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Strong winds hampered the Coast Guard’s search for the Emmy Rose fishing vessel and its four crew members in an area of ​​the Atlantic Ocean 20 miles northeast of Provincetown on Monday. The only clues so far: an empty lifeboat and some debris found early in the day at the last known location of the boat.

Amid warnings from the National Weather Service of a possible tornado on Cape Cod, the Coast Guard recalled a Jayhawk helicopter that had been dispatched to the site on Monday.

The 210-foot cutter Vigorous stayed at the last known location of the Emmy Rose, whose home port is Portland, Maine, the Coast Guard said. Cutter Key Largo was also involved in the search, officials said.

Sergeant 2. Class Amanda Wyrick, a Coast Guard spokeswoman, said just before 5 p.m.. m. Monday that the vigorous would keep looking all night. On the first Light Tuesday, Wyrick said a Coast Guard fixed-wing aircraft would join the search.

Shortly after 1 a. m. The ship’s distress signal was activated Monday and the ship owner reported that no one answered the 82-foot ship’s satellite phone, the Coast Guard said. The authorities had not publicly identified the people on board the ship until Monday evening.

#BREAKING # HappeningNow # USCG is looking for four people in the water about 20 miles northeast of Provincetown, #MA, after their 82-foot fishing vessel Emmy Rose sank earlier this morning.

The ship owner told the Bangor Daily News on Monday that the four crew members were experienced and experienced in their dangerous job.

« I hope to god you find her, » Rink Varian told the news organization. Just want to record that it didn’t because they weren’t an experienced crew. It wasn’t. These guys were very experienced. You were the best. â ????

Alan Tracy, President of Vessel Services Inc. . said the Emmy Rose was loaded with ice in its shop on Wednesday before the crew set out on their journey. He said he believed they left overnight or sometime on Thursday.

Thinking back on last week, Tracy could still imagine the green hull and cream-colored fairing of the ship as it was tied to the dock. He said he knew the captain and crew because he saw them come through his shop.

« It’s a terrible tragedy, » said Tracy. It’s horrible, not just for the guys who lost their lives, but the people who relied on them too. â ????

???? A boat of this size usually makes a trip every two weeks – can be four, five, six, seven days at the same time? he said. â ???? This boat has been fishing pretty regularly for the past few months and has come in and out on this schedule. â ????

The ship went to Gloucester, said the Coast Guard. Tracy said he believed they were going there to deliver a load of fish.

Hank Soul, the manager of the Sustainable Harvest Sector, a fishing cooperative that includes Emmy Rose, declined to comment because he did not know who was on board the ship when it was sailing. « I hope the Coast Guard can find these people.  » he said.

According to the Coast Guard, the Emmy Rose passed a safety inspection conducted by the Coast Guard facility in Gloucester in August. 19th. According to Coast Guard regulations, the Emmy Rose was required to wear a diving suit for each crew member, the Coast Guard said.

Chuck Kamilewicz, deputy harbourmaster in Portland, said by phone on Monday that no one he spoke to in port seemed to know much about the missing crew members.

He added that some fishermen make small talk, others â ???? like the missing fishermen? generally keep to yourself.

« ???? So this crew was obviously from what I could find out » ???? Said Kamilewicz. This is quite a loss to the fishing community. â ????

The bottom fishing vessel was built in 1987 and was once owned by the so-called « Codfather ». Carlos Rafael ordered to sell part of his fleet in New Bedford after pleading guilty to disregarding fishing quotas and smuggling cash out of the country.

The ship was then called Sasha Lee, but was changed to Emmy Rose when it was purchased earlier this year, according to the federal government.

The Coast Guard said the search began at around 1 a.m.. m. Monday. « On arriving at the last known position of the ship, the Coast Guard crews discovered debris and an empty life raft. « The agency said in a statement at 9 am. m. Monday.

I pray for the safe return of these four fishermen and the safety of @USCGNortheast helpers. https: // t. co / 6UebACgbcU

Travis Andersen, Jeremiah Manion and David Abel of the Globe team and Globe correspondent Nick Stoico contributed to this report.

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World News – US Coast Guard searches all night for a missing four fisherman boat 20 miles off the Provincetown coast – The Boston Globe


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