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Let’s face it: The restaurant industry may never be the same after the coronavirus pandemic How different will restaurant meals be when restaurants’ capacity is fast food will return to normal? It’s hard to say, but one thing that can start to fade is the restoration inside

As fast food chains were forced to close dining halls across the country at the start of the pandemic, many have turned to drive-thru brands like Chipotle, Dunkin, Starbucks and many more others add to their quick service capabilities – and leave meals indoors in the dust Chipotle opened its 100th ‘Chipotlane’ this year, down from just 10 at the start of 2019 The chain’s revenue director recently announced his intends to open up to 100 more innovative drive-through vans (Here are 9 additional restaurant chains that closed hundreds of locations this summer)

Drive-thru at McDonald’s is about 30 seconds faster this year compared to 2019, according to study released in October With a smaller menu and reduced foot traffic, the chain has reduced customer wait times online in just under six minutes

Burger King recently unveiled a new restaurant model, which includes a drive-through section, optional curbside delivery, alfresco dining, and lockers for take out orders The new model caters to largely to take out orders amid changing consumer behavior, but it’s also designed to improve efficiency

In addition to improving the experience behind the wheel, some fast food brands are also innovating in the delivery space.For example, over 75% of Taco Bell locations are associated with DoorDash, providing customers with a way to get burritos and chalupas without even leaving the house If you don’t have an account, don’t worry Taco Bell also offers delivery via Uber Eats, Postmates and GrubHub It also has its own delivery service

There is no official word yet on whether some fast food chains will definitely cut back on dining indoors, but the emphasis on curbside orders, drive-thru and delivery has also extended to fast and casual restaurants PF Chang’s opened smaller, take-out locations in Chicago and New York in 2020 More are coming to other parts of the country next

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After more than nine months of battling the coronavirus pandemic, it is blatantly evident that the Trump administration has gravely mismanaged the US response – and with devastating consequences unlike other countries that have maintained the pandemic under control with a swift and aggressive response, the federal government has failed to put in place measures such as widespread and accessible COVID-19 testing or contact tracing, instead relegating public health issues to state governments
And as Trump continues to downplay the virus, he has also known since January how bad it would be if the country didn’t get him under control.For most of this year, individuals have had to navigate life during a global public health crisis with little guidance from the White House, struggling with how to keep themselves and others alive, at the head of a president who refused to do the bare minimum to wear a mask regularly
But amid the chaos and uncertainty over our leadership and what was to come, documentary filmmaker Alex Gibney, along with Suzanne Hillinger and Ophelia Harutyunyan, have been behind the scenes of the White House documenting Trump’s COVID response plan. -19 since January Gibney’s Totally Under Control, which is available to air on October 20, documents the slow pace of the Trump administration’s response to the pandemic – from the time scientists first learned of the virus’s existence times in December 2019 – and how the leadership appointed by Trump undermined any effective response to the pandemic
The documentary uses both archival footage and interviews with whistleblowers, medical experts and frontline physicians to paint a picture of why the US response has been so dire, especially since Trump hoped to sweep COVID-19 under the rug as his re-election campaign was underway
According to immunologist Rick Bright, who was interviewed in the film, « The challenge has always been who is in charge » And in this case, Trump-appointed Assistant Secretary of Health and Human Services, Dr. Bob Kadlek slashed spending on infectious diseases, downplayed the dangers of a pandemic and « eliminated an N95 mask-making program, » after his appointment in 2017 On January 18 this year, Bright said he had asked call a disaster leadership meeting, to which Kadlek replied that there was no « sense of urgency »
Meanwhile, when the first case of COVID-19 was reported in the US in Washington state, researcher Dr. Eva Lee estimated that nearly 2,000 people should have been tested in this initial case. to get an idea of ​​its spread
« This is not something that just happened, it had to be like this, » Gibney said « We could have contained this So much damage and so much death could have been avoided » And yet scientists and experts doctors struggled to convince political leaders to immediately jump into testing and vaccines
But Totally Under Control examines how it happened – and it started much sooner than most people could even conceive of in 2016, following the Obama-era H1N1 and Ebola outbreaks, a Office of the National Security Council that focused on pandemics wrote a 69-page guide to dealing with a pandemic to keep the White House ahead of a future outbreak But Trump threw away the Obama-era textbook and ordered his own guidelines before completely disbanding the World Health Safety and Biodefense Council in 2018
« Biological threats are not always the priority for a top leader, » said Beth Cameron, who led the program until its disbandment. « But there was really a lot of pressure on all public officials between Barack Obama and Donald Trump to explain why we need senior officials who are constantly looking at this issue. »
It is the Trump administration’s « incompetence, corruption and denial in the face of this global pandemic » that has led to the disaster we are now experiencing, filmmakers say For example, Trump’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention created a disruption in test developments that led more than 90% of public health labs to come up with tests that didn’t work. Within 24 hours of receiving faulty CDC test kits, medical experts had to put their efforts on hold due to guidelines under the Food and Drug Administration’s Emergency Use Clearance
« While we were on hiatus, the anxiety levels of our members increased exponentially day by day, » said Scott Becker, CEO of the Association of Public Health Labs “There was just more frustration, worry and frankly sadness because we weren’t able to do our jobs.” Still, the president continued to downplay the virus and suggested security measures like lockdowns that could threaten the US economy, and its reelection campaign as a result
Ultimately, much of the information in Totally Under Control has been the subject of extensive reporting over the past year.But the film paints a full and grim picture of the internal bureaucratic failures that led to both delays and a botched pandemic response in the halls of Trump’s White House And it’s a warning to all of us of what’s at stake in the event of Trump’s second term.
What becomes clear from watching this film is that Trump’s selection of unqualified medical leaders who were unable to respond to the outbreak of the virus inevitably doomed us – if it weren’t for COVID-19, it would have could have been something else that drove our country into a pandemic And it is clear now more than ever that his second term will continue to derail the country’s health experts, undermine leadership, replace them with ‘yes men’ and lead us again into another pandemic
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We know that the more people congregate during COVID-19, especially indoors without social distancing and proper safety protocols, the greater the risk of transmitting COVID-19 But when calling with the governors in October

Charli D’Amelio « still hasn’t ordered » her signature Dunkin ‘drink, and her reasoning is pretty dang relatable The TikTok megastar, who managed to get her own drink even before   the famous Dunkin ’diehard  Ben Affleck, unveiled his collaboration with the chain in September His signature drink, « The Charli, » is a cold brew coffee filled with whole milk and caramel swirl syrup « The Charli » is based on D’s favorite order. ‘Amelio in the channel, so she clearly ordered it before She never called him by name – a fact she explained in the first episode of her podcast,   « 2 Chix », which she co-hosts with her older sister   Dixie « I didn’t order it as ‘The Charli’ because I’m getting nervous! I feel like they are going to laugh at me, « admitted the 16-year-old Anyway, the collaboration has been an incredible success for Dunkin » According to   TMZ, the chain saw a 20% increase in cold beer sales on the launch day of « The Charli » and a 45% increase the day after. This makes sense, given that D’Amelio is TikTok’s   most followed creator Teen has more   93 million subscribers   on the platform, plus another   31 million   on Instagram

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