World News – US – Townhall Media’s Julio Rosas threatened by Antifa tweeting his Louisville location


Julio Rosas of Townhall Media was on the ground in Louisville, Ky. on Wednesday evening reporting the violent protests that erupted after police were not charged in the death of Breonna Taylor Two police officers were during the Wednesday night riots

https: // tco / iM5dSB2Q9e @ Julio_Rosas11 joined @IngrahamAngle to report what he saw on the ground in Louisville, Kentucky, when two police officers were gunned down by rioters picTwittercom / Ok2EMSefNR

Rosas travels across the country for live footage of current events and is featured often on Fox News, appearing Wednesday on « Ingraham Angle » His reporting is solid A Sailor, Rosas is no stranger to danger and found himself in sticky situations during the summer riots, including being shot in the stomach with a rubber bullet that left a nasty wound. Wherever there is chaos, Julio is there, bringing you live footage

But Rosas is not only threatened by wandering crowd control measures, he is now being targeted by antifa fan Chad Loder, who has 75,000 followers on Twitter Loder tweeted the location of Rosas and claimed he was there to ‘doxx’ people Rosas is a reporter who is on the ground in every town where there is breaking news to get pictures and report them. facts He never « doxxed » anyone

Julio Rosas, the fascist propagandist who launched the Kenosha murder, is on the ground during the #LouisvilleKy protests

Rosas replied, « I did not give my public opinion on the shootings in Kenosha… I only said what I saw » Rosas was on the ground reporting in Kenosha when Kyle Rittenhouse spoke. been involved in a shooting there His reports speak for themselves

Just got this I’m blocked by this guy because it’s not true I didn’t give my public opinion on the Kenosha shootings (you can tell since he doesn’t provide evidence) In interviews about the shootings I only said what I saw picTwittercom / 75CpupE9XX

Loder did not take this explanation as true and continued to target him for confrontations with violent protesters It is a vile lie that Loder only asks protesters to « call him » when he knows as well that whoever does that whoever is described as a « fascist » in the midst of these crowds is going to be beaten or worse

Julio’s entire Twitter timeline is filled with interviews with out-of-town ‘militia’ crazies in Kenosha, portraying them in a positive light and saying they are ‘here to defend the business’

He’s a bag of shit lying down If you see him filming for his propaganda outfit, call him https: // tco / bm9W97GupQ

The antifa thugs will be disappointed, however, as Rosas is out of Louisville and safe on the way to his next mission Follow him @ Julio_Rosas11 on Twitter for live and exciting coverage of everything burning today

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Louisville, Riot

World News – United States – Julio Rosas of Townhall Media threatened by Antifa who tweets his position in Louisville


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