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World news – US – report: Missiles worried about James Harden and Russell Westbrook’s commitment to a team in transition

Westbrook and Harden are concerned about the team's future, leading the franchise leadership to question their commitment

The Houston Rockets have gone through a lot of change in the past few months, head coach Mike Dantoni has left the organization and been replaced by Stephen Silas, longtime general manager Daryl Murray has left and the Rockets have promoted former general counsel and executive vice president of basketball operations Raphael Stone to replace him

This was a lot of big change in a short time, and it is said that two of the main stars in the team are worried about closing the window of competition between them and the team is said to be concerned that these two players will not be as committed to the team as they are now as things change

Both Longtime Rockets star James Harden and recently acquired Russell Westbrook have reported their concerns about the team’s future to both their acting and leadership of the Rockets, according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski and Tim McMahon Both are said to be concerned about the direction of the franchise, and their window to compete and win the tournament is closing

These concerns did not come out of the blue. In addition to the uncertainty that comes with GM and a new coach, the Rockets have some serious issues on the horizon. They have taken advantage of their futures to some extent in their pursuit of a competitive lead, abandoning young talent and recruiting options for trading. Westbrook and Robert Covington have no first-round selection in 2020, and the Oklahoma City Thunder has limited claims over their first-round selections in 2021, 2024, 2025 and 2026

The reported concerns of Westbrook and Harden are certainly legitimate, given that most of the good / competing teams do not change their head coach and general manager at the same time out of season but hearing these concerns seem to have raised the concerns of the Rockets’ leadership, who are said to be concerned now. Ensure that one or both of them may ultimately request a trade

Rocket owner Tillman Fertita, recently promoted General Manager Rafael Stone and recently appointed lead coach Stephen Silas, asserted that the franchise remained committed to fielding a competitor during the All-Stars permanent show in the first two nevertheless, concerns expressed by Harden and Westbrook The prospect of closing the Houston window as a contender made the organization fear that the stars’ commitment to staying with the Rockets was indecisive

Despite changes in leadership, Fertita said the team is committed to competition, something Silas Weston echoed but cheap talk – saying it’s not the same thing as doing it

For example, Fertita has said several times that he does not care to pay the luxury tax, which he would definitely have to do if the Rockets wanted to improve their team next season, but in the three seasons that Fertita owned the team, he avoided it if Fertita, Stone, and Silas wanted to. Harden and Westbrook are fully committed to the team, they have to prove that they deserve this commitment

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News World – United States – Report: Missiles worried about James Harden, Russell Westbrook’s commitment with the team in transition

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