World News – UA – Twitter reacts to Melania Trump’s vote without a mask after contracting COVID-19: ‘disrespectful’


Melania Trump was criticized on Twitter after she ditched her face mask when she went to the polls to vote on Tuesday

Trump voted in person in Palm Beach, Fla., sporting an outfit that reportedly cost $ 22,000 but did not include a face mask Some netizens did not like it, who said the first lady 50-year-old hadn’t learned his lesson after testing positive for COVID-19 last month

« She really doesn’t care Especially since she’s had C-19 No one else matters to her, » one wrote

« Irresponsible leadership – she needs a good fine Take back some of the taxpayer money she spends, » posted another Twitter user

« Didn’t even learn a little about what happened to her husband with the CCP virus, » a third Internet user commented

Others, however, have come to Trump’s defense, saying she didn’t have to wear a mask because she is no longer contagious. Some said they didn’t no problem covering her face as she is unlikely to come in contact with people

« She is surrounded by the secret service and will not approach anyone for hundreds of meters !! She is the First Lady, no one can approach her She does not need a mask! », A wrote a Twitter user

« Why would someone who just had the virus has antibodies and is no longer contagious wear a mask? » another tweeted

« Well, she had COVID so it’s currently unlikely to be infected or contagious » wrote a third netizen

Some have pointed out that Trump could be susceptible to re-infection even after testing negative for coronavirus

« Having COVID doesn’t prevent you from being contagious again. If she comes in contact with the virus again, if she’s asymptomatic or just a carrier, she could infect others, » said a Twitter user

President Donald Trump announced via Twitter on October 2 that he and Melania had tested positive for COVID-19 and would be quarantined

Two weeks later, Melania wrote an essay for the White House website on her battle with the coronavirus, revealing that their 14-year-old son Barron had also tested positive Unlike the President and Barron, however, Melania said she exhibited symptoms of COVID-19, including body aches, fatigue, cough and headaches.

In a rare public statement, U.S. First Lady Melania Trump said allegations about her husband published by The Atlantic magazine – which he called « losers » and « suckers » of the Marines fallen Americans – were fake Photo: AFP / SAUL LOEB

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News from the world – AU – Twitter reacts to Melania’s vote Trump without a mask After contracting COVID-19: ‘disrespectful’