World News – US – RHOC: Braunwyn Windham-Burke Says Alcoholic As Kelly Dodd & Shannon Beador Makes Amends


Housewife Emily Simpson called Braunwyn Windham-Burke for drinking too much last season

The real housewives of Orange County are back – and the women are still so candid!

During Wednesday’s Season 15 premiere, Braunwyn Windham-Burke admitted to having a drinking problem following a tough party trip to Miami to celebrate the 60th birthday of Rick Leventhal, now husband of Kelly dodd

Braunwyn, 42, confessed when speaking to Emily Simpson – who called her for drinking too much last season

« I’m very nervous right now, » Braunwyn told Emily, 44, as the two met at her house. « Some things have happened First of all, I have to say I’m sorry »

“You called me about my drinking last year,” Braunwyn said “Instead of taking it to heart I really pushed you down Basically I think I just got mad at it you, and I found reasons to be angry « 

Braunwyn admitted she hadn’t had the best « past few months », telling Emily her trip to Miami was « bad »

« I didn’t stop drinking for four days, » she said « Every hour I kept taking a photo I drank so much I thought I was going to die »

Emily cut in, « For me there was obviously a problem because I felt like you were covering up something and doing it with alcohol »

Braunwyn revealed in a church interview that she started drinking at the age of 14 while living with her grandfather At the time, she explained that she was dealing with « abandonment « 

« Someone handed me a hot beer, and it was a peace I had never felt before, » Braunwyn added in his confessional interview

Back home with Emily, Braunwyn revealed that her husband Sean told her, « You go to rehab if you still have a drink » She admitted she was afraid of who she was « without. » alcohol, adding: « Vulnerability is difficult for me »

Emily comforted Braunwyn by saying, “I want you to know that I am your friend and that I will do all I can to support you. Is your goal to never drink again?”

« I don’t think I will ever be able to drink again, but yes it has to be forever, » said Braunwyn

In another confessional, Braunwyn addressed his problems « I don’t know if this is divine intervention, but for the first time in my life I can say: » My name is Braunwyn and I am an alcoholic  » , she said

Ahead of her raw reveal, the mother of seven invited Kelly, 45, and Shannon Beador in hopes the two could mash their beef

As fans recall, Kelly and Shannon, 56, disagreed because Kelly had contacted Jim Bellino, who was pursuing Shannon and former housewife Tamra Judge Jim – the ex-husband of her former star RHOC Alexis Bellino – sued over alleged negative comments on podcast Women denied defaming Jim, and Shannon is now in the clear because a judge dismissed Jim’s complaint against her.However, Shannon is remained angry with Kelly for trying to get involved in the case

When Shannon arrived at Braunwyn’s, Kelly gave her a gift Shannon opened the wrapped gift, finding a UNO card case Kelly’s Gift hits Shannon and ex-Housewives Tamra and Vicki Gunvalson’s nickname: the  » Very Amigas « 

« It’s an olive branch, » Shannon said of the gift, before discussing her problems with Kelly

“Kelly, I have to say what upset me was just that the step was taken to reach out to the opposing camp,” Shannon said of Kelly offering to be assigned as a as a character witness in Jim’s case

Kelly insisted that she was not trying to hurt Shannon, but rather to get revenge on Tamra for « spreading lies »

« I felt won by you three, » Kelly said of Shannon, Tamara and Vicki

« You were mad at Tamra and you didn’t think it was going to affect me, » Shannon said, trying to understand

« My intention was to come back to Tamra », explained Kelly « She was relentless In great evils great means »

“I think it’s really good that the three of us are sitting here,” Shannon said of herself, Kelly and Braunwyn “You and I had a special friendship that I have been really disappointed to fall apart I’m so flawed, but I really don’t attack people’s characters, so I apologize if you think « 

Kelly echoed similar sentiments saying, « My intentions weren’t to hurt you and if you think I was, I apologize I want to move on »

Shannon, who recently started dating a man named John Janssen, said in a church interview that she was in such a « positive and happy » state in her life that she didn’t want drama

« I don’t want to fight with people, I hate to fight I’m ready to move on, » Shannon said

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Back at Braunwyn’s, the women lounging in their own slate, Kelly saying, « We all live [now] in the same neighborhood »

However, it looks like the beautiful reunion was short-lived A look at the rest of the season shows Shannon getting down to it with Braunwyn and Kelly

« Don’t dare blame me for something, » Shannon yells at Braunwyn in the teaser to find out what’s going to happen

The premiere also followed Emily after her hip surgery, Gina Kirschenheiter started her new chapter with Travis Mullen and new housewife Elizabeth Lyn Vargas opened up about her post-divorce life

Season 15 will also show women battling the COVID-19 pandemic Shannon, who revealed in July that she and her three daughters had tested positive, use what appears to be a breathing apparatus

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World News – US – RHOC: Braunwyn Windham-Burke says ‘she is an alcoholic like Kelly Dodd & Shannon Beador makes amends



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