World news – The Bakers Creek rescuer remembers the moment the truck flew


The rising tide from Bakers Creek pushed against Fraser Lewis’ sinking bowel, feeling that the man trapped in a truck that was partially submerged in the water could not survive.

Mr. Lewis and a crowd of bystanders stood on a sand bank that had disappeared, unsure what to do.

He had seen the oncoming truck crash off Bakers Creek Bridge on the Bruce Highway at around 5:20 on Sunday.

The smoking truck cab and seeping diesel indicated danger, and after seeing the truck fall 10 meters below them, hope was lost.

The oncoming B-double turned sharply and suddenly to the left and plowed its way through the guardrail into the water.

« The whole truck went over the edge and actually crashed gracefully, » said Lewis.

The 27-year-old jumped over the guardrail himself and headed straight for the truck, along with another man, Thomas, a backpacker, who had been driving behind the truck.

The couple swam over to the truck and noticed the diesel oozing from the truck and the cloud of steam. The hut was rumpled and they withdrew to the bank and were accompanied by more people.

Then the air brake released and Mr. Lewis knew someone was moving in the cabin.

The 33-year-old truck driver was in the trap of being dangling from his seat belt and the water splashing his ankles.

« He asked for help. We maneuvered him out and brought him back to the bank. »

Paramedics including intensive care examined him on site and the driver was later taken to Mackay Base Hospital.

Mr. Lewis described the moment the truck went over the guardrail like something out of a movie.

Mr Lewis said he believed the truck could have burned a steering tire when he remembered seeing sparks just before the heavy vehicle ran over.

The Bakers Creek Bridge on the Bruce Highway underwent a structural assessment before it could be reopened to traffic.


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