World News – UK – Kanye West’s « Lost In The World » came from a poem for Kim Kardashian


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Kanye West is celebrating My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy on Sunday. As a result, fans went to Twitter to celebrate the album and post their best memories of the first time they bought the album or saw the GOOD Music rapper perform live. Others used the anniversary to discuss whether or not the 2010 album was the best release in Kanye’s catalog.

Others like Kim Kardashian, however, had a much more personal connection with the album. Kanye West’s wife revealed a very interesting tidbit about Lost In The World from My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

Kim Kardashian says Kanye’s song « Lost In The World » was a poem he wrote on her birthday card # MBDTF10 picture. Twitter. com / dtoBJSqlSg

Kim shared the news on her Instagram story, saying, « For those who don’t know the story of Lost In The World in My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy . . . . Kanye couldn’t think of any texts and then found he had them. It was what he gave me for my 30th birthday. Wrote birthday card. She added, « He took the poem he wrote for me and made it a song » before closing the post with « Happy 10 Years of MBDTF ». ”

In the next post, she shared the birthday card that Kanye gave her for her 30th birthday. Birthday, and it shows that the rapper used the poem for the first verse of the song which reads:

You are my devil, you are my angel
You are my heaven, you are my hell
You are my now, you are mine forever
You are my freedom, you are my prison
You are my lie, you are my truth
You are my war, you are my truce
You are my question, you are my proof
You are my stress and you are my masseuse

Kim also shared the handwritten note Kanye wrote on while creating the My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy track.

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World News – GB – Kanye West’s « Lost In The World » came from A.. Poem for Kim Kardashian



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