World News – UA – How Dubai commuters can now use electric scooters to or from the metro


Dubai: Taking public transport in Dubai has now become more convenient as around 1,500 electric scooters, considered a first and last mile solution, were recently introduced to five bustling areas of the city

Electric scooters or electronic scooters, which are standing scooters powered by a small electric motor, are popular in big cities around the world They are ideally used at the start or end of an individual’s public transport journey

The Dubai Roads and Transport Authority claims that the pilot phase of electric scooter rental on Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard, Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai Internet City, December 2 Street and Al Rigga in Deira will pave the way for a city-wide ride – off the practical electric two-wheelers

Hussain Mohammad Al Banna, executive director of RTA’s traffic department at RTA, told Gulf News: “We will be studying the behavioral and safety aspects of residents. Based on this, we will introduce more zones or continue the deployment of electric scooters throughout the city, after a thorough evaluation of the trial period. »

« This (pilot phase) is part of our strategy to improve public transport in Dubai by making it sustainable and compatible with international practices. Regulations have been put in place with the safety of residents being the top priority and this is is why we are taking a safe and conservative approach in the deployment of electric scooters across the city, ”he stressed

Al Banna said that the RTA has partnered with five operators, including three international companies (Careem, Lime and Tier) and two local companies (Arnab and Skurrt) to supply the electric scooters during the testing phase Gulf News takes an electric scooter ride

Gulf News tested one of the Arnab-owned scooters at Al Rigga metro station Safety is a priority as a dedicated lane and traffic signs have been put up Only 14 years and over can rent and use the scooter Wearing a face mask is mandatory Hands must be disinfected while disposable gloves are available in a small pocket attached to each e-scooter

Operators also ensured that strict security measures against the COVID-19 coronavirus were being implemented, including frequent disinfection of its fleet of scooters “We believe that in these unprecedented times, our business concept will be put to the best use as it will strengthen social distancing measures by promoting alternative but safe and sustainable modes of transport,” said Lawrence Leuschner, CEO and co- founder of Tier, at Gulf News Tuesday

Only one rider per electric scooter is allowed and the speed limit of 20 km / h must be observed All scooters are geo-fenced which means that they cannot be used outside the designated areas and police will apprehend any cyclist using pay-per-use electronic scooters outside the five allocated zones Al Banna noted that two electric scooter companies are operating in each area to give users a choice

Each company (Careem, Lime, Tier, Arnab and Skurrt) has its own application available on Google Play or the App Store To use one of their scooters, you must first download the application and then register (a valid debit or credit card is required) After logging in successfully, the user must scan the QR code or enter the scooter number

The operator will ask you for your card details To guarantee its validity, an initial amount of Dh4 will be deducted but will be returned to your account after validation No money will be charged for this automated process The charge is Dh3 to unlock the ‘e-scooter and 60 fils per minute of use The cost varies for each electric scooter operator

you want to travel Internet access is required to use the e-scooter in order to keep track of e-scooters If the connection is lost the rider can continue but Internet access must be re-established at the end of the ride At the end of the ride, press the “end ride” button on the app and park the electric scooter in the designated parking areas

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World News – UA – How Dubai Commuters Can Now Use E-Scooters To Or From The Metro