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According to the current report, “Total market for knee replacements by product (primary knee replacement systems, revision knee replacement systems, partial knee replacement systems), device type (three-compartment knee implants, two-compartment knee implants, one-compartment knee implants), component (femoral, tibial, patellar), implant type (implants with fixed bearing, implants with mobile bearing, implants with medial pivot point, design (cross retention, posterior stabilized design), operation type (traditional operation type, technology-assisted operation type) fixation material (cemented, cementless, hybrid), material (metal-on-plastic, Ceramic-on-plastic, ceramic-on-ceramic, metal-on-metal), polyethylene inserts (conventional polyethylene inserts, highly cross-linked polyethylene inserts, antioxidant polyethylene inserts), end use (hospitals, outpatient surgical centers), regional outlook, price development, competitive market share CSSEAN DCHAR F. orecast 2026 ”from Global Market Insights, Inc. . The market valuation of the entire knee replacement will exceed $ 16. 2 billion by 2026.

Growing infection rates are contributing to the increase in knee revision procedures. Periprosthetic joint infections are one of the most common complications after knee arthroplasty and can lead to other complications such as rheumatoid arthritis and wound-related complications. Therefore, a revision knee replacement is performed to treat the postoperative infection and its complications, resulting in an increased number of knee replacement procedures. Superficial infections can also occur after a complete knee replacement, leading to a knee revision.

The increasing demand for patient-specific and personalized implants will drive the growth of the entire knee replacement product market. Patient-specific knee implants work with the patient’s tendons and ligaments and function similarly to the knee components of the human body, resulting in easy mobility and a significantly improved clinical outcome. Hence, patients prone to knee-related disorders have led to an increase in the demand for patient-specific and personalized implants. Patients who focus on staying active also prefer personalized and patient-specific implants.

The partial knee replacement system will show growth of over 35% by 2026. Partial knee replacement systems are required to perform a partial knee replacement in one of the components of the knee in patients with osteoarthritis. The growing number of osteoarthritic patients has increased the demand for partial knee replacement systems. Partial knee replacement systems offer patients several benefits such as shorter hospital stays, faster recovery, less pain, better mobility, less trauma and blood loss.

Segment of two-compartment knee implants valued at more than USD 1. 27 billion in 2019 due to knee biomechanics, faster pain relief, lower complication rates and faster rehabilitation thanks to the two-compartment knee implants. Bicompartmental knee replacement involves the placement of two-compartment implants and is considered a reliable knee replacement procedure with a lower rate of complications.

The patella component in the total knee replacement market accounted for $ 1. 03 billion in 2019, led by a balanced load on the patellofemoral joint after knee arthroplasty and optimal kinematics from the patellar component. The patellar component can also be reapplied to treat conditions such as severe anterior knee pain, damaged articular cartilage, inflammatory arthritis, and patellar subluxation.

The overall knee replacement market for medial pivot implants is expected to grow at a CAGR of 39% through 2026. Medial pivot implants are designed to restore the physiological kinematics of the normal knee and to limit anterior sliding movement. Medial pivot implants provide a larger range of motion (ROM) and higher stability with minimal restriction after knee arthroplasty. Therefore, surgeons use medial pivot implants in the knee replacement procedure to provide better clinical outcomes to patients, leading to an increase in the demand for medial pivot implants.

The posterior stabilized design in the total knee replacement products market exceeded USD 4. 51 billion in 2019. The posterior stabilized design makes it easier for the patient to balance their knees after the operation and supports the surgeon in performing the knee replacement procedures with ease. The posterior stabilized design also provides a greater range of motion (ROM) after knee replacement.

The total knee replacement market for the technology-assisted surgery segment is estimated to be 41% between 2020 and 2026, due to factors such as preoperative planning and the accuracy of the procedure. Technology-assisted surgery offers precise mechanical alignment of the lower leg and positioning of the implant.

The valuation of the hybrid fixation segment was USD 536 million in 2019. The hybrid fixation of implants is considered safe, time-saving and a better alternative to other fixation materials. Hybrid fixation is a better option as it allows bone ingrowth when cemented fixation is not possible.

The metal-on-metal-materials segment exceeded USD 1. 28 billion in 2019. Metal-on-metal implants offer younger patients a greater range of motion (ROM) over a longer period of time. Metal-on-metal implants can also be considered for active men, as metals last longer than ceramics.

The Antioxidant Polyethylene Inserts segment in the total Knee Replacement market is expected to grow 42%. 6% by 2026, driven by lower risk of polyethylene oxidation degradation and decreased wear and tear on antioxidant polyethylene inserts. Antioxidant polyethylene inserts also have high strength, which provides mechanical stability.

Sales in the hospital end-use segment reach USD 7. 31 billion in 2019 due to an increased influx of patients with fatal knee injuries and other knee-related disorders. The availability of technologically advanced knee replacement procedures and implants leads to an increased influx of patients into the hospital environment.

The market size for knee replacements in Brazil was more than 76 million in 2019. USD due to the growing number of orthopedic injuries and illnesses and the increase in knee replacement procedures. According to the National Center for Biotechnological Information (NCBI), the average total knee replacement rate was 0. 44 per 100. 000 inhabitants in the last decade. A favorable reimbursement scenario and government initiatives are increasing the number of knee replacements in the country.

Some of the major players in the knee replacement market are Amplitude Ortho, B. Braun Melsungen AG, ConforMIS, Inc. . , Corin Group, Johnson & Johnson, DJO Global, Exatech, Inc. . , Smith & Nephew PLC and Stryker among others. These companies undertake several strategic mergers, acquisitions, partnerships and collaborations to bring new products to market and strengthen their industrial position.

Global Market Insights, Inc. . , headquartered in Delaware, U. . S.. . is a global market research and advisory service provider providing syndicated and custom research reports and growth advisory services. Our business intelligence and industry research reports provide clients with deep insights and actionable market data specially designed and presented for strategic decision-making. These comprehensive reports are based on a proprietary research method and are available for key industries such as chemistry, advanced materials, technology, renewable energies and biotechnology.

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World News – UK – Total Knee Replacement Market Sales Over $ 16. 2 billion. until 2026: Global Market Insights, Inc. .
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