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Happy Birthday, Grammy-nominated # 1 Billboard singer Jin!

Some things in the BTS universe are undeniable: Records are broken like piñatas, Epiphany is a masterpiece, and « Who’s that guy in the tuxedo with the pink microphone? » are the last words someone says before falling into a deep, lifelong Kim Seokjin obsession.

Kim Seokjin, the oldest member of the global pop supergroup BTS, has so much to love that I would need the lyrics of a library to pinpoint the spectrum. Obviously there’s his charisma-soaked, stadium-filling talent. There’s his endless supply of papa jokes and his deeply relatable love of food (there’s no one I’d rather watch eating noodle than you, Eat Jin). There is also his enviable balance: the overconscious mega superstar who is always ready to throw himself into a pratfall and be the butt of a joke to make someone laugh. He’s the oldest member of BTS but will take on his youthful side and wake everyone up early on on vacation by setting off fireworks. This man’s duality.

As if all of that wasn’t enough to make love, he surprised us today, just two hours before his 28th birthday. Birthday, with a present: a deeply emotional, deeply adorable song « Abyss », which describes his feelings of being overwhelmed by fear. Insecurity and the associated burnout. We love our vulnerable king.

Oh, and did I mention he’s handsome? Good looking worldwide. Cosmically handsome, actually. Jin’s beauty is like one of those mythological Greek heroes too spectacular to be forgotten that their likeness is thrust into the stars for us to contemplate forever. Is anyone surprised that even NASA admitted that the moon belonged to Seokjin?

He already received a Grammy nomination for Jin’s birthday (BTS’s first and long overdue!) and made his debut on Monday at No.. Second time this year, 1 on the Billboard Hot 100. For another gift, as InStyles resident ARMY, please indulge me as I write this love letter to all of his exceptionally beautiful, broad-shouldered, passed out moments in evening wear.

If this is your first experience with Jin’s exposed forehead, stay calm. Take a deep breath. We will do it together!

For the 102 of last year. 7 KIIS FM’s Jingle Ball, Bangtan, wore a white tuxedo that was lighter than crystal snow, and Jin looked like a particularly tasty Christmas cookie. His beauty on stage that night seemed effortless, unreal, and otherworldly. Like he’s a prince charming who somehow stumbled into our timeline and decided, “Might as well give this idol thing a chance. ”

First of all: is that legal ?! Can Jin move around the world freely and look so good ?! The enchanting sloping bow tie, the several centimeters of air under these shiny shoes and yet no hair out of place – it looks somehow fantastic even in the middle of the jump.

For their first ever Grammys, BTS stepped on the American red carpet in a tuxedo – classic American blacktie fashion, right? Think again. Just like the cunning play on words in their lyrics, the gems hidden only for the ARMY in their music videos, BTS fashion is also full of deeper meanings if you look closely. Bangtan subverted expectations and made a subtle statement by wearing tuxedos designed by two South Korean designers: Jin, V, Jungkook, Jimin, Suga and RM’s suits were designed by JayBaek Couture and J-Hope wore Kim Seo Ryong’s creation.

After Bangtan brightened the red carpet with his signature brand of whirlwind-cyclone mayhem, he presented an award on stage for the best R&B album of the year (the first K-pop group to hit the 60s) Years of the award, the story ever presented a Grammy) with RM, who promises the audience: “We’ll be back. ”

Bangtan returned to the Grammys in 2020, this time to play part of a medley of Old Town Road remixes with Lil Nas X and Jin Wow. The hair. The YSL fit. The proportions. The body rolls. Jin: You should have warned us what you were about to let go of.

While Jin didn’t wear a traditional tuxedo at the press conference for her new album BE (stream « Life Goes On » for clear skin and good credit!), I count this Prada cashmere cardigan as chic enough to include on the list.

Not to mention, Jin’s wire-frame glasses are the equivalent of using a « friend aesthetic » filter in real life. Whenever Jin slips on those glasses and has that soft, fluffy hair, I mentally sketch out a fanfic that starts with a rom-com style meeting.

Another important thing in this picture: How Jin and V leave the space and keep their arms open between them. Please allow me to explain this gesture and explain why it is so heartbreaking when it didn’t make it to my love letter to Jin. Bangtan is currently an idol as Suga is recovering from shoulder surgery. Jin and V made sure that there was room for his presence, even if he could not be physically there. Be back in a moment and rave about these men who love delicate symbolic gestures.

Not many men could take off a silk peach tuxedo, but then again, not many men are Kim Seokjin.

Since BTS never leads to an inconspicuous performance even with a remote performance, they rented the Seoul Olympic Stadium (where they wanted to start their « Map Of The Soul » world tour in April before the coronavirus) for their fireworks. loaded AMAs playback of « Dynamite ». The result? My favorite jin tuxedo moment ever. Please, Big Hit: A petition to every genius stylist who has decided to put Jin in that shimmery, disco-fantasy fabulous tuxedo.

Oh, and of course Jin grabbed some trophies during the awards show. BTS has received both the Favorite Pop / Rock Group Award and the Favorite Social Artist Award. Cue those mic drop lyrics again. . .

A rare blonde Jin blessed our existence for the HYYH era (this is Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa for baby ARMYS, loosely translated as the best time of her life, the theme of her youth trilogy era). . This was the first time I’ve seen Jin in a tuxedo, and if I remember correctly, that brief red carpet appearance ended the careers of several hundred male models. The big model drought of 2016 began when Jin showed up at KCon.

Yeah, Jin looks great here, and Halsey is a queen, and Boy With Luv keeps hitting me with doses of endorphins, but what I really love about Jin’s tuxedo at this Billboard Music Awards performance is the color scheme – Snow White with black accents and a red rose accessory – reminiscent of Jin’s alpaca son RJ. Yes, Jin’s cartoon avatar is a cute, snack-loving alpaca with white fur, black features and a red headscarf.

Add it to the stack, but there’s one more birthday present for Jin: This week, the « Boy With Luv » music video officially hit a billion views, just 18 months after it premiered. Happy birthday king.

Jin, BTS, RM

World News – USA – It’s Kim Seokjin in a tuxedo, don’t forget to breathe
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