World News – UK – Savvy mom transforms dreary old kitchen gadgets with £ 20 Amazonian rose gold spray


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Mom Kim Smith spiced up her drab old kitchen gadgets without breaking the bank, and other home improvement aficionados love it and think about it, it could even be a business. . .

One savvy mom delighted other home improvement enthusiasts by converting tired old kitchen appliances for just £ 20.

Kim Smith got rose gold spray and silver glue from Amazon for the nifty hack.

She planned to rejuvenate her refrigerator, which after years of use had become monotonous and a little rough around the edges.

But the incredible results of the spray got her « a little carried away » and soon her washing machine and dishwasher got a shine.

Kim wrote on the DIY on a Budget Official Facebook group: « After upcycling the fridge with rose gold spray paint and silver fablon, I got a little carried away and decided to try it on my dishwasher and washing machine.

« I know it may not be to everyone’s taste, but I love them. They are much better than they at least were! « 

Kim first covered the surface of the devices with the £ 10 gray adhesive, brand name ‘Fablon Silver Self-Adhesive’. .

She then coated it with the rose gold spray branded ‘Rust-Oleum Rose Gold Spray Paint’ and sprayed it over selected areas for an aesthetically pleasing finish.

And you can pick up the rose gold spray on Amazon for a bargain price of £ 10 – which means you don’t have to go to the stores during the lockdown.

It takes 24 hours for the spray to harden properly, but only 20 minutes for it to feel dry.

Kim explained that afterwards you only have to write over the areas that she covered with the rose gold spray so that the settings on the washing machine and dishwasher such as temperature and spin cycle are still visible.

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World news – GB – Clever mom transforms dreary old kitchen appliances with £ 20 Amazon rose gold spray



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