World News – UK – Californians call for ‘CalExit’ as Trump beats pollsters’ predictions, remains in White House contention


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A SELECT group of Californians once again used the Election Day platform to ask the question of « CalExit » – the idea that the left-wing state could break away from the US

California got the most electoral college votes with 55, and in recent election cycles some residents have questioned how the state would fend for itself

Supporters of the movement say California should be independent because it is more progressive than the rest of the US

As the first signs of election night showed President Trump may be performing better than expected, some in the historically liberal state have resumed tweeting about the concept

In response to Joe Biden’s tweet, “It’s election day Go vote, America!” One Twitter user wrote: “I’m nervous If Trump wins, Caliexit!”

The @YesCalifornia Twitter account has over 20,000 followers and describes itself as « The Campaign for California Independence from the United States »

Yes, California was inspired by the Scottish independence campaign – it even took the same name and logo

Throughout election night, the account shared popular support for the cause under the hashtag #Calexit, claiming that « dissolution is the solution » as news of Trump’s support broke

Another user, Rob Knox, said: « I wish California was his own country we live a life here so different from the rest of the country lol « 

The hashtag first gained ground in 2020, when President Trump claimed a shock victory over Democrat Hilary Clinton

That year, the state backed Clinton by 615% and Twitter users brought up the concept of California independence

Analysis of the latest campaign, however, revealed that some tweets were released by the Russian government

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World News – UK – Californians call for « CalExit » as Trump beats poll predictions and remains in contention for House White