World news – UK – Paul Merton and Caroline Quentin sadly split before a boy’s wedding


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dance star Caroline Quentin was afraid she wouldn’t meet The One after Paul Merton split – until Sam Farmer came along

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She’s currently slapping in the middle of the leaderboard. Strictly Come Dancing with cool professional dancer Johannes Radebe..

And although Caroline Quentin’s husband, Sam Farmer, can’t cheer her up from the public due to Covid-19 restrictions, he’s been supporting his long-term love from the comfort of his family’s home..

The couple fell in love with the group of men who behave badly in 1998, as Sam was a runner.

He was 25, Caroline was 36, but the 11-year age gap was just a number for a husband who married and had children Rose, 21, and William, 17.

Her happiness came after a heartbreaking chapter in the actress’s life that ended her marriage to fellow comedian Paul Merton.. .

The duo first met on a train bound for the Edinburgh Festival when Paul threw the book she was reading out the window..

“I was sitting in front of him, reading. Alec Guinness résumé, I think, « Caroline once told the Independent.

“I said I thought it was horrible. He said he read it and agreed. I said I didn’t think I would be able to finish it. He took it from me and threw it out the window. He said, « This will save you the trouble. ».

The funny man and the funny woman tied the knot in 1990 and were considered the king of the hip and the king and queen of comedy, as they starred in The Live Bed Show in 1995.

Then two years later they broke up – and it was the breakup that Caroline, 60, hadn’t anticipated.

She previously told the Guardian: « I didn’t know my marriage was so bad until it was really over. ».

To make matters worse, she remembers photographers following them, telling The Independent: “It’s a terrible time, when you feel weak and rude as a person, then it happens..

Paul, 63, then moved in with Sarah Parkinson, who acted as Caroline’s substitute for the London stage of The Live Bed Show, which lasted three months.

He told The Guardian that at that point, they were « just talking », but once his marriage ended, Paul and writer and producer Sarah met and married informally in the Maldives in 2000..

I was 36 years old. I had a career but never thought I would meet anyone else or have a family. « . “It’s totally unexpected to get all of this, and that makes it so special.

Unfortunately, Paul and Sarah did not realize their dreams of starting a family. After only months of trying IVF, Sarah discovered two small lumps in her breast..

She was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer at the age of 39 and underwent surgery, but refused to receive chemotherapy or radiation therapy for fear that it would « eliminate her ».

Instead, the writer and producer turned to alternative therapies and married Paul at a solemn ceremony in Ray, Essex in 2003..

Just 12 weeks later on September 23 – 19 months after the diagnosis – Sarah died mourned for pee at her bedside.

In a statement he said: “After her devastating initial diagnosis of cancer in February 2002, Sarah managed to live with the disease for the next 19 months..

“She refused the chemotherapy because she knew it would kill her. Instead, she boosted her immune system with a combination of nutritional therapy, yoga, meditation, positive thinking and laughter.

“As a result, she lived a full and active life until the last two weeks when her condition suddenly worsened.

“I faced the situation with courage and passed away calmly and without pain in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

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World News – Britain – Paul Merton and Caroline Quentin separate from grief before a boy’s wedding