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According to Dow Jones, Salesforce recently had talks about buying Slack. Jared Blikre of Yahoo Finance discussed.

Rocky the blind owl is back in the wild. The tiny sawtooth owl was named Rockefeller after it was found by a worker who set up the Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center in Manhattan. The owl was apparently trapped in the 22-meter-high Norwegian spruce when it was felled 275 kilometers north in New York state in November. 12th.

In Gettysburg, Rudy Giuliani will attend a hearing on electoral issues and alleged irregularities. Trump considered joining him and then canceled.

Many Americans have turned to self-giftedness during the pandemic, which is a big boost for retailers offering Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday deals.

Americans are very divided not only about politics but also about the basic decency of the other side.

Going to a pub on Christmas Day is safer than family living room despite a government ban on households meddling in pubs, Tim Martin said. The Wetherspoons boss joined the demands of industry groups for an amnesty to restrict pubs and restaurants during the five-day Christmas break. « The data we have shows that the rate of infection has increased, mainly due to social interactions, especially private household gatherings, » he told The Telegraph. “There are strict measures in place in shops and restaurants to make sure they are Covid-safe, while it is much easier to accidentally pass the virus on in a home where people are more relaxed and less alert. Data shows that among the cases that can be tracked by Public Health England, transmission is more likely to be at home than in a pub or restaurant. According to the government’s Covid winter plan, between 23. and 27. December meet up to three households without social distance indoors, but they cannot visit a hospitality place together. Industry groups like the British Beer and Pub Association (BBPA), UK Hospitality and The Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) have called for the ban to be lifted so families can enjoy a Christmas dinner or a drink in a pub. Kate Nicholls, UK Hospitality General Manager, said, “If you are allowing households to mingle for Christmas, it makes perfect sense to allow or even encourage them in a socially distant setting like a pub or restaurant. « We still haven’t seen any evidence that restaurants – who have invested a lot of time and money to make their rooms Covid-proof – are an area of ​​concern when it comes to infection. It therefore seems unfair and arbitrary for hospitality to be treated in this way. « hard hand. « It’s a real blow, not to mention a mysterious blow, not to include pubs, bars and restaurants in the Christmas bubbles. Emma McClarkin, executive director of the BBPA, said the plans mocked the additional restrictions on pubs and the economic devastation they face this Christmas. . Industry leaders called for scientific evidence to be published that helped households mix but prohibited households from visiting pubs and restaurants. « Government data has consistently shown that door-to-door transmission is one of the highest, while open hospitality is only 2 percent of Covid incidents, » she said. Mr Martin, who operates 879 pubs in the UK and Ireland (where the restrictions are different), said the industry was already struggling to stay afloat. « You can’t exaggerate how bad it is, » he said. “As the unemployment statistics show, the rubber band was stretched to break for most when it was first locked. “The new regulation and tier system guarantees unprofitable trading for many months. ”

The executive who spent billions of dollars on two South Carolina nuclear power plants that never produced a single watt of electricity will almost certainly be spending time in jail. Former SCANA Corp. . CEO Kevin Marsh signed a contract Tuesday declaring his willingness to plead guilty of fraud in federal and state courts. In return, prosecutors agreed with Marsh’s attorneys to seek 18 to 36 months imprisonment – all at Marsh’s request in federal instead of state prison.

The Dow has hit a record high and parts of the US economy are growing, but analysts and government data warn of worsening employment and spending in the last few months before President-elect Joe Biden took office.

An estimated 100 whales have died after being stranded in the remote Chatham Islands off the coast of New Zealand.

In a normal year it would be high tourist season in the Canary Islands, but a large influx of migrants has given the archipelago « a bad image, » grumbles bar owner Miguel Gonzalez.

Line-Noue Memea Kruse lives on Oahu’s famous north coast, where marveling at sea turtles, epic waves, and sunsets that turn the sky orange and purple is a must for many tourists in Hawaii. After the islands required a two-week quarantine for travelers amid the coronavirus pandemic, Kruse was happy about the little things as the number of tourists dropped dramatically. It took her 35 minutes to drive to Walmart instead of spending hours in traffic while tourists stared at turtles on the beach.

LA outdoor dining ban come into effect. Tennessee won’t prescribe a COVID-19 vaccine in public K-12 schools. El Paso sets new curfew. Latest news.

Cannabis stocks soar after voters in New Jersey, Arizona, and three other states paved the way for the legal sale of marijuana to expand. Shares in some of the largest cannabis companies, including Aurora Cannabis, Canopy Growth, and Cresco Labs, are up between 24% and 75% so far this month. Investors are encouraged as the successful election initiatives expand the potential market for legal cannabis sales and show that marijuana is increasingly accepted across the U.. S.. .

If you would like to receive such briefings by email twice a day, subscribe to the newsletter for the homepage here. Try The Briefing for two minute audio updates – for podcasts, smart speakers, and WhatsApp. Diego Maradona, football icon and « Hand of God », dies He was a player who defined an era and is considered by many to be the greatest of all time. Diego Maradona, the world champion and most talented footballer of the 1980s, has died at the age of 60. Earlier this month he underwent successful brain surgery on a blood clot and died from cardiac arrest. In a career that was never short of drama, he also turned out to be a liar, a cheater, and an egomaniac. He will forever be remembered by English fans for the « Hand of God » where he hit the net in the 1986 quarter-finals four minutes before scoring one of the biggest goals of all time. Read his obituary on the telegraph. Sunak Increases Spending Amid Worst Recession in 300 Years The « economic emergency » caused by coronavirus has only just begun and the UK will suffer « permanent damage, » Rishi Sunak warned as he presented his spending review this afternoon. Official projections show the UK economy is expected to shrink by 11. 3 pieces this year, the worst recession in over 300 years. The Chancellor told MPs that the Office of Budgetary Responsibility had only expected the economy to return to pre-crisis levels in the last quarter of 2022 when it made plans to borrow to combat the effects of the pandemic. These six graphs show the amount of borrowing and the sharp decline in GDP. There has been a surge in spending on support for jobs, the NHS and the military. Here are the Chancellor’s key announcements. Janet Daley outlines why this was a strange statement for a Tory, while Ross Clark raises concerns that the spendthrift government has no intention of living within its means. All of these numbers can be a headache, so Tom Rees has this guide on how to read the Budget Watchdog Numbers. The most controversial part of Mr. Sunak’s statement was his decision to cut the government’s foreign aid budget from 0. 7% of the gross national income to 0. 5 pieces this year to balance the books. Foreign Minister Baroness Sugg has resigned in protest against the cut and has classified it as « fundamentally wrong ». . However, former aide Sarah Dusek explains why developing countries need investment, not just flyers. The Duchess of Sussex reveals she miscarried in July. The Duchess of Sussex has written a deeply personal account of a miscarriage. In an opinion piece titled The Losses We Share for the New York Times, the 39-year-old Duchess revealed she lost her unborn second child in July. Baby loss charities have commended the Duchess for speaking about the « unbearable heartache » and found that doing so would « enormously » help others. . Louisa Pritchard talks to experts about how to deal with miscarriage trauma, while Brett Salako reveals how he tried to « play the strong man » after his wife Alice miscarried but felt « broken down inside. » « . . Scots must face stricter rules during Christmas break The « four nations » approach to relaxing Covid rules this Christmas broke within 24 hours after Nicola Sturgeon warned Scots that they will face tighter restrictions than humans in England. The First Minister said she believed treating existing « bubbles » as a budget, as will happen south of the border, could « go too far ». . Read about how Scots face tighter restrictions. Telegraph readers have responded with concern about the bubbles. Here’s a reminder of the Christmas rules. The main question that remains to be answered is what tier will people in England be living under when the lockdown ends in a week from today. Here are the top five metrics experts that will be analyzed ahead of tomorrow’s announcement. At a Glance: Latest Coronavirus Headlines Imprisoned | How A Pandemic Is Exploited To Persecute LGBTQ People The U.S. Is Considering Lifting The Travel Ban On Britons Culled Mink Denmark’s New Horror As Bodies Rise From Mass Graves Heartbreak For The Elderly Kept Out Of Christmas Bubbles Warned Fans To Update Contact Details To Get To The Stadium to return. Also in the news: the other headlines of today’s Brexit compromise? | Ursula von der Leyen has called on EU leaders to back the Brexit trade deal at their Brussels summit next month, but warned that talks with Britain may still not end. The President of the European Commission urged the leaders of the remaining 27 member states to stand united and compromise should Michel Barnier reach a final deal after « real progress » in the negotiations as the talks deadline drew nearer. Car accident ‘protest’ | Vehicle plows into the gate of Merkel’s Berlin office Migrantentragödie | Four dead when the boat capsizes off the Canary Islands ‘America is back’ | Biden insists that he will not be « Obama’s third term » Oil tycoon Getty’s grandson in new tragedy « Cold and Petty » | Royal Household ‘Sells Married Couple Over £ 32’ Around the World: Sea of ​​Destruction All That Remains Laidy Betancourt sleeps in a tent on the floor of the Catholic Church that sheltered her family the night a vicious hurricane hit their island destroyed. Their home – like 80 of all buildings on Isla de Providencia, a remote Caribbean paradise off Nicaragua – no longer exists. Cody Weddle got this shipment on Hurricane Iota, which broke records for the largest hurricane to ever hit the area and also the strongest storm ever recorded this late in the hurricane season. Wednesday interview Rory Underwood on England’s untouchability

The Supreme Court said Wednesday it would continue to hear arguments over the phone through at least January over the coronavirus pandemic. The court’s announcement extended the phone arguments by a month. « The Court will continue to closely monitor the public health guidelines as it sets the plans for the February argument, » the court said in a statement.

Your unsubstantiated claims echo the tweet from husband Eric Trump, who said the crowd proved the election was « rigged from the start. »

Joe Biden wasted no time getting the boot to the UK. During his campaign, Mr Biden pledged a return to diplomatic niceties and a supportive friend of the US allies. Instead, the day after his official election for president and nearly two months before joining the Oval Office, he decided to throw a blow at one of America’s closest partners. Britain can expect this to be an opening salvo from a newly hired but somewhat hectic ally across the Atlantic. With global reintegration there will be a tendency to meddle and maintain a diplomatic stick. There is an argument that public statements like this by Mr Biden are for domestic consumption in the United States. He has a strong Irish-American lobby in Congress to satisfy, as does Nancy Pelosi, the spokeswoman. The Good Friday Agreement has a special place in the hearts of Democrats because of the work of Bill Clinton. However, it appears to be more of a signal of the resurgent US willingness to put its helm in Allied affairs. Officials in capitals around the world hailed the end of Donald Trump’s « America First » foreign policy. But they now have to deal with the US, which when they get involved again will want something back and will not be afraid to use their diplomatic megaphone.

President Donald Trump’s unprecedented attempt to defy US election results was disrupted again on Wednesday when he abruptly canceled a trip allegedly voicing his grievances with an appearance on the epic Gettysburg Civil War battlefield should bring.

Now that states have counted their votes and some states go through recounts, we’ve compiled a list of important dates that we should consider.

The former president said it was « a sincere belief » that white men were « attacked » in an interview with the Barack Obama breakfast club. Part of the reason 73 million Americans re-elected Donald Trump in the election was due to news from Republicans that the country, especially white men, was under attack. In an interview with The Breakfast Club radio show on Wednesday to promote his new memoir, A Promised Land, Obama said that Trump’s administration, which he did not directly name, “has objectively failed miserably to provide only basic care to the American people ensure and protect them, ”and yet he secured millions of votes. « What always interests me is the extent to which you’ve seen Republican politics feel like white men are victims, » ​​Obama said. « They are the ones under attack – which obviously has nothing to do with history, data, and economics. « . But that is a sincere belief that has been internalized, this is a story that is told and how you relax is not done right away. Later, one of the show’s hosts, DJ Envy, asked Obama how he responded to criticism from blacks and other color communities who don’t believe that as president, he has done enough for them. “I get that because when I was elected there was so much excitement and hope and I also think that we generally see the presidency as almost like a monarchy in the sense that once the president is there, can do anything that needs to be done and if he doesn’t, it has to be because he didn’t want to, ”Obama said. Envy challenged Obama, claiming that Trump behaved just like that. « Because he breaks laws or disregards the constitution, » said Obama. “The good news for me was that I was very confident in what I did for the blacks because I have the statistics to prove it. Obama also highlighted how his policies increased black incomes, decreased poverty and increased access to health care. « The problem is that sometimes we just didn’t advertise it, because here, too, the goal is to form coalitions where everyone gets something so that everyone feels they are involved, » said Obama. “But a lot of my guidelines were aimed at the people who are most in need. These people are disproportionately African American. Obama also spoke about the role of the public and Congress in making change. Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell blocked much of the Obama administration’s efforts in the Republican-controlled Senate in the last few years of his presidency. A similar fate could await President-elect Joe Biden and Vice-President-elect Kamala Harris, Obama warned. It is not known which party will control the Senate until the results of two runoff elections in Georgia scheduled for Jan.. January are planned. « If Republicans win these two seats, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will not be able to pass a law that Mitch McConnell and the other Republicans will not approve, » Obama said. This was one of the few mentions Obama made about the new president, who sparked controversy on social media in May after an interview with the Breakfast Club where he said, « When you have a problem, find out if you are for me or Trump, then you are not black. Later that day, Biden apologized, “Nobody, nobody should have to vote for a party based on their race, religion, background. ”

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World News – USA – Salesforce reportedly reported the purchase of Slack



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