World news – The transparent BREEZE smart mask from NEXVOO has disinfection UV light and micro-compartments for increased oxygen content


In addition to the developments in personal protective equipment we saw recently, the consumer health and technology product name NEXVOO introduced its clear BREEZE smart mask.

The mask innovation was made for protection developed against viruses, bacteria, allergens, mildew, dust, odors and much more and is the next generation of effective and comfortable devices that bring back the emotions hidden by traditional masks. Every BREEZE mask has a clear protective cover with an intelligent self-disinfection system that uses an integrated UV-C disinfection light. NEXVOO works with medical silicone seals that prevent the ingress of unfiltered air and has equipped the masks with two N99 filters with an efficiency of 99 percent, which offer even better protection than the popular N95 masks. Two extremely quiet micro-compartments help to increase oxygen uptake and remove carbon dioxide for increased comfort in everyday life.

The transparent BREEZE smart mask costs 80 USD and is now available on the NEXVOO website with 30 filters and a micro USB charging cable available.

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