till. « It’s one of my favorite episodes. Everything is so relatable because literally anyone around the world can relate to this episode at the same time. One of the writers said it was super cathartic to write to get it down on paper because of all the frustrations we were going through. ”

Also, this MacGyver season is going to be what Till calls a « Frankenstein season, » but in the best possible way. By that he means that some of the episodes have been lost and will be interspersed with brand new episodes. So the show won’t have as much to do with world events as other shows, but it will still address issues.

« We’re talking about some really, really cool things this year that is going on in the world without knocking anyone over the head with it. « . And we talk about it in a really fun, fun, or cool way. Or a path that is very clever or that you won’t even notice, ”he says.

I just got on the phone with one of our producers this morning and he said I grew into it. I would agree, however, as it took me a long time to get used to the pace of television viewing. I feel like I’ve finally not only gotten used to it, but I really love the pace too. I don’t even know what to do when I’m working on a movie because it’s too slow for me.

That being said, I have the feeling that I can move around this room and pay more attention to things. The scripts keep getting better, which makes it a lot easier. And the character stuff that Monica and the entire writing team are doing, it’s easier to explore that character or grow as a character because I can take care of those things and they give me all the tools I need to do that.

But Mac, his father is dead, the aunt he just found out about exists is dead. The only family he had is all gone. He realizes that the family he needs is right with him. He’s essentially an orphan now. I think not a lot of people have to do with it, Mac is 30 now. In another five years he would be as old as Richard Dean Anderson when he was MacGyver. Maybe we just have to go five more years so we can tie these two, the storylines, together.

Well, it’s a writer’s dream about dramatic tension, isn’t it? And maybe an audience. But you seem to be using the right words right there. It definitely gets uncomfortable because the web is confused when they become friends, but then there are feelings on both sides. If you like that dynamic, you’ll love what the writers are doing this year. I was blown away. My jaw dropped when they told me what they were going to do this year, just about the characters.

Not only the day off, but I would also like to take the time to express my gratitude for my occupation. Because people are not as lucky as I am with the people I work with every day. We all get along very well and it’s nice. We have fun at work, which can be unusual depending on the show. And it’s a tough job, you’re here at least 60 hours a week. You better have fun or go. I’m just happy to be surrounded by the ensemble . . . I prefer the ensemble very much.

I just added Justin Hires [Wilt Bozer] the other day. Him and Henry Ian Cusick [Russ Taylor], there was something that was just magical. It was something Woody Allen would have appreciated; it was just back and forth. But they can because Justin is just a genius sometimes. We all know each other now. And because we’re all fans of each other, we end up suggesting things that we can do now. We took a step.

I’m saying this, it’s none of those things. Both are my favorite things to do in their own right. If you really want me to split the hair between these two I will, but these things are my favorites and I will tell you why. Science, I love it so it’s easy because I’ll pay attention to it and understand it and have an excuse to look up something new and learn it.

And then action is great because I don’t have to learn anything. I have to remember five moves at the same time, choreography, it’s like dancing more than anything. Plus, my stunt doubles do a lot of the work for me and make me look good.

My least favorite part is learning an arbitrary representation that is necessary for the story. But when I talk about « We have to save John Doe in Uzbekistan, in this little town at 12:45. « . m. Exfiltration. « That stuff is the worst because it doesn’t make sense if you can’t visualize it. That’s the hardest part of my job – the exhibition. But the writers have been really good at making up for that for all of us.

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World News – USA – Lucas Till teases the upcoming « awkward tension » this season on MacGuyver



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