World news – US – When is the Leonid meteor shower and how can I watch it?


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Only the 2020 meteor showers remain and are said to be active in December.

Can be seen anywhere on the planet except Antarctica, as long as the sky is clear.

Experts suggest escaping the city lights and lying on the ground for a bathing experience.

The shower occurs when Earth collides with a torrent of small ice debris left behind by Comet Temple-Tuttle as it travels around the sun.

The Leonid meteorite also has the ability to spawn very long trains, some of them up to several minutes long.

Recently, a draconid meteor shower occurred in October and is seen throughout the Northern Hemisphere.

Likewise, on Sunday night, New Jersey residents spotted a meteor shooting fire across the sky leaving onlookers shocked.

The aunt who received a winning lottery ticket for her nephew was shockingly asking for money.

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World News – United States – When is the Leonid meteor shower and how can I watch it?
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