World news – Shirtless man in horned helmet identified as QAnon supporter at Capitol protest


The heavily painted man in a horned fur cap, who made a spectacle on the podium of the US Senate during the Capitol storm, was identified as a QAnon supporter and a fixture at right-wing extremist rallies in Arizona, according to a report / p> Jake Angeli, 32, posed in the chair recently occupied by Vice President Mike Pence at the start of the electoral certification process that was suspended at the start of the uprising.

The shirtless conspiracy theorist – known as « Q Shaman » – wore red, white, and blue complexion as he brandished a spear with an American flag on it.

In 2020, Angeli told the Republic of Arizona that he wears headgear and colors to attract attention while he is Talks about QAnon, who claims that behind a large pedophile ring lies a vast network of powerful people – including the viral conspiracy « pizzagate, » which is falsely known Someone ran out of a pizza shop in Washington, DC.

In February 2020, before a rally in Phoenix for President Trump, he was working in the crowd holding up a sign that read « Q sent me, » the company reported News Agency.

« The snowball has rolled and is getting bigger, » Angeli said at the time. « We’re mainstream now. »

Angeli told a Globe and Mail reporter in Toronto that the Arizona Republic said police had stopped blocking him and other Trump supporters and letting them into the Capitol. </ Angeli, who participated in protests against the Arizona election results, also took part in rallies to reopen businesses closed by the state government to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus, the republic reported.

He said he learned much of what he knows through online research – including « See a Pale Horse » by Arizona writer William Copper – involving shady groups like the Illuminati, the Trilateral Commission, and the Bilderberg Group / p> “From a certain point everything clicked somehow. Oh dear God. I now see the reality of what is going on, ”he said, adding that the Q Movement confirmed beliefs he had back in 2016.

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