World News – UK – Craig Revel Horwood shares with his fiancé Jonathan in the lavish festival house


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Craig Revel Horwood, 55, and fianceÌ ?? Jonathan Myring opens her festive home for OK! and reveal their plans for a magical summer wedding in a forest

Just 30 seconds at Craig Revel Horwood’s house, you’ll find out everything you need to know about the fabulous Strictly star. Glamorous decadence is the order of the day and the 55-year-old says he wouldn’t have it any other way.

« It’s all very theatrical, » he tells us while we marvel at the opulence. And when I’m surrounded by theatrical things, I feel most comfortable. â ????

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Craig lives with his fiancé Jonathan Myring in the stunning Hampshire mansion, which has a spacious swimming pool. Usually the place sees a lot of action this time of year, thanks to Craig’s regular stop at the Panto.

The cast and crew are usually invited to a big annual Christmas party with « drag lasagna ». a???? Something we learned Paul Chuckle was keen to get hold of in a year!

However, for obvious reasons, everything is on hold. Craig was supposed to play the Sheriff of Nottingham in Panto Robin Hood but recent Covid restrictions have resulted in the show being postponed.

This year it’s going to be turkey dinner for two, but that’s clearly no problem for Craig and Jonathan, who got engaged in April. In fact, lockdown meant spending more time together than ever before, and it does them the world of good!

« It actually strengthened our relationship, » says 33-year-old Jonathan, who also tells us that the couple are now looking forward to a wedding in the summer of 2022 to take place in their own private forest! Well, we wouldn’t expect anything less.

Here the two of them discuss their divine institution, tell us why they think Anton Du Beke deserves a place as a strict judge, and share their festive plans . . .

Craig: Oh thank you darling! We love it. It’s just big enough for the two of us. I was used to living in a much smaller place in London so it’s a breath of fresh air to be here.

Craig: Well, having worked in the theater all my life, I like to be around theatrical things and feel at home. And yes, we have a lot of glitter balls around the house, but that’s because people never know what to buy me for Christmas or birthdays so I always seem to end up with a disco ball! We have a whole collection now.

Jonathan: Oh, it’s definitely Craig. Sometimes I have to put my foot down – 20 glitter balls shown at any given time is a bit much. I secretly enjoy it, but I feel like I’m in a glitter ball. Honestly, if you were to hit a disco ball it would be our house.

Craig: It depends where we are. We were in Manchester last year and it was quieter. But if the family comes to us we will make it big. We have a lot of nieces and nephews and the gifts basically take up the whole living room. and I have a huge living room.

Craig: It’s just the two of us, with a turkey crown and 12 pigs and blankets. We’ll use the large dining table and talk to fake guests. But look, we have each other and that is the most important thing. At first I wanted to do panto. We will forego our annual Christmas cast party.

Craig: I usually heat the pool and grill in the summer. We feed everyone « haul lasagna » where everyone goes upstairs and puts on a dress. Then there is also drag croquet on the lawn. Paul Chuckle put on a wedding dress a few years ago.

Let’s be strict ???? this year it was certainly different! How would you rate it?

Craig: I thought it was fantastic. I found that it opened a lot of creative doors and the finalists were all fantastic. It was a shame the audience missed six weeks of episodes because the series had to be shorter, but the show had to go on and it worked!

Craig: Bill Bailey! I never expected him to make it through week three, let alone the final! What a great job he did. It was brilliant for the 55+ year olds who think they can’t. he has proven that you can! I also thought Maisie Smith was amazing. And Jamie! Four times in the bottom two and he made the final â ???? everything is possible. And Ranvir was great too.

Craig: I don’t know if you’re each other’s type. I know they get along very well, they have a lot of depth and meaning, they talk a lot about life, but as far as I know, it certainly hasn’t turned into anything else. I think they are real friends. They have an understanding and a friendship based on mutual trust and respect.

Craig: Well me too. But I’m not too worried. I have such thick skin, I am like a rhinoceros. But Shirley is new to this type of game. She is the chief judge of the biggest show in the country. and of course 12 million viewers will have opinions. I respect that so you can’t take it personally. I don’t react to it emotionally because trolls just want a reaction. Shirley learns that and she learns to deal with it.

And Anton recently told us that he would like to become a judge if there was a vacancy!

Craig: Is there enough room on this desk for a fifth judge? if they made it a couple of inches wider next year? and I would absolutely love to have Anton! He’s been on the show from the start, he’s seen the other side of the coin and we don’t have someone like that on the panel. Bruno, whom we love because he’s the company clown and is a lot of fun. and he’s the one who’s been sitting next to me on this panel since it started in 2004. We have a great bond and a wonderful friendship, so I want him to stay. I wouldn’t want to change anyone, bring in Anton as the fifth judge!

Craig: Exactly! People loved him. And why not? You can only dance that long. He has to think about his future at some point, he can’t dance forever. Unless it’s a waltz. He could roll until he was dead.

Craig: Oh, he would say that. Honestly, we won’t make it right until he stops beating me up! His comments and results on Twitter always match mine. He thinks the same way I do and it makes me laugh because he clearly wants my job!

Craig: Not in a million years. It’s too bitter, it’s too twisted! Would we have a laugh on the panel? I would put him in his place!

We would still like to see it. What’s the latest about your wedding?

Jonathan: We’re looking at August 2022 now? We build our own wedding location in the forest. So it gives us time to do it amazing. In the middle of our forest is a 600 year old chestnut tree that we cleared underneath and there is room for 100 people. We hope for lots of lights and lamps to make it like a fairy tale.

Craig: That’s it. And what else do you do with your own forest other than turn it into a wedding venue?

Craig: Not everyone. And we don’t feel any pressure to include everyone. If you’re not invited, you’re not invited. get over it.

Jonathan: We can only have 100 seats for the wedding breakfast and we have such large families.

Craig: There are definitely people we’re going to invite. In any case, Bruno, Tess and Vernon as we love them, Darcey Bussell and Shirley have to be there, my goodness knows what they’re going to wear.

Jonathan: I don’t want to dance in front of the Strictly cast! I haven’t danced a day in my life!

Craig: Darling, you’ll be fine! I will choreograph everything. I don’t want anyone else to do it.

Jonathan: I think lockdown really strengthened our relationship. Craig is such a cute person. He is a teddy bear. but it’s all hidden!

Craig: I did it 13 years ago and was second so I thought it would be easy? it was not ???? t! I put a lot of pressure on myself and certainly not learned from my mistakes. I love being responsible for the food in our home.

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