World News – UK – David Beckham will make more money on FIFA 21 than Manchester United and PSG

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Former England captain is the new title star for the next generation FIFA 21 version, having appeared on the cover picture 23 years earlier.

23 years after being the title star in FIFA 98, David Beckham is back as an icon in FIFA 21. The graphic has arrived a bit: heat_smile: pic. Twitter. com / MnK6r5G1Bp

Beckham, who had previously been the ambassador for rival PES, was eventually picked up as an icon with three different versions of him from his glitzy stint on the top level – and is also playable in the game’s VOLTA soccer section.

But even for someone with a variety of referrals and partnerships, the Real Madrid and Manchester United legend made an extremely lucrative deal with EA Sports.

According to The Mirror, a three-year contract worth 40 million was finally signed. GBP agreed after an initial offer of 30 million. GBP had been presented but renegotiated.

It means he’s an insane 256 pounds. 000 collects a week without kicking a ball. Its resemblance to the virtual soccer game, combined with its marketability, is enough to make Beckham an absolute fortune.

A source told The Mirror: « It’s a huge addition to the Beckham brand and the easiest money to ever make. « 

Beckham is a right midfielder for all three cards, but his main 92-point card can be played as a central midfielder and has an impressive array of stats like 87 shots, 95 passes, and 88 dribbles.


‘Golden Balls’ will be released on 15. December added and fans will have access to a Becks non-tradable item in the Ultimate Team when playing FIFA 21.

David Beckham is returning to FIFA 21 as the Ultimate Team Icon – and it’s free to anyone who plays the game by age 15. January plays. All we need is Sven’s Manager Card to drop it and we can reach the full Golden Generation. image. Twitter. com / 9ZMT3YhygK

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World News – GB – David Beckham will earn more with FIFA 21 than with Manchester United and PSG
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