. . World News – USA – Former Overstock. Com’s CEO says he’s funding « a team of hackers and cybersleuths » to prove Trump won the presidential election


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Former excess stock. Patrick Byrne, CEO of com, said he is funding « a team of hackers and cybersleuths » to prove that President Donald Trump won the 2020 presidential election, according to The Daily Beast.

Byrne, who resigned from his position at Overstock last year after admitting a relationship with a Russian spy, recently switched to One America News Network (OAN), a conservative news agency and favorite media destination of Trump, detailing which he details referred to as a « rigged » electoral process.

Dominion Voting Systems, a company that provided voting software on several key president battlefields, was a target for right-wing complaints about the presidential election. For weeks, the company has been trying to fend off exposed and unusual allegations that the company has facilitated voting irregularities.

In the interview, OAN, when discussing election irregularities, referred to Dominion machines that Byrne insisted on and that were key to Trump’s loss.

« I’ve funded a team of hackers, cybersleuths, and other people with strange skills » to uncover fraud, he said in an interview.

Political panel on Trump’s last days in office: « He lost the election, it’s time to move on »

« We don’t have to meet people who are not in our immediate household, » says L. . ONE. Health Director

Despite the Trump campaign’s numerous attempts to prove otherwise in court, there were no demonstrable cases of mass voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election.

Byrne remains undaunted by the election victory of President-elect Joe Biden (306-232), who goes on a media tour of sorts and visits right-wing outlets like OAN and Newsmax. The former CEO failed to substantiate his fraud allegations, but that has endeared him to some conservative activists who still believe Trump has a chance to reverse the results.

« Despite his vague claims, Byrne says he has been spreading allegations about the White House election and one-time Trump attorney Sidney Powell for weeks, » reported the Daily Beast. « Byrne’s allegations are similar to those Powell made public, including a claim that the late Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez meddled in the elections seven years after his death. « 

In 2019, he released a statement that federal Men in Black officials asked him to enter into a relationship with Russian agent Maria Butina, a person who tried to infiltrate conservative political groups.

Overstock’s shares fell and Byrne stepped down soon after the incident. Since he left the company, sales have gone up and the company stock price has gone up.

On his personal blog, Byrne stated that he fled the United States and that his interviews were conducted from unknown locations.

Donald Trump, Patrick M. . Byrne, overstock. com, Maria Butina

World News – USA – Former excess inventory. Com’s CEO says he’s funding « a team of hackers and cybersleuths » to prove Trump won the presidential election
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Former overstock. com CEO says that he& # 39; s & # 39; a team of hackers and cybersleuths funded& # 39; trying to prove this Trump . . .
Former excess. com CEO claims to have an army of & # 39; Hackers and Cyber ​​Sleuths& # 39; that can prove that Trump won re-election
– <a href = "/? s = Who is Patrick Byrne? & # 39; Overstock& # 39; Byrne? & # 39; Overstock& # 39; Founder under fire after claiming he could save elections
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Ex-Overstock CEO says He& # 39; s are putting together a & # 39; army of various odd people& # 39; to save Trump
overstock. com founder says He& # 39; s « Funding an Army of Hackers » on & # 39; Save Election& # 39; For Trump
– <a href = "/? S = If the electoral college couldn't prevent a Trump presidency, what good is it?" If the electoral college couldn't prevent a Trump presidency, what good it?
Conspiracy-donor ex-CEO claims he is funding & # 39; various odd people& # 39; who will prove Trump’s election was stolen?

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