World News – UK – Jade Thirlwall shares the first snapshot of Little Mix WITHOUT Jesy Nelson


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Posted: 20:23 GMT, Dec.. November 2020 | Updated: 21:28 GMT, Jan.. November 2020

And Jade Thirlwall shared the band’s first snapshot without the 29-year-old singer before performing on the Jonathan Ross Show on Saturday night.

The 27-year-old singer took to Instagram to share a sultry pic of herself, Perrie Edwards and Leigh-Anne Pinnock, as they stood without their fourth bandmate.

Trio: Jade Thirlwall shared the band’s first snap on Instagram without Jesy Nelson before appearing on the Jonathan Ross Show on Saturday night.

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The Little Mix trio donned coordinated, all-black latex outfits when they caused a storm ahead of their last TV appearance.

Jade was wearing a flirty black bralet over a mesh top when she gave the camera a peace sign.

Meanwhile, Perrie, 27, wore an edgy pleated skirt, black bodysuit, and long black gloves as she effortlessly ran her fingers through her blonde locks.

And Leigh let the impulses race as she leaned against a clothes rail in a sexy top in latex look and matching, low-cut pants.

Absence: Little Mix’s latest TV appearance comes shortly after Jesy, 29, (above) announced that she would be taking a « longer break » from the band

The band seemed confident ahead of their appearance on the chat show, although Jesy was absent while she was taking an « extended break » from Little Mix.

Jesy was also absent when he spoke on Aug.. November the 27th. Edition of one of the biggest nights in global music – the MTV EMAs 2020.

Her latest appearance comes after Jade shared a series of fiery snaps of herself in a bright orange dress on her Instagram Friday as she prepared to get on the Jonathan Ross Show.

The singer let the impulses race as she flaunted her tight body in a dazzling orange sequin dress while she stirred up a storm on the sultry images.

Sizzling: Jade Thirlwall posed for a series of fiery snaps in a dazzling, figure-hugging orange sequin dress, which she shared on her Instagram account on Friday.

She wore her brunette locks slung loosely over her shoulders and ran her fingers effortlessly through her long locks as she posed for the shot.

The Little Mix stunner let her figure-hugging statement dress do the talking while simply adding a little nose stud to her clothes.

Jade went for a full range of bronzed makeup when she looked seductively into the camera lens.

And another snapshot shared with her Instagram stories saw the music sensation opt for a more playful pose as she winked at the camera.

She was accompanied by her stylist Zack Tate and playfully wrote next to the snapshot: ‘hey @zacktate teehee’ (sic)

Earlier this week, Jade was thinking about the future of Little Mix after it was announced that Jesy would be taking a « longer break » from the band.

Jade denied claims that the band was breaking up, but admitted that at some point in the future they could do their own projects.

During an interview on Thursday, hit network host Ash London asked her what the future holds for the hugely successful band.

Jade said, “You know, at some point in the future we might do our own things – but Little Mix will literally never die.

‘We always said that – we always need Little Mix. I think it’s nice that people are starting to do their own things. ‘

Open: Jade glimpsed the future of Little Mix after it was announced that Jesy would be taking a long break from the band.

It was reported on Thursday that Jesy announced that she needed a break from the band just a week before the announcement she was taking an extended break. .

In an interview with the. Mail On Sunday’s YOU magazine, published November 23rd, welcomed an interruption of the lockdown as they were « never out of each other » due to her busy schedule.

In the interview, Jesy told how the band needed some time apart because they are together all day every day.

Since the initial lockdown ended, the band has been busy promoting their sixth album Confetti and their BBC series The Search.

Jesy said, ‘It was needed. We are never out of each other and we are always busy. Our mornings start early, we end very late. ‘

Separated: In a. In an interview published on November 11th, the singer said the group needed an interruption of the lockdown as they were « never out of each other » with their busy schedule.

Following the announcement, The Sun reported that Jade, Perrie Edwards, 27 and Leigh-Anne Pinnock, 29, each had their future solo careers planned.

They also claimed that Jesy planned to start her own solo career once she felt better.

A source said, “The girls have been open and honest with each other and with their current management team.

‘You have started conversations with some potential managers and agents about what their solo career might look like.

‘Some of the girls may also take on solo projects with their current management team. But it’s not about quitting the band, it’s about looking to the future. ‘

Better Together: The singer denied claims that the band was breaking up, but admitted that at some point in the future they could do their own projects

The source added that the group still has one tour to complete this coming April and will make it through, even if delayed due to Covid-19.

The insider also said the ladies are trying to emulate Take That, where each member goes out to work on their own projects but comes back together at different times.

They also claimed that there is no « bad blood » between the group and they all support each other’s desire to go alone.

On Wednesday, Jesy’s bandmate Jade took to Instagram to share a cryptic message after learning of their split from the group.

Jade recorded her Instagram story in a post that has now been deleted and shared a handwritten quote from her Rizzle Kicks friend Jordan Stephens (28).

It read: « It rarely feels like that, but the pain subsides. It fades away. It flashes. It curls like the first piece of butter. Melts on the toast. Compliments on the severity.

‘… tell you bad stories. Reminds you of yourself. Makes you not treat others the way you want them to. Tried to go. Pretends to go . . .

‘The deepest cuts are the best on the album. You’re not asking for consent. It takes longer to love. Pain is a pallet cleaner. A ticket out of deception.

Jade added a number of emojis to the post, including a pen, a shooting star and a blue heart.

On Tuesday the representative of Little Mix announced that Jesy would take a « longer break » from the band for « private medical reasons ». ‘

A representative from the band said: ‘Jesy has extended Little Mix’s free time for personal medical reasons.

‘It rarely feels like that, but the pain subsides’: On Wednesday, Jesy’s bandmate Jade took to Instagram to share a cryptic message after learning of their breakup from the group

‘We will not be making any further comments at this time and we ask the media to respect their privacy at this time. ‘

Since then, heartbroken Little Mix fans have flooded social media with messages of support for Jesy and expressed concern for her wellbeing.

A large proportion of Twitter users rejected any suggestions that the girls should break up, while others referred to Jesy as « inspiration ». .

Jesy’s hiatus follows Little Mix’s huge success, with both her brand new album ‘Confetti’ and her talent show Little Mix: The Search, in which they put together a number of bands that competed against each other to win one Place to support the girls group on their UK and Ireland tour next year.

Jesy has been a member of the girls’ band alongside Perrie, Jade and Leigh-Anne since they formed The X Factor in 2011.

Two weeks ago, Jesy had to retire from the finale of Little Mix: The Search after falling ill.

The pop starlet was due to appear at the grand finale of the competition, but a statement posted a few hours before the live show revealed that she was not doing well.

She was also unable to host the MTV EMAs or perform with her bandmates as planned.

A statement posted to MailOnline read: ‘Jesy is not doing well and she will not appear in the finale of Little Mix The Search tonight.

The Little Mix girls were supposed to be on Aug.. November the 27th. Hosting one of the biggest evenings in global music – the 2020 MTV EMAs.

Time out: On Tuesday the representative of Little Mix announced that Jesy would take a « longer break » from the band for « private medical reasons ».

The band, which was nominated for Best Pop, Best Group and Best Virtual Live, previously announced their appearance on Instagram and said ‘IT’S HAPPENING!

‘We are very pleased to announce that on March 8. November the @ mtvema’s will host. This will be so much fun! ‘

The rest of the band appeared without Jesy to determine the winner of their show’s first series.

Jesy last wrote on 31. Posted to her Instagram page October October where she shared a photo of herself dressed up for Halloween.

The media personality confirmed her romance with the Our Girl actor’s boyfriend, Sean Sagar, 30, after first dating in early July this year.

Little Mix are slated to tour their new album Confetti in April next year, but it’s currently unclear if Jesy plans to rejoin the group by then.

It is also believed that the band’s dates may be delayed in the time the tour is scheduled to begin due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Little Mix were crowned The X Factor Winners in 2011 when they became the first band to ever win the show in its history.

The girls rose to fame with their first single, Wings, before topping the charts with Black Magic and Shout Out To My Ex.

They were signed to the Syco record label by Simon Cowell until November 2018 when they switched to rival RCA.

Leigh-Anne said at the time: ‘We have been with Syco for seven years and have had an incredible journey but it will be nice to change it. ‘

Last posted: Jesy last posted on 31. Posted to her Instagram page October October where she shared a snippet of herself dressed up for Halloween

Elsewhere, Jesy has received praise for her groundbreaking TV documentary Odd One Out, which explored her struggles with online bullying and body image.

Jesy left viewers in tears as she spoke valiantly about her battle with depression in her BBC documentary.

She first spoke at length about how trolls, who mocked her at her looks and weight, led her to take their own lives in 2013.

After the documentary aired, social media was full of requests from fans to have the program shown in schools to educate teenagers.

At the beginning of the show, Jesy’s mother Janice said, « I know it might seem strange to say, but if I could have my Jess back as I had, I would change it that way.

‘I miss her. I just feel like I’ve lost Jess to social media and she’s addicted to what people say. ‘

Heartbreaking: Elsewhere, Jesy has received praise for her groundbreaking TV documentary Odd One Out, which explored her struggles with online bullying and body image.

Jesy then went on to describe how the trolling about her looks started on The X Factor, where she was referred to as the « fat one » in the band.

The singer tearfully revealed, at the height of her bullying in 2013, that she starved herself for four days as she prepared to return to the show.

« When I lost some weight we went back to the X factor and I had no idea if our performance would be good, » she said.

But Jesy was broken after being inundated with mockery about her weight. She said her face was deformed or she compared her appearance to ET and Miss Piggy after the performance.

Jesy burst into tears and said, « I just remember thinking, » I just need this to go away, I’ll end this. « .

‘I remember going to the kitchen and taking as many pills as possible. Then I lay in bed forever thinking, ‘Let it happen. Hurry up ». ‘

To try to heal the deep mental wounds caused by online bullies, the Wings hitmaker met with others who had experienced cyber bullying and were receiving therapy.

During therapy, Jesy first watched a clip from the X-Factor in order to accept himself.

‘I locked old Jesy away for so long because I just felt I had to be this new Jesy because everyone hated old Jesy.

‘My trauma is deep and I may never recover properly. I don’t think I’ll ever be the same again, but I think I’ll get better. ‘

Jesy spoke about the effects trolling had on her and told Glamor, “I just wanted to be Jesy. I didn’t want to be Jesy the fat one. I wanted people to see me as normal, so I punished myself. I starved myself.

‘If I did eat I would hate myself, punish myself and make sure I didn’t eat anything for four days. It was terrible, a vicious circle. ‘

Jesy also confessed that the negative comments on her face hurt more than the fat throats, admitting, “I got used to people calling me fat because I was like I’ve seen it so many times.

‘People started seeing what my face looked like with memes, and people chopped off my head in group photos and replaced it with a monster or ET or a sloth.

‘I became a joke for everyone and it really shook my confidence. I’ve never seen anything like it in my life. ‘

She went on to say that it was going to be one of the worst times of her life when the comments came in.

She said the phrase « fat, ugly » « consumed » every part of me « completely » as the trolling took its toll.

As Jesy continued talking about reading comments about herself, she revealed to the Guardian that at the time she was obsessed with reading the gruesome mockery online.

« I had the routine of waking up and going on Twitter and looking for the worst things I could about myself, » she explained. ‘I would type in the search bar:’ Jesy Fett ‘or’ Jesy ugly ‘and see what would come.

‘Sometimes I didn’t even have to do that, I just wrote’ Jesy ‘and then I saw all the horrible things. Everyone told me to ignore it – but it was like an addiction. ‘

In the interview, she continued that the pressure on Little Mix to look good was affecting her health and starving her.

Jesy said, « I would starve to death … I would drink Diet Coke for four days and then, when I got a little dizzy, eat a pack of ham because I knew it was calorie-free. Then I would go out to eat and hate myself. ‘

The starlet further recalled how she would avoid events where she was photographed and feared, adding that she had a tearful breakdown on one occasion the stylist bought the clothes the wrong size would have. ‘

Stars: Little Mix, made up of Jesy, Jade, Perrie and Leigh-Anne, rose to fame in 2011 when they became the first group to be crowned X-Factor Champions

Jesy has long been open about her experiences with body embarrassment and trolling over the years after being viciously attacked as a candidate on The X Factor in 2011.

She memorably collapsed during the competition discussing how hard it had been to deal with negative comments from complete strangers.

Speaking at the VT at the time, she said, “People write some nasty comments and it only bothered me a little.

‘When you have your own insecurities, and then when people say you and post them on websites for everyone to see, you just feel like rubbish.

‘To be in a girl group with three beautiful girls who are much slimmer and shorter than me. . . and obviously i know i’m much taller. I find it really difficult when people post it on twitter. ‘

The turning point came in February 2014 when Demi’s dancers on Devi Lovato’s tour, which the band was supporting act on, advised her to delete Twitter and compare it to a book filled with « lots of bad things. ». .

Little Mix has since grown into one of the UK’s biggest girl groups, hitting number 1 hits including Wings, Black Magic and Shout Out To My Ex.

For 24/7 confidential assistance in the UK, call Samaritans on 116 123 or visit a local Samaritans office at www. Samaritan. org for details.

Songstress: Jesy’s online bullying ordeal began when Little Mix won the X-Factor after being viciously attacked by trolls (pictured 2012)

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