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Hi everyone, thanks for logging in a day later than usual Monday night game made it too hectic to chat on the usual Wednesday, so here we are Go ahead and start sending some questions

Hello Mike, have you ever felt that you personally injured a player during the game? Mason Crosby’s missed XP was my fault I looked elsewhere because it is automatic most of the time

No It crosses your mind every now and then if you’ve said or reported something about a guy, but when you do it all the time you’re forced to say something that sounds like a jinx It’s kinda crazy, though, that Crosby i think missed more PAT in his last 8-10 games than field goals i think I would have to look for him to be sure Him punch the 48 yards after the failed PAT, when Scott managed to hold a low blow, was clutch enough

The Packers have not given any timetable on Lazard’s return They are hoping he can come back later in the season That’s all I know

Doesn’t Robert Foster make a good impression? Would his speed be an asset on match day?

Journalists can’t see any of the 11-on-11 works in practice during the regular season, so I can’t give an assessment of how Foster feels

The hope is that he’s not He won’t be back right after the week off or whatever, though

Haven’t heard any updates on St Brown’s status Based on three missed games he’s eligible to return from IR now, but I’m not sure if he’s been medically cleared to do so. to do

I haven’t paid him much attention, but Krys Barnes seems to impress a lot of people. What can you say about him?

For an undrafted rookie who hasn’t had any off-season or preseason games, he was able to show that the game isn’t too big for him Pettine mentioned yesterday that he has earned respect vets because he was always prepared and very connected in the field He also wore the communications headset part-time on Monday night, which says a lot.It looks like the Packers themselves have another unwritten discovery

If you try to send questions I don’t get them so I apologize for any technical issues Please keep trying

Mike, did you see Tarik Hill TD on Monday night? How could it be a TD if the ball hit the outside of the pylon?

I think the rule is for determining a TD, the pylon is basically an extension of the goal line, so if the ball hits the pylon, even on the outside, that’s fine

It seems from watching live that our defense is having problems, but at the end of the game the numbers show different. I would be happy to receive 16 points every day! Does our defense pass the visual test?

As I wrote earlier this week I think the defense is showing improvement, but there is room for more The tackle was a problem for the second game in a row This most recent one it was missing tackles in the backfield that should have been for lost yardage and put the defense in good position Fouls will move the ball and score in this league It’s just like that Defense could use more takeout, but holding a good QB like Ryan at 16 points without big splash games was a pretty solid effort You will take this every week

Hello, with the players leaving, how many « open » spots do the Packers have on 53?

I think there are currently two places open, and another will open assuming Josiah Deguara switches to IR

Hey Mike, Jonathan Garvin looked really awesome to replace Rashan Gary Have you seen this kind of game in training camp?

Garvin certainly flashed at camp at times. He’s a raw young player with advantages, which is the kind of guy you pick in the seventh round Getting some playing experience this early is important to him It could really help the players. Packers on the road

Well, the Bucs have been on a roll since their Week 1 loss to New Orleans, and even a 24-7 deficit last week couldn’t stop them It’s hard for me to see the Bears’ offense bounce back over a short week with the kind of performance that will be needed to beat Brady after they shut down so completely in the last game.

Is there anything in particular that Packers fans should pay attention to during tonight’s game against a future opponent?

I don’t know There aren’t a lot of similarities in terms of layout or personnel between the Packers and these two teams except for the HOF QB angle How the Bears decide to defend Mike Evans will likely be a good indication of their approach against Davante Adams later this season

Still don’t get our questions Mike? I think getting a W this week – because no infection and staying healthy might be more important than just a single W in another week.

Hi Mike! Have you ever interacted with a player who gives such insightful and excellent press conferences / interviews as Aaron Rodgers?

In a nutshell, no I like listening to Rodgers talk because I learned a lot about the X’s and O’s and the human sides of this game from him. He’s insightful on how the QB sees the game, the dynamics of a locker room and the way teammates are perceived Everything is illuminating

Should the Titans be punished by losing games to the Steelers and Bills for breaking NFL protocols? If not, what do you think the NFL should do with it?

That’s a great question, and I don’t know what the answer is.If an investigation reveals that they willfully violated protocols, I have no problem with them being awarded forfeit losses. , but what I don’t like is if that means these opponents get a win for doing nothing because it really messes up the rest of the league Stay tuned I guess

Indeed consecutive night games are much more difficult to manage now than 15 years ago for me, I will say that

Right now I’d say the Seahawks and Buccaneers, but there might still be plenty of jockey for the job in the NFC West and South Divisions The Rams are here too, and I’ll never count the Saints or the 49ers

I watched a recording of the match yesterday It looked like there were ghost penalties on our linemen Did you see them that way or are my glasses too green and gold?

I didn’t look at things too closely after the fact, but a lot of fans on the live blog during the game were questioning the calls I thought the RTP on Za’Darius Smith was definitely low, although yes a sanction by the letter of the law

Ha I didn’t write for the Bears exactly, but I wrote for a local publication in my hometown of Platteville that produced a preview magazine about the Bears training camp before the team does not arrive in town I don’t think I was doing it at 13, more like 18 or 19

Such a calm start for Preston Smith, do you think he’s frustrated in his new role? And when do you think we’ll start hearing his name?

It does happen I believe He was right there on one of Z’s bags on Monday night, but Z just arrived a millisecond earlier To his credit, he showed no frustration and didn’t show up. complained about being asked to retire further, as Fackrell did last year He is clearly more efficient than Z or Gary, so he does what is asked of him His time will come

I’m waiting for Rick Wagner to get the call and come through the line for a 1st or TD. What’s your favorite big man, turned back occasionally?

The original William Perry I know this is a bad memory for Packers fans, but the Fridge was the first to do this regularly

Hey Mike, do you have a feeling that if all of our guns are sound on offense we can lock in a # 1-2 seed and dominate the playoffs even with average to just above average defense? ?

You get a head start there The season is only 1/4 over The Packers will look different in December than they do now Just keep winning games and see what is developing

Speaking of RA, he seems to be having more fun than throwing snowballs at Donald Driver What’s different? Is it just a new appreciation for things in these strange times?

Part of it might be that He’s no longer learning a new offense but mastery, so for a mind like his it must be a blast For as hard as last year was with the all new program, I think he sees the benefits of the big reset and is really having fun

Mike, disappointed with your fence from II today It was a softball for a response of « wash your hands and wash your butt » And then you could have said « and stay safe »

Hey Mike, do you know what the pre-draft shot was on Krys Barnes and why he wasn’t drafted?

A reader mentioned to me, I can’t remember if it was in a chat or inbox, that Barnes was not very healthy his last year at UCLA and his previous season was its best So it could have played a role in its being overlooked

Alright, obviously Like I said before, I think what the offensive line did in the first three games with all the shuffling was impressive Christian Kirksey’s injury didn’t drastically change the defense with Ty Summers and Barnes filling in a fine D-line missing Kenny Clark but Tyler Lancaster and Kingsley Keke upped him the last two games The offense didn’t suffer without Adams A few DBs fell on Monday night so we’ll see if they can be healthy goodbye, but that would be another challenge if Kevin King, Chandon Sullivan etc., must miss a significant moment

I think the only weakness of this team in 4 games is the sloppy tackle But can something as basic as the tackle be improved throughout the season?

No question The Packers approached the first two games well, the last two not so well This can be fixed

Game 1 Adams and Rodgers had a great game, Game 2 was Aaron Jones, Game 3 Lazard and Game 4 Robert Tonyan Who will be week 6?

At some point the rotation will start again, and I think we’re going to see more Adams and Jones being the stars, along with Rodgers, if they stay healthy They’re just too good to stay long


A word from Aaron on his knee / leg after that bag game where his knee bent a bit?

Are the Packers still looking for help on D-line? And is it just to reinforce what they have or are there some major concerns?

They’ll keep their eyes peeled for anyone who could help Billy Winn played a few snaps here and there so he could work in the rotation more Clark’s return will change the whole situation The defense has its issues and it’s been tough without Clark , but the whole thing didn’t fall apart or anything

Did Jaire Alexander play the run and pass against the Falcons Pro Bowl very well this year?

He’ll definitely be considered, but he’ll have to get some interceptions that are most likely to get enough votes, whatever

A friend sent me an article from Sports Illustrated Kids, mentioned the bear thing and 13 years old I guess a few minor details help to turn the kids on a little more from the article Pretty cool anyway boss, thanks for responding to that one!

I was 13 when the Bears started coming to Platteville for training camp, so that’s where that number came from. I wasn’t writing for any posts as a college kid, though 🙂

If you could go back now, who do you see who was picked at the end of the first or the start of the second round of the draft that would best suit the Packers this year?

I said it before, when the Packers traded 4 places for 26 I thought they were taking Patrick Queen I really did Clearly, Gutekunst had other plans

It sucks what happened to Kirksey, but Ty Summers doesn’t look too shabby. Glad to see him play more and develop, I think he could be very good for us

He’s had his ups and downs, but to make your defensive debut in the NFL on SNF vs Drew Brees, Alvin Kamara and Co after only playing special teams as a rookie, he held up pretty well Plus he plays, the more it will settle

I really like Kamal Martin I watched him play for the Gophers, a very physical player and flying a lot towards the ball I hope he goes and improves every day

It’ll be another potential defensive boost on the road, if Martin is able to come back without preseason games and so much practice time it’s hard to say just how ready he’ll be, but I hope we find out, for him and for the Packers

Please compare our depth of defense to other years in general. I am pleasantly impressed with them

The Packers’ depth in the second and outside the linebacker doesn’t even compare to the past few years The 15-18 secondaries weren’t good enough, and they didn’t have that kind of depth at edge since Peppers was here

Sunday night the Vikings-Seahawks will be my main attraction But I also want to follow NFC East a bit on the weekend Giants and Cowboys face each other, and Eagles (vs Steelers) and Washington (vs Rams) will be underdogs Can the NFC East change the narrative?

Speaking of the fridge The temperatures are dropping, what are you going to eat in the fridge this time of year?

Every time I see movement before the shot I have a big smile on my face I was very frustrated with the MM offense the past few years he was here What is your overall view of everything movement and how it relates to the onset of RA?

It’s just a reflection of the difference between the offenses It was a big adjustment for Rodgers, but now he’s seeing the benefits, with the way the movement can catch the defense’s eyes elsewhere and give him clues about their coverage plans There are a lot more fakes for Rodgers to do, but I think he’s doing it with more enthusiasm now that he’s mentally better placed with the offense. Over the last few years of MM I’ve seen a lot of half-hearted fake play-action that didn’t help.

Mike, any idea why Atlanta used a timeout when the Packers had the ball before half-time? They had moved the ball at will all halfway. Why give them more time?

As the Packers recovered the ball at half-time, Quinn wanted to get his offense once again before intermission He feared that a double in touchdowns either side of the half by the Packers would have made the score 27-3 before his offense got the ball back

Do you see a lot of comments from woulda, shoula, coulda in the inbox on Snacks Harrison on the Seahawks’ practice squad?

A lot of people are asking about this I don’t know how it all happened, how interested the Packers were, what they might have offered before, or what Harrison was looking for There’s a lot of ‘unknowns we will never discover

I sent a very similar inbox comment on lumens / watts to today’s column Looks like I missed a parsec or two, Mike

I hope so, but I don’t think it will be this year With Manning, Woodson and Megatron all eligible in first year, it will be a tough class to crack for LeRoy But I think he will eventually enter. p>

Mike, great place to be 4-0 and a bye ahead What do you see the next four games winning / losing?

I’m not going down this route, but it’s a tough stretch. Three of the four are on the road (though not quite what it usually is, obviously) The Bucs will come out of the ‘a mini-bye after tonight’s game, so the Packers’ extra rest isn’t as much of a benefit The Houston game doesn’t look as intimidating as it used to be, but maybe the change in ‘coach lights a fire Then the Vikings could play to save their season, followed by the Niners on a short week with a long flight This is the hardest part of the season in my book

Offensively, the team does very well on the 1st 2nd & tries and arrives at manageable 3rd tries, but the team seems to be struggling on the 3rd / 4th & 1 I saw this problem last year too , most pronounced in the Eagles game Why is an offense so prolific in short range games?

Short footage is usually about performing One block missed and the game destroyed Sometimes it’s about playing against a specific defense, which was the case on the goal line on Monday night I don’t have the magic answer for you, but if I know LaFleur, he uses the goodbye time to look at the short distance options

Since Rodgers makes decisions about game options based on defense, how long before our opponents learn his keys?

His keys? The defense doesn’t know what playing options they have available to them when making this decision, so they can’t know what they’re looking for.

Mike, with no fans at this point this year, do you see that as a huge plus for Aaron Rodgers?

Well when the schedule first came out and we thought things could get back to normal in the fall, with the first two road games being Minneapolis and New Orleans, anyone would have taken a split from those two And the Packers have won both, with multiple scores in the fourth quarter It’s an advantage Rodgers and the Packers have maximized so far

Alright I’ll call it a cat Sorry for the early delays, but I appreciate all the participation Take care and stay safe during this Non-Packers Best Weekend, Mike


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World News – US – Mike’s Mid Week Chat: What’s in store for the Packers after the bye?


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