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The Daily Mercury and Whitsunday Times team of journalists will be present in the constituencies of Mackay, Whitsunday and Mirani in our commitment to provide you with the best coverage of this important election.

9 p.m .: Whitsunday MP Jason Costigan conceded defeat in a Facebook post and on Channel 7

« Well we did our best More to come but a big thumbs up to Ange Nixon &, the North Queensland First team who did all they could in our first political test, » he said. written

« It was always going to be very difficult after the smear campaign waged by members of the LNP

During his live crossing from the Eimeo Pacific Hotel, he tried his hand at the LNP and chef Deb Frecklington who has now lost the state

830h: ONE Nation set to keep its only Queensland, with Stephen Andrew leading the two-party tally at Mirani

M Andrews got 5,661 percent of the preferences, significantly beating ALP rival Shane Hamilton who was on 4,339 percent

M Andrews lags slightly in the first preference tally, at 3,149 percent from M’s 33 Hamilton07 percent

LNP’s Tracie Newitt got 2,686% of the vote, and her preferences are likely to go to M Andrews

NQ First, the Greens, Civil Liberties and Motorists Party and Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party vote less than 4%

LNP’s Amanda Camm and ALP’s Angie Kelly are neck and neck with 31% of the preliminary vote, though Camm looks likely to take the lead

M Costigan lags behind on 9% with more than 7,500, or 21% of the votes, already counted

8 p.m .: MACKAY will likely remain a safe Labor electorate with outgoing Julieanne Gilbert far ahead of her seat

The early poll places her at 45% of the primary vote, with 22% of the votes counted

NLP candidate Chris Bonanno, a well-known community advocate in the city, sat at 30% of the vote

She said she understood that about 27,000 of the approximately 38,000 people in Mackay’s electorate had already voted before the booths opened.

« I still feel a little nervous I would feel more comfortable to get more results before the ballot, » she said

« I’m happy to have done well in the pits but there is still a long way to go

« If I keep the Mackay headquarters, I want to make sure our engineering hubs are up and running and continue to build Mackay’s industries of the future. »

“We are a very vibrant community and we have the resources and skills in our region to diversify our sugar industry into a sugar cane industry where we make many different products from our sugar cane crops.

750: PREFERENCE flows will decide Burdekin’s leader, as the ALP and LNP are neck and neck in the preferred scores of both parties

Michael Brunker of the ALP took a small lead, with 5,033% of both parties preferring the count

He took the lead with 7,766 votes counted or 2,224% of the electorate

Sam Cox of Katter’s Australian Party is in third place, out of 1391% of top preferences total

Clive Palmer’s NQ First, The Greens and United Australia Party all vote under 4%

650h: MIRANI MP Stephen Andrew lags behind in the polls in battle for his own seat as first stands arrive

M Hamilton had obtained 375% of the preliminary vote as the results come from Mount Morgan and Shinfield

M Andrew was slightly behind on 334 percent, followed by TNL’s Tracie Newitt on 1876 percent

Motor and Civil Liberties Party, Greens, NQ First and Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party all voted less than 4%

645h: THE first round of results has arrived as two Burdekin kiosks submit their results to the Queensland Election Commission barely half an hour after the polls close

With 253 votes counted, or 072%, outgoing operator Dale Last took the lead

Katter’s Australian party candidate Sam Cox trailed 1926 percent, followed by ALP’s Michael Brunker 1803 percent

The Greens, Animal Justice Party, Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party and NQ First candidates all voted under 3%

630 h: WITH the offices closed, Laurence Bonaventura, Habana resident and Mackay councilor, reflected on a busy polling day at the local community hangar

M Bonaventura said residents of Havana have historically chosen to vote on Election Day, and that this has continued this year despite the COVID pandemic

« We are all excited to see what happens tonight in Havana, » said M Bonaventura

« We think the Whitsunday electorate will be very close, that’s the general feeling I have of everyone I’ve spoken to, » he said.

545h: LABOR candidate for Burdekin Mike Brunker takes to social media to thank supporters as election day draws to a close

M Brunker thanked stand employees, supporters and voters who had supported his candidacy for the Burdekin seat

M Brunker takes on incumbent Burdekin MP and LNP candidate Dale Last, Benjamin Wood of Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party, Carolyn Moriarty of NQ First, Sam Cox of Katter’s Australian Party, Clive Remmer of One Nation, Dominique Thiriet of Animal Justice Party and Jack Smith of Greens

M Last was on the road in the Burdekin electorate today and visited Collinsville, Bowen, Clermont and Moranbah before the polls closed at 6 p.m.

Voters were satisfied with the infrastructure and job-creating projects he had promised to achieve for the region, he said.

« There was a good reception at all venues and I am so lucky to have so many supporters and volunteers on Election Day, » said M Last

« I know I did all I could, I gave it 110% and now it’s about seeing how the votes go »

422h: Voters skipped the lines to vote early, resulting in an eerily quiet Halloween election

But with stellar early voter turnout, the big loser in this election could be the schools, charities, and P&C that rely on election fundraisers.Marian State School P&C President Emily Hayes says she sold 264 sausages and plenty of soft drinks to raise almost $ 700
« It’s been stable all day, » he said
« But it’s not as big as you want it to be »
Ms Hayes said this was the first external fundraiser the P&C was able to organize this year thanks to COVID

She said the state government lifted restrictions specifically to allow the sausages of democracy
“It’s been a bit of a learning curve,” she says
While happy to start fundraising for children again, she said the election crowd was not what she expected

355 a.m .: Voters from Cannonvale come to Whitsunday Christian College to fill out their ballots and they have firm ideas on how our future leaders could help develop the Whitsundays

Airlie Beach resident Wendy Slaven said she would like a leader who doesn’t just look after South East Queensland

“Someone who will take care of the reef, who is tourism here, and a leader should think about what is best for the state as a whole,” she said.

« It was mostly backpacking and now it’s families – that’s going to change everywhere »

Gillene and David Turner also went to Whitsunday Christian College to vote, but David was unable to complete his vote due to administrative difficulties

However, Ms Turner said she would like to see different businesses open in the city such as Aldi, Spotlight and Kmart, while Mr Turner would like to see better restaurants and more arts events

« We love musicals, we love stage shows, it’s part of our culture and we lack things here, » he said.

Ms Turner also said better access to doctors and perhaps even a new hospital in Airlie Beach could help energize the area.

Wilson Beach resident Bruce Robjohns said he was leaning towards the NL, but he was concerned about a potential lack of experience

He thought we needed a change in the general state government and would like to see Queensland split into two states

“People say we don’t need more government, but we need government applicable to our region,” he said.

335h: An Andergrove voter said young people were fed up with politicians who weren’t truthful and wanted to see more young candidates in the mix for the next election

This was the second time Andrew Palmero, 20, has voted this year He voted at Northview State School in Mount Pleasant

Although he admitted he didn’t know much about politics, he did research on parties and their policies before voting

320h: WHEN Walkerston resident Alan Boyd voted he thought of a body of water 270 km away

M Boyd said his vote was influenced by candidates’ positions on the Urannah Dam project

M Boyd said he was inspired by the dam proposal and its potential to unlock a food bowl in the region

M Boyd said the dam will create jobs both in its construction and in future agricultural work

« The way COVID has been handled in Queensland has not affected us and I’m happy for that, » Ms Lock said

« If this gets out of hand, it will affect our daily lives, our homes, our cities and our economy. »

Think about how to vote for the volunteers who will face countless refusals at the stands today #miranivotes #QLDvotes picTwittercom / S5XrqMPfwX

317h: LABOR candidate Angie Kelly called herself a « loser » in the race for the Whitsundays, saying that whatever the outcome of her electorate she hoped the Palaszczuk government would secure a majority

Ms Kelly stopped by the Bloomsbury voting booth during her election day visit through the Whitsundays

When asked what she thought of the vote, Ms Kelly said she focused on maintaining a majority government

« I just think it is so crucial to get back to a majority Labor government of Palaszczuk, » she said

« That’s it for me, it’s my first priority and if I win it’s amazing, I would be overwhelmed by that

« I am the underdog, so I am very aware of it, but for me, I did my best and that’s all I can ask of myself

Data from exit polls compiled by the Daily Mercury and the Whitsunday Times across the region revealed that Angie Kelly was a close candidate for the seat behind LNP candidate Amanda Camm

As a first-time nominee Ms Kelly said running a campaign has been a big learning curve and thanked all of her volunteers for their support.

“As a schoolteacher and as someone with an education background, I think I would be good enough to lead someone else’s campaign,” she said.

« But having said that, it’s one of those things that you just have to go through and then you learn a lot of things.

« It’s so amazing to me that people step in and do this stuff

« And they do it because they understand the importance of government and what it really does »

Balnagowan’s mom or two Marianne Knox said she picked the party she thought would best support her 12-year-old son Sam Knox and sister Maddie Knox, 8

« I looked at what the current government is doing, what it is promising and not promising, » Ms Knox said

Despite being so critical of his mother’s democratic decision-making, Sam said he found politics « boring »

M Plemenuk said the road between Bloomsbury and Proserpine is often congested and hoped whoever gets elected will make it a priority

With the children going to Proserpina for school, he said it was important that the highway be sealed and repaired

215h: THE VOTING is underway at Airlie Beach for the national election and locals heading to the pits have clear ideas on what they would like to see our future leaders implement

Desi Phelps, resident of Jubilee Pocket, said she believes the Whitsundays are not receiving enough funding and that she is concerned about the impact the cruise ship cessation will have on the region

« I would love to see more rinks and more for our teens to keep them away from crime »

For Whitsunday voter Jessica Szalinski the top priority is job security, especially in the industry she works in – mining

A Whitsunday resident who asked to be known as Eddie, said he was a strong supporter of One Nation, but voted for NLP this year

He thinks the Whitsundays need economic reform, which he said the LNP was in a better position to achieve

Representatives from different political parties are stationed outside PCYC Whitsunday to distribute voting cards to residents

Zoe Hurst is stationed at the booth to support Katter’s Australian party, but it’s not the first time she’s running in an election

« It is important to get involved in politics because the younger generation needs to know what is going on, » she said.

She said she was previously a Labor activist but switched sides because she was disappointed with the treatment of former Whitsunday Labor candidate Tracey Cameron earlier this year

2 p.m .: One of Mackay’s busiest stalls was missing the crowds and the sausage of traditional democracy was sizzling today

Brendan Hoban, a resident of South Mackay, chose to vote on election day because he was too busy at work to vote during the poll

He also expressed frustration at being bombarded with text messages from political parties and the Queensland Election Commission in the days leading up to the poll.

« I just wanted to be done and done so I stop receiving text messages, » M said. Hoban

145h: IT WAS a family affair behind the barbecue at the Proserpine voting booth today

Shaun, Charlie and Lisa Atkinson were among the Lions volunteers serving the sausages of democracy in what was one of the first fundraisers they had been able to organize since the COVID lockdown

It was Shaun’s first time at an election barbecue and he said it has been « pretty cold » so far.

However, Ms Atkinson had served sausages in several elections before and said it was important for the community to see the Lions walking around

“Especially now with COVID, I think it’s good to see the local people out there (and trying) to help the community

As campaign volunteers called polling station traffic « regular », Shaun hoped the smell of snags would attract more people to the polls.

130H00: MIRANI voters place their number one behind jobs and roads at Sarina’s voting booth

Ms Hoppe said she had to drive from Sarina to Mackay every day and was appalled by the state of the highway

Bryan Bloom said he was voting for the candidate who promised the best roads, but was not convinced anything would change

« I didn’t think of much (in the voting booth) because they are all lying, » M said. Bloom

As a minor, M Bloom said the condition of the roads was a daily problem, but he knew the problems could be fatal if things went wrong

Although employment is a problem, he said the pandemic and the economic climate were an uncontrollable factor

« I would like to see more money spent on health, education and the police – a lot more money for the police »

Mirani voter Marie Gela said she voted to ensure a better future for Sarina

Ms Gela said Sarina’s large population lacked the indoor sports centers, water parks and cycle paths necessary for its active youth

M Ormond said the most important electoral issues to him were the environment, public sector jobs and industrial relations

Residents slowly infiltrated the St Catherine Catholic College booth to have their say in today’s vote

A voter from Proserpine said LNP candidate Amanda Camm took first place on the ballot because she was a « local face » who put the needs of the community first

Ms Camm was also popular with another voter who said she understood the needs of the area, especially in the agricultural sector

Angie Kelly marked the vote of several other residents at the Proserpine booth with a voter saying he didn’t like any of the other candidates

A longtime Labor voter also gave Ms Kelly her top spot, but said he would have voted for Labor regardless of the candidate

However, a man from Proserpina hoped there would be a distancing of the two main parties and gave his vote to KAP candidate Ciaron Paterson, saying the region needed a ruling member who would do something for the northern part of the country. Queensland

1 p.m .: Voting is well underway in Mackay and Whitsunday, with candidates circling booths

Deb Lawson, of One Nation, moved into Mackay Northern Beaches State High School earlier this morning, telling the Daily Mercury the day has started well

Ms Lawson said she had received a lot of positive feedback from punters, but most made a decision before entering the pits

Deb Lawson of One Nation said voting at #Mackay Northern Beaches State High was a consistent start No sausage sizzle although #mackayvotes #QLDvotes #qldpol @daily_mercury picTwittercom / lLBarc912e

People also seemed confused about preferences, the topic dominating most of the conversations she had with voters.

KAP’s Ciaron Paterson said he had been confident during the five months he campaigned for the electorate, traveling 14,800 km in his ute « on back roads, dirt roads and highways »

After taking a long leave of service to campaign for the past five months, Mr. Paterson said as an ‘extrovert’ he was comfortable on the election track

He gave a last minute speech to voters when the Daily Mercury spoke with him this morning at Mackay Northern Beaches State High

KAP’s Ciaron Paterson says after 5 months of scrambling he is confident about the outcome of tonight’s election #whitsunday votes #mackayvotes #QLDvotes #qldpol @daily_mercury picTwittercom / dFUG4X1KhH

« Most of the problems people tell me about the northern beaches are that there isn’t much here for young people, » he said.

He has doubled his support for the Northern Beaches Community Center as well as a water park or something similar, and is planning a beating by the police


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Maroochydore MP Fiona Simpson claimed victory to extend her career beyond three decades in state parliament


The Greens have taken the biggest scalp in Queensland’s election, but the party is also on track to quadruple its seat count


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Jennifer Howard, out of work, waits nervously as the countdown begins

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