World News – US – Redux ‘Brooks Brothers Riot’: GOP sends supporters to MI’s vote counting center


Senior Michigan Republican Party officials and Donald Trump’s statewide re-election effort urged supporters to storm a counting center in Detroit on Wednesday, and it looks like supporters did

Watchers said the call for pro-Trump forces to come forward in person – a fairly obvious reminder to the infamous ‘Brooks Brothers Riot’ of the 2000 Florida recount – strained the legitimate process. observation of the poll and created a rowdy crowd at the gate Video of the scene showed clashes with election officials, chants and general disruption of the counting process

#BREAKING: A big crush on ‘stop the tally’ protesters trying to enter the TCF room in #Detroit where the ballots are being counted

The Trump campaign said on Wednesday it would take legal action alleging that polling challengers did not have sufficient access to watch the counting process in Michigan The campaign said it was seeking to suspend the vote count

Around the same time, at the TCF Center in Detroit, Trump supporters responded to calls to rush the scene

“THE REPUBLICS OF MICHIGAN! If you can make it to the TCF Center in Detroit, go NOW! We need people to watch the vote count, ”wrote Sam Ditzhazy, who claims to be field director for Trump’s students on Twitter. « They ‘find’ votes for Joe Republicans MUST hold the line »

The claims leaned on the president’s false and misleading claims that Democrats were « stealing » the election – when in fact officials were simply counting ballots that had been legitimately cast but were not still counted

« Detroit election officials currently refuse to allow the public to observe the counting process at the TCF center, » Drew Thompson wrote shortly after Ditzhazy’s statement Thompson is deputy state director of the Michigan division of Trump Victory, the joint fundraising group between the Trump campaign and the Republican Party

« The Republican poll challengers couldn’t get into the TCF Center in Detroit! » wrote Laura Cox, President of the Michigan Republican Party « It’s blatant! »

In fact, according to several local reports, the authorities had closed the doors because the hall was at full capacity

Journalist Bisma Parvez shared video of several poll challengers apparently chanting something – maybe ‘stop the tally,’ which the Trump campaign has sued to do

Former Michigan Democratic Party Chairman Mark Brewer told Crain’s Detroit Business there were more than 100 Republican candidates voting at the TCF Center

« They are poorly trained, rude and they don’t know what they are doing, but they are there, » he said

Journalists on the ground showed the pandemonium outside the counting center – and the disruption some were causing inside the room as well

A fairly tense atmosphere here in the Wayne County counting room in #Detroit Police are now controlling access to the room as the number of ballot participants is « well above the capacity of both sides, » according to an official photo from # Election2020Twittercom / RvqyCDhqss

Poll challengers have started hammering central tally board windows, so now officials are sealing Reports windows with @ BridgeDet313 picTwittercom / bwyDq9gZcw

Poll inspectors applaud when poll candidate is kicked out of Detroit Central Counting Board Report for BridgeDetroit @ BridgeDet313 picTwittercom / 7I86xAi8ap

The Trump campaign took legal action on Wednesday to try to stop the vote count in Michigan, claiming it did not …

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World News – United States – Redux ‘Brooks Brothers Riot’: GOP Sends Supporters to Vote Counting Center MID



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