World News – US – Real Housewives of Orange County have a surprise for the Season 15 premiere


« The Real Housewives of Orange County » are back for its 15th season, and for the retrospective cut that opened the episode – drinks thrown in faces, vulgar slurs thrown here and there – everything was as it should be in the land of housewives

But something strange happened The 100 Spirits of Evidence from Housewives Past like Vicki Gunvalson and Tamra Judge go missing, leaving us with an episode in which everyone more or less behaved and, by its conclusion, actually focused on a very disappointing topic

OK, housewife Kelly Dodd referred to a video game gorilla when talking about her sex life as a reminder that we don’t watch PBS

The meatballs are made with a mixture of buffalo, beef and pork Discover the Kennebec fries cooked twice

Dean Koontz and his wife Gerda’s first date was at the Moonlight Theater, duplicated at their Newport Coast home They were high school sweethearts Koontz, right, toured his dream home Left , an arcade filled with some of his old favorites

Kelly, as you can guess, is happy with herself Almost everyone seems to be too

Shannon Storms Beador, now the show’s senior wife, is happy with her new beau John and just laughed when one of her teenage daughters made a rude suggestion on what could be tattooed on her butt

Emily Simpson and her husband Shane went to dinner on their 11th birthday and not a glance did when she asked for a bread basket this time

Gina Kirschenheiter has become a classic sitcom, merging her three children with her boyfriend’s three in a new townhouse in Rancho Mission Viejo

« It’s definitely ‘The Brady Bunch’, except I really need an Alice, » she announces, though in the tidy house it looks like she sometimes has a cleaning lady

Only new housewife Elizabeth Lyn Vargas and returnee Braunwyn Windham-Burke have more than a little drama to share, so this is where we go now

Elizabeth, who laughs a lot and seems happy on the surface, actually has a problem or two that she’s dealing with.On the one hand, she says her boyfriend Jimmy won’t sleep with her until her divorce either definitive

« I have been (a woman with needs) for three years! » she announces to Kelly and Braunwyn moments after accidentally shooting Braunwyn in the face with a champagne bottle stopper (« It’s ok », reassures Braunwyn « I just had FaceTite so my face is numb »)

Elizabeth’s divorce, however, weighs much more on her She says she met « billionaire businessman Bernt Bodal » when her college-era cabaret group approached her table and he sang « Big Spender » Through their dating and the early years of her marriage, she says it was all private jets and horseback rides, trips to the Bahamas and sometimes a Scottish castle.

« I grew up with poor trash cans, » she says of her childhood Ozarks « We were country hillbillies, pulling in a Pinto with accents and big teeth »

« My marriage influenced the way I walked, how I dressed, how I spoke, the size of my breasts, » Vargas says « I just became the woman with the pompom hair I was always going to be the woman billionaire arm candy I couldn’t stand it I can’t wait to reinvent myself « 

Braunwyn’s storyline tackles an equally serious subject with enough foreshadowing to make it clear where we’re going

She refuses Elizabeth’s champagne with the excuse she has to pick up the kids for a bit.She passes the wine she pours to Shannon when her new neighbor stops to see the new three-story house 8,000 square foot space – complete with a meditation room, cinema, nightclub and pirate ship cottage in the yard – which Braunwyn and her husband Sean bought for their family of nine

Braunwyn pours tequila shots at Kelly and Shannon – the three now live in the same Newport Beach neighborhood – to make peace after the two clashed last season, but sticks to watering her- even

It was only when Emily came over – poured a drink, none for Lady B – that she put words into what we know is going on Braunwyn realized her drinking had become a problem – the series streams a low-light reel from last season of Braunwyn drinking, stripping and going wild even for a housewife to emphasize the point

She apologizes to Emily, who called her last season for abusing her Apparently, a trip to Miami to celebrate Kelly’s engagement with Fox News reporter Rick Leventhal was her most important moment low

“I haven’t stopped drinking for four days; every hour, because I was starting to shake, I was taking a picture, « Braunwyn tells Emily » I’m really scared of who I am without it It’s a lot easier for me to be the funniest and crazy  »

The episode ends with Braunwyn speaking directly to the camera, saying that she doesn’t know if this is divine intervention or not, but –

« – for the first time in my life I can say: » My name is Braunwyn and I am an alcoholic ’’

Previews for the upcoming season suggest it might not be easy.They also suggest that the rest of the episodes will be more typically Housewife-y, with brawls, tears, and booze at times all while same time

« Don’t you dare accuse me of something I did! » Shannon screams in a future scene, and with that, we know our housewives are back

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World News – United States – « The Real Women at Home of Orange County ‘have a surprise for the season 15 premiere



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