World News – UA – US Presidential Debate: Melania attends Nashville event after long campaign absence


After First Lady Melania Trump cancels her first campaign appearance since being diagnosed with COVID-19 and fails to accompany U.S. President Donald Trump to Erie, Pennsylvania, she attends final debate Presidential in Nashville Melania’s chief of staff Stephanie Grosham said the First Lady was suffering from a « persistent cough » and abandoned her travel plans However, the White House issued an update on October 23 that the  » The first couple’s next stop « is the Tennesse and she was spotted during the event

The First Lady of the United States was in the White House when the US President was taken to Walter Reed Medical Center as reports indicated Melania’s condition was more stable than Donald’s. Besides Melania, the children of the US President were also seen in the last US Presidential Debate, including Ivanka, Tiffany and Eric who started to see their face masks at Belmont University but took them off after being seated Former US Vice President Joe Biden’s wife Jill was also present during the confrontation and did not even remove her matching floral mask

TIMES AGO: First Lady Melania Trump and Dr Jill Biden join their husbands after the last presidential debate # Debates2020 picTwittercom / EU5BizvE5V

Donald Trump and Joe Biden’s surprisingly well-organized presidential debate has come to an end, with both candidates having enough time to strengthen their cause ahead of the November 3 election The debate exceeded the 90-minute timeframe initially agreed by each campaign, the last topic being leadership Moderator Kristen Welker asked what Trump and Biden would say in their inaugural address to Americans

The US President, in a vague response, said that before the COVID-19 pandemic everyone would notice how much their lives have improved under his presidency He said: « Success will bring us together We are on the road to success « 

Joe Biden, on the other hand, said: « I’m going to give you hope We’re going to choose science over fiction We are going to choose hope over fear »

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