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The best part of this 15th season premiere is taken from original inspiration from the show Jeana Keough, friend of series creator Scott Dunlop and the first Real Housewife ever chosen, voices waves platitudes as we see clips of recent destruction playing in the background It’s like the start and end of every episode of Desperate Housewives, the Bravo show was blatantly hit and then survived in a staggering fashion. p>

« They say the seasons don’t change here But that’s not quite true, » says Jeana, the only original OC they could probably call now that Victoria Denise Gunvalson Jr is still on the phone. having a temper tantrum on his huge kitchen island about his layoff « There is the winter of past friendships, the spring of new beginnings, the blazing summer of new romances and the fall harvest or harvest of what we sow « 

« It’s not my fault » with an eternity of dramatic pause between each word It’s absolutely fascinating Then we see the openness of the women holding their oranges change from year to year, one face metamorphosing into another like the end of Michael Jackson’s « Black or White » video

It’s an interesting note for the show, and, like the fourth wall, a note we’ve seen more often It’s the real housewife reveling in her own nostalgia He responds to the impulse of fans who want not only to see the new episodes but also to relive the drama of yesteryear, those loaded television moments that we can never stop thinking about, those moments that, as children say, live our minds praise It’s a move that can only be practiced by a show with longevity RHOC will be turning 15 in March, and something like this montage demonstrates that the show isn’t just stuck in the past because its better days are behind it, but because so few other shows can claim such a story

The rest of this episode, honestly, is a bit moored without Vicki or Tamra this season, we’re free from OG Shannon Beador is now the senior member of the House Ways and Means Committee (Wives), and she joined the cast in season nine Without these lodestars in the cast I don’t even remember what the allegiances were Yes, Emily and Gina are tense besties (although they haven’t shared a single scene together, so focus on constraints), but where are all the other battle lines? Do they even exist?

First, we need to check in with all the women as a lot has been going on since last season Most notably everyone has a new house and everyone has a new man Should we talk about Shannon’s house or her man first? Okay, let’s start with the house, a spacious colonial in Newport Beach that seems to have a lot of room, but it’s not the daring palace she lived in with her ex-husband David There is no land basketball court with a Beador B in the middle now that Shannon pays the bills herself (along with generous spousal support) But there’s a gym with a fake Warhol of Shannon face, both of whom look like a middle finger diamond coated for David

Shannon’s new man is called John He’s handsome, fit, tall and, most importantly, looks prosperous A friend introduced them eight months before filming started, and they’ve been spending every day together ever since, although he doesn’t live there John also three kids, so we are attending a mixed dinner with Shannon, Sophie (who is leaving for Baylor in the fall – OR so she thought!), and the twins Adeline and Stella, who are 15 and are gorgeous Like « attention Gigi and Bella » gorgeous Like « too short to be models but will definitely have more Instagram followers than Brielle Zolciak Biermann » gorgeous

We also meet John’s children, Juliet, Jessica and Joe, who are 22 years old and about a week before they exclusively signed Corbin Fisher (Please don’t google if you haven’t figured it out, the joke is not for you) I now realize that all of his children’s names start with J, and probably his ex-wife’s too, and I want to give myself paper cuts with a million Christmas postcards as a family They have a fun dinner and shoot each other on Silly String, and it’s great to see Shannon smiling for a change

Next stop is Gina, who has a « townhouse » in Rancho Viejo Shannon comes to visit her and brings her nine lemons in a bowl, because nothing says « housewarming » like the self-referential humor The Three Gina’s tiny rooms brought to you by HomeGoods I swear there is so much « Live Laugh Love » In this place where it seems like the product integration She shows Shannon around, and Shannon keeps saying  » That’s good, « but her face says, » Get me out of that rattle and immediately head back to the beach « 

Gina’s house has a ‘boys room’ and a ‘girls room’, and they are filled with bunk beds as if they had been stolen from the Das Boot set It’s because Gina is playing also Brady Bunch with her new man, Travis who is the most Travis-like person you’ll ever meet He’s handsome, with a full beard and more than a little belly If he liked her a bit more. dick, the North American homosexual would call it a bear This helps explain something that needs to be addressed and that makes me a little uncomfortable: Gina has grown fat Fortunately, she admits it herself, because otherwise I would feel a little bad talking about it

Because that’s the thing: Gina isn’t fat She’s just taller than before She’s still pretty and quite acceptable weight, but she’s… noticeably bigger I think when she was with Matt, he was the kind of man with the killer body who thought a kale salad with mango was a treat Now she’s with Travis, and he’s the kind of guy who says,  » Why don’t we each order our own pizza? « You know what? I’d much rather be with a Travis than with a Matt, sure, but I’m also not on TV letting millions of people judge me (And thank God for that, because my COVID weight seems to be waiting for a vaccine before deciding it’s time to leave me alone)

Kelly hasn’t had a new home, at least not yet, although she keeps the gates away from Shannon and Braunwyn, who literally live around the corner from each other.She has had a new man named Rick Rosenthal , and he’s a reporter at Fox News and (deep sigh) yeah Kelly looks awesome, however She gets fucked regularly because she will tell us every chance she gets

Braunwyn has the same old man, who wears the same dumb old man jewelry (at this point it looks like a personal issue), but she has a giant new 8,000 square foot house and has a bathroom. sports, a theater for children, meditation room, pirate ship play landscape in the courtyard and disco in the basement Is there anything sadder than a nightclub in the sub someone’s suburban floor? If you want that life then move to a city and go to a real nightclub Don’t furnish your basement with a bunch of black lights and write “Cheers to Bad Choices” in neon on the walls and use it, like, once when you move into the house and never again

Everyone has a new friend named Elizabeth Vargas Due to the 2012 Eileen Davidson deal, we can’t judge her for five episodes However, she divorces a Norwegian fishing mogul who she claims is a billionaire (although the incredibly reliable Celebrity Net Worth says he’s only worth $ 200 million, so maybe not?) She’s both Kelly and Braunwyn’s friend, so she has a natural bond with the group Let’s see how it goes, okay?

Now that we’re all in the know, the drama of the episode is whether Kelly and Shannon can be friends again after Kelly calls out Jim Bellino, an orangutan mylar balloon, after the suing her and Tamra for talking shit about her business on a podcast It’s a stupid fight because everyone knows Kelly only did this to get back to Tamra and Kelly was collateral damage She only did this after Tamra spoke to all kinds of people with dirt on Kelly, so if Shannon really wants to be mad at someone, she should be mad at Tamra.

Braunwyn reunites her two new neighbors at her house and gives them pictures so they can start over Kelly even brings a present for Shannon, a Uno card game, because the Tres Amigas are now in Uno It’s an incredibly burn unhealthy, and that’s why Kelly Dodd will always be a great real housewife, even if she… marries a Fox News reporter

Throughout the episode, including in this reunion, everyone kept talking about Braunwyn’s drinking and how she wasted all the time Kelly says she didn’t never knew Braunwyn to refuse a drink, and Emily says the reason she never got close to her was because she was wasted all the time « You can’t have a deep conversation, that is, with someone who can’t stand up, » she says

As it all came out I kept thinking, Oh my God they’re setting us up for a brawl season over whether Braunwyn is drunk or not It’s gonna be like Dorinda again But then it took a Braunwyn trick tells Emily how she hid alcohol and secretly drank and how she messed up so much at Kelly’s bachelorette party in Miami that she would shake if she didn’t drink It is rare to see housewives take responsibility for their drunken behavior. The only time we really saw it was when the court commissioned Luann to AA, and even then, a few weeks after the end of her probation, she was back in sauce at a charity event and was getting drunk for the rest of the period the season

It will be interesting to see more of Braunwyn’s sobriety journey, especially around a group of women who not only love to drink but often celebrate their drunken antics – much to those of us watching at the house As the beginning of the episode showed us whispers from the past, the ending showed us echoes from the future, and they were, surprisingly, quite powerful Braunwyn looked at the camera and said, « My name is Braunwyn, and I’m an alcoholic « , and for a minute it all fell apart and I found myself with something deep inside, like a little embers of worry

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World News – US – Real Housewives Season 1 Recap of Orange County: New home, who is?



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