World news – Report details dark chapter in the history of Ireland


Thousands of infants and children died in homes for unmarried mothers known throughout Ireland as « mother and baby homes » and operated by the Catholic Church of Ireland from the 1920s to 1990s. A government-commissioned report was found Tuesday of the darkest chapters of the Catholic Church.

The investigation found an « appalling » mortality rate that reflected the brutal living conditions in homes … in which 56,000 young pregnant women, including rape victims who were hidden from society.

Anonymous statements from residents compared the facilities to prisons, saying they were verbally abused by nuns.

Reuters spoke to a survivor, Peter Mulryan, who was going to be his fourth Year of life lived in one of the houses.

« We were neglected. No love was shown. We would not have done what we suffered to animals. Babies cried and cried through the night. Why? Because they felt uncomfortable, they were neglected, starved and cold. No love and no matter what … they were called nuns, (but) for what? Yes … it just begs for faith, what they get away with have arrived. « 

Relatives have claimed the babies were mistreated because they were born to unmarried mothers who, like their children, were seen as a stain on Ireland’s image as a devout Catholic nation.

Anna Corrigan’s two brothers, John and William Dolan, are believed to be among 802 babies and children who died in one of the houses and were thrown into a mass grave.

« I feel traumatized … My heart breaks for any survivor. I mean, I haven’t spent a day in a house, but I can’t even imagine it. « 

The investigation began six years ago after historian Catherine Corless found evidence of an unmarked mass cemetery. </ In total, around 9,000 children died – a 15% death rate, according to Tuesday's report. The percentage of children who died in a Cork home before their first birthday was 75% in 1943.

Prime Minister Michael Martin is expected to formally apologize in Parliament this week for what he calls « a dark, difficult and embarrassing chapter in recent Irish history ».

Donald Trump’s norm-breaking presidency could receive shameful new awards in the coming days will lead into his post-presidency and far beyond. The political epitaph of the US president will be the legacy of two pending House votes, including the impeachment in connection with last week’s mob attack on the US Capitol, which he has accused of being inspirational. Trump will likely soon be the only U.S. president to be charged twice. the only President officially expelled after the 25th amendment; and possibly, but far less likely, the only president convicted by the Senate and banned from re-seeking office. The first part of this series of votes is expected on Tuesday evening after 7:30 p.m. ET. in the house. « The president poses an imminent threat to our constitution, our country and the American people, and he must be removed from office immediately, » said Democrat Nancy Pelosi on Monday. « The president’s threat to America is urgent and so will be our action. » Pelosi put forward a two-step plan that begins with a vote on the 25th amendment to the U.S. Constitution, passed after the assassination of John F. Kennedy. It allows for a change in leadership if a congressional body, the vice president, and more than half of the cabinet agree to oust the president. Plan A and Plan B Given the slim chance that Vice President Mike Pence and the majority of the Cabinet will attack the President, the Democrats have prepared Plan B for the next day, an impeachment article due to be voted on as early as Wednesday, the President, who incited a riot last week for his role in the US Capitol attack. The resolution noted that shortly before his supporters attacked, Trump raised a rally and made statements that « encouraged and predictably resulted in » the lawless actions in the Capitol. The impeachment appears to have the votes to pass the House solely because of its Democratic support, though it could also attract some Republicans. The question that many will ask, and one that Republicans will surely ask, is why now? Trump is expected to step down in a week and has just promised a peaceful transition. The main Republican argument against impeachment is that the move drops a match against a country that is a political tinder box. Top Republicans Push Back for Impeachment This tinder box is showing signs of bubbles – FBI warns of plans for armed protests across country; There is talk of militia attacks on social media. At least 10,000 National Guard troops are called into the capital. and even the Washington Monument is being closed under threats. The Republicans are urging their rivals to move on, letting President-elect Joe Biden open his presidency on unified terms, with a focus on setting his own agenda. Even a Democratic Senator thinks this is a bad idea. West Virginia Joe Manchin called this a terrible impeachment moment: « This is so bad advice, » Manchin told Fox News. He predicted that the impeachment in a Senate trial like last year would fail again and only affect the beginning of Biden’s presidency. That’s because impeachment may not come until after the president has passed on to a Senate trial – which begs the question of what difference this makes now. Two Arguments in favor of impeachment Proponents of impeachment offer two countermeasures. One is in principle; the other practical. Basically, they say that the current US president highly deserves this reprimand, which will tarnish his legacy, and that he also sets the necessary boundaries for the president’s future conduct. Some lawyers interviewed agreed that Trump deserved this sanction. Joseph Ellis is a Pulitzer Prize-winning historian who participates in published rankings of the best to worst presidents in history. « The second impeachment will reassure us that Donald Trump will be the last [on the lists of best to worst presidents], » said Ellis. « Without question, Trump is the worst president in American history. » He said he believed the president had likely committed five or six known impeachment proceedings during his presidency. Then there is a practical reason – and it has more to do with the four year period ahead than the four years we have just seen. It’s about whether Trump can be stripped of his political power in the future, a power that is based in part on his ability to run again for office. Could Trump take away the ability to run again It is noteworthy that the impeachment article drafted by Democratic lawmakers references the 14th amendment to the Constitution. Written after the Civil War, it forbade anyone involved in riots ever to seek political office again. If the House indicts Trump, the Senate Republicans will have two hot potatoes under control. One is the obvious question of whether Trump should be convicted. The second, arguably more momentous question: If the Senate actually condemned him, what sentence would he impose? This punishment could include disqualification from future office, which would require simple majority voting, as has historically been the case in cases of impeachment outside the president. Don’t automatically assume that Senate Republicans will support Trump as they did last time he was indicted. One observer suspects that many Republicans in Washington would like to bury Trump politically. Legal ethicist Clark Cunningham said they had a myriad of motivations for getting Trump out of the way – including those who have their own ambitions to run for president in 2024. « I think very few people in the Senate, including Republicans, want Donald Trump to run for president again or exercise substantial leadership in this country, » said Cunningham, professor of law and ethics at Georgia State University. CLOCK | Biden’s inauguration could lead to violence, the FBI warns: « I think that is out of the question. » For this reason, Cunningham believes that Democrats should try to build bipartisan consensus in whatever way possible, including when drafting the impeachment article. Republicans: We’re afraid of Trump supporters. He says the current wording is a mistake. Cunningham said it was too complicated to prove that someone instigated a riot, depending on the interpretation of the definition of « incitement » and « insurrection ». According to Cunningham, a seditious conspiracy would have been a simpler claim. Republicans have another reason to fear that speaks to the gravity of this political moment in the United States. It’s about pissing off people like this mob who stormed the Capitol. A rookie congressman from Michigan, Republican Peter Meijer, wrote in a comment about the terror that his colleagues face. He said he knew a lawmaker who voted Wednesday night to ditch the election results fearing family members could be harmed. Meijer, who voted to confirm Biden’s presidency, said: « I have been called a traitor more than I can count. I regret not having brought my gun to DC. » It’s early to gauge the political impact of last week: some polls suggest that Trump’s support has dropped to its lowest level in three years and that Republicans are against storming the Capitol, other polls suggest that the Republicans overwhelmingly wanted to overturn Biden’s victory. The first dilemma belongs to Trump’s vice president. CLOCK | There are few ways to remove Trump from office, according to the law professor: Pence has received death threats on social media sites like Twitter and Parler since chairing the congressional ceremony that confirmed Biden’s victory. His relationship with Trump is publicly strained. And if the House of Representatives votes tonight to invoke the 25th Amendment, the next step will be to decide whether to try to get a majority in the cabinet to boot Trump. There’s no way, said a law professor who wrote a prescient book ahead of the election about scenarios that could unfold if Trump refuses to admit defeat. Lawrence Douglas told CBC News he couldn’t imagine pence infuriating the majority of Republican voters. « [Maybe] if we live in a less deformed political landscape, » said the professor at Amherst College. « I can’t imagine Mike Pence doing that. We have to distinguish between what is supposed to happen and what will happen. I really can’t imagine Mike Pence doing that. » Then it’s impeachment again.

Rochelle Woody has been the most prominent figure in her grandson’s world since luck brought them together a decade ago when Omari Scott was 6 years old. At the age of 71, Rochelle was bending over a stick after two recent spinal surgeries. Omari lifts dumbbells in the living room at night and hears her praying in bed.

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The construction of a spaceport from which expected to launch satellites from the southeastern tip of mainland Nova Scotia this year has yet to begin. The COVID-19 pandemic and bureaucracy are blamed for the delay, but the CEO of According to Maritime Launch Services is not idling the project near Canso. « We are certainly driving the initiative forward, » said Steve Matier. « It’s been a tough year for everyone in terms of the pandemic, of course, and things certainly didn’t go as quickly as we hoped and planned, but I’m looking forward to a much more productive year in 2021. » The company needs to be in Submit a progress report every January 31st as part of an environmental review approved in 2019. However, according to a recent Freedom of Information request, MLS did not provide an update to the province over the past year, « Matier said little at the time, but since then the company has had a Crown lease with the Department of Land and Land. » Forestry negotiated and some surveying work started on the property. « Now is the time to do the compliance parts, » he said. In an email, the provincial environmental department said it had accepted that there was not enough work in January The project had been done to warrant a report. An update for 2020 is expected to take place later this month. Matier said missiles could take off as early as late 2021 or early 2022. He said he was still looking for investors, but some of the Delays were due to bureaucracy. « When I started this initiative, I had expectations of how quickly various government agencies would hearing would be able to act or react or do what I expected to be the next parts, and I learned a lot that those things can play a role for much longer than you think or expect, « said Matier. Matier said there was progress in speaking to potential suppliers and customers, but it was too early to provide a new construction schedule. No new schedule « I wouldn’t have to commit to something now and change it again, » he said. « Hopefully after taking the next set of steps and posting this information it will become clearer what our expectations are. » Some also reveal details of the Freedom of Information Request made available to an undisclosed public interest group just before Christmas and posted on the government website last week negotiating other conditions for the environmental permit. For example, the province requires the company to have civil liability insurance and a deposit for future property redevelopment. In a December 2019 internal notice, the Environment Department discussed how much liability insurance would be enough, noting that there was no precedent for its decision, « as this is the first orbital spaceport to be regulated and operated in Canada and there are few Canadian ones to date Experience with the use of toxins is available from MLS suggested chemicals. « Liability insurance is discussed. According to the memo, insurance varies in similar facilities in other countries and countries. New Zealand only needs $ 11 million, while the highest amount is in the US, which requires $ 500 million. The memo states that the « MLS proposal matches these amounts, but the Department of Service Nova Scotia. » and Internal Services suggested to LAF [Lands and Forestry] that at least 250 million should be allowed for the launch phase. « The Ministry of the Environment said in an email to CBC News that the amount of liability insurance is still being negotiated The company. Matier said the amount insured mentioned in the note had not been presented to his company and negotiations had not yet taken place. MORE TOP STORIES

Greek lawmakers will vote this week on a bill to purchase 18 Dassault-manufactured Rafale fighter jets from France for a total of 2.5 billion euros ($ 3.04 billion) The agreement, expected to be signed by the ministers of both countries in Athens this month, is part of Greece’s plan to increase its defense capacity during an ongoing dispute with neighboring Turkey over energy resources in the Mediterranean for the purchase and maintenance of six new ones Greece will spend 1.5 billion euros this year, around 400 on twelve used Rafale jets Million euros per year in 2022-23, 67 million euros in 2024 and 34 million euros in 2025.

The latest figures on COVID-19 vaccinations in Canada from Tuesday, January 12, 2021 at 4 a.m. In the morning. In Canada, the provinces report 39,116 new vaccinations given for a total of 359,054 administered doses. The provinces have administered doses at the rate of 947.39 per 100,000. Zero new vaccines have been delivered to the provinces and territories, for a total of 545,250 doses to date. The provinces and territories have used 65.85 percent of their available vaccine supply. Please note that Newfoundland, PEI, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and the Territories do not typically report on a daily basis. Newfoundland reports 1,975 new vaccinations given over the past seven days for a total of 3,760 doses. The province has administered doses at the rate of 7,181 per 1,000. No new vaccines have been shipped to Newfoundland and a total of 8,250 doses have been administered to date. The province received enough vaccine to give 1.6 percent of its population a single dose. The province has used 45.58 percent of its available vaccine supply. reports 1,650 new vaccinations given in the past seven days for a total of 3,600 doses administered. The province has been delivering doses at the rate of 22,694 per 1,000. No new vaccines were sent to P.E.I. for a total of 6,075 cans dispensed so far. The province received enough vaccine to give a single dose to 3.8 percent of its population. The province has used 59.26 percent of its available vaccine supply. Nova Scotia reports that no new vaccinations have been given for a total of 2,720 doses in the past seven days. The province has administered doses at the rate of 2,787 per 1,000. No new vaccines have been delivered to Nova Scotia, with a total of 13,450 doses given to date. The province has received enough vaccine to give 1.4 percent of its population a single dose. The province has used 20.22 percent of its available vaccine supply. New Brunswick reports 4,827 new vaccinations given in the last seven days for a total of 7,732 doses administered. The province has been delivering doses at the rate of 9,912 per 1,000. No new vaccines have been shipped to New Brunswick, with a total of 11,175 doses so far. The province has received enough vaccine to give 1.4 percent of its population a single dose. The province has used 69.19 percent of its available vaccine supply. Quebec reports 8,065 new vaccinations given for a total of 92,452 doses administered. The province has administered doses at the rate of 10.805 per 1,000. No new vaccines have been shipped to Quebec; a total of 115,375 doses have been administered to date. The province received enough vaccine to give 1.3 percent of its population a single dose. The province has used 80.13 percent of its available vaccine supply. Ontario reports 8,859 new vaccinations given for a total of 122,105 doses administered. The province has administered doses at the rate of 8.313 per 1,000. Zero new vaccines were shipped to Ontario for a total of 196,125 doses. The province received enough vaccine to give 1.3 percent of its population a single dose. The province has used 62.26 percent of its available vaccine supply. Manitoba reports 855 new vaccinations given for a total of 10,353 doses administered. The province has administered doses at the rate of 7,518 per 1,000. No new vaccines have been shipped to Manitoba; a total of 25,825 doses have been administered to date. The province received enough vaccine to give 1.9 percent of its population a single dose. The province has used 40.09 percent of its available vaccine supply. Saskatchewan reports 1,019 new vaccinations given for a total of 8,948 administered doses. The province has administered doses at the rate of 7,588 per 1,000. No new vaccines have been shipped to Saskatchewan, with a total of 17,575 doses so far. The province received enough vaccine to give 1.5 percent of its population a single dose. The province has used 50.91 percent of its available vaccine supply. Alberta reports 1,797 new vaccinations given for a total of 46,791 doses administered. The province has administered doses at the rate of 10,629 per 1,000. Zero new vaccines were shipped to Alberta for a total of 59,800 doses. The province has received enough vaccine to give 1.4 percent of its population a single dose. The province has used 78.25 percent of its available vaccine supply. British Columbia reports 13,643 new vaccinations given for a total of 59,902 administered doses. The province has been delivering doses at the rate of 11,673 per 1,000. Zero new vaccines have been shipped to British Columbia, for a total of 71,200 doses to date. The province has received enough vaccine to give 1.4 percent of its population a single dose. The province has used 84.13 percent of its available vaccine supply. Yukon reports 190 new vaccinations given for a total of 500 doses administered. The area has delivered doses at the rate of 11,982 per 1,000. No new vaccines have been delivered to Yukon, with a total of 7,200 doses so far. The area has received enough vaccine to give a single dose to 17 percent of its population. The territory has consumed 6.944 percent of its available vaccine supply. No new vaccinations are reported for a total of 162 doses administered in the Northwest Territories. The area has administered doses at the rate of 3,591 per 1,000. No new vaccines have been delivered to the Northwest Territories; a total of 7,200 doses have been administered to date. The area has received enough vaccine to give a single dose to 16 percent of its population. The area has consumed 2.25 percent of its available vaccine supply. Unavut does not report any new vaccinations for a total of 29 doses administered. The area has administered doses at the rate of 0.749 per 1,000. No new vaccines have been delivered to Nunavut, with a total of 6,000 doses given to date. The area has received enough vaccine to give 15 percent of its population a single dose. The area has used 0.4833 percent of its available vaccine supply. * Notes on the data: The numbers are compiled by the COVID-19 Open Data Working Group based on the latest publicly available data and are subject to change. Note that some provinces report weekly while others report the same day or figures from the previous day. The vaccine doses given do not correspond to the number of people vaccinated, as the approved vaccines require two doses per person. The vaccines are not currently given to children under the age of 18 and children with certain health conditions. This report was automatically generated by the Canadian Data Digital Data Desk and first published on January 12, 2021. The Canadian Press

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LISBON, Portugal – The Portuguese President’s office says Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa has tested positive for the coronavirus, even though the veteran politician has no symptoms.
Rebelo de Sousa is 72 years old. He took office in 2016 and is seeking a second term in the country’s presidential election on January 24th.
A lab test using the so-called PCR technique late Monday found the president was positive for the virus, although an antigen test earlier in the day came back negative, his office said in a statement late Monday.
The President is self-isolating in a residential area in Belem to the west of central Lisbon and has set his entire agenda for the coming days.
As head of state, the president is largely a figurehead in Portugal, where the prime minister and his cabinet are in charge of day-to-day affairs. He is still very influential and has the power to appoint the Prime Minister and dissolve Parliament.

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As the Parole Board of Canada prepares to consider the supervised release of serial killer Allan Legere, some who witnessed his terrible rampage 31 years ago warn that he can never be rehabilitated. The convicted murderer, rapist and arsonist, who turns 73 in February, is slated for a parole hearing in Edmonton on Wednesday. Legere, dubbed the « Miramichi Monster », escaped from custody on May 3, 1989 and carried out four brutal murders, multiple arson and sexual assault before being recaptured on November 24, according to the board of directors , who was sentenced to life imprisonment, has been eligible for parole since November 2012 and full probation since November 2015. In 2015 Legere waived a preliminary probation hearing planned after a high-profile letter campaign by the community against his release. However, under the law governing the board of directors, inmates are entitled to request another review of their case every two years years after their first date of parole review. Prisoners like Legere who have received life sentences can be denied parole by the board and do not have a mandatory release date. Violence Committed « Like Scar Tissue » Journalist and author Rick MacLean, co-author of Terror: Murder and Panic in New Brunswick said the memories of the violence committed by Legere are like « scar tissue » on the psyche of the community. MacLean, who was the editor of the Miramichi guide at the time of the murders, has documented people starting to sleep with guns, the writer says, after writing about the rampage and trial, Legere gave him threats of legal action. « Do I think I am in potential danger if he can get anywhere near me? » The answer is yes, « MacLean said in an interview. » I never expected anyone to think twice about the fact that he would ever be paroled. « The journalism teacher at Holland College on Prince Edward Island said his research led him to conclude that Legere belongs to a small group of psychopathic serial killers who can construct stories to manipulate others into believing they have changed. » They are not people who get better. You can sit in wait for years. If he is physically able to do what he did in 1989, he will do it again. « Killer admits watching prison managers In an interview with CTV last year, John Harris, a former manager of the New Brunswick prison that once imprisoned Legere, recalled being stunned when the killer admitted Watching him from a wooded area while the corrections manager was playing golf. « He had a list of people he wanted to follow up. That list still exists somewhere and there are still names on it, « Harris told the TV station. » If he got off today and was at large, these people would know who they are. « Originally sentenced to life imprisonment, Legere murdered shopkeeper John Glendenning in June 1986 and was incarcerated in the maximum security prison in Renous. He escaped during a medical visit to Moncton, released his shackles and escaped from his guards. Legere commanded a vehicle and found his way back. » to the Miramichi, who hid in the woods and stole groceries to survive when a massive police manhunt tried to find him. During his months at large, he killed Annie Flam, an elderly shopkeeper, Donna and Linda Daughney, two middle-aged sisters fire to their home before they leave, and Rev. James Smith, a Roman Catholic priest, who was retaken on November 24, 1989 after a failed carjacking that began in Saint John and ended just outside Rogersville where the police arrested him The cab of an articulated lorry Some of the first DNA evidence was found in November 1991 BC used, which led to Legere’s conviction for the murders. Donald Glendenning, brother of 1986 murder victim John Glendenning, said he hoped the board would take note of the violence that occurred after Legere’s escape: « The parole board is responsible for protecting the community » he said in an interview on Monday. Adam Lordon, the current mayor of Miramichi, said his council has again written letters to the parole board asking him to reject Legere’s request. The 36-year-old says he was just a little boy, but he remembers that his family moved from a rural part of the community to live with his mother’s parents, as a precaution Lordon shared his family with members of his family during the Legere rampage Victims spoke and said that they remain traumatized by the murders. « What you have experienced does not go away, » he said. « There is still fear in the community. » Paula Vargas, a spokeswoman for the parole board, said two board members are looking into the case before the hearing. During the hearing, they ask questions of the offender and hear about the parole officer and the offender’s assistant, she said. The board is investigating the inmate’s past criminal history, the treatments he has received and the « insights » he has gained, she wrote. In addition, the board members take into account the behavior of the inmate in prison and their release. Victims of casual crimes can submit statements about the perpetrator for examination by the chamber, and the perpetrator has the right to choose not to hear or postpone it at the last minute. In making his decision, Vargas said, « The safety of the public and the protection of the community are first and foremost considerations. »

As you lay the groundwork for financial decisions for 2021, take an inventory of your credit cards to see if they are still match your goals and priorities. Given the pandemic, rising spending patterns, possibly for the foreseeable future, a review of the benefits and costs of your cards can tell you which ones do the job, save you money, which are a drain on your finances – and what features you might be looking for in a new card want. Here are some credit card features that need prioritization.1 . A Justified Annual Fee Pay an annual fee on a credit card only if the rewards and perks more than make up for the cost. For Sahirenys Pierce, a California-based content creator on the Poised Lifestyle blog, the benefits far outweigh her $ 95 cashback credit card annual fee. « We had an extra $ 500 for our Christmas gifts, » she said last year thanks to the money she made. In contrast, a card whose value is in the form of airline miles or travel benefits couldn’t come close to paying for itself once you’ve stopped traveling. If the card’s incentives don’t make up for the fee, ask your issuer if they’d like to downgrade your account to a card with no annual fee. It is better than closing the account as it leaves your original line of credit open which can benefit your credit scores. REWARDS SUITABLE FOR THE TIME The incentives for many credit cards don’t necessarily match the spending shifts that came with the pandemic. For example, bonus points became less valuable when traveling than higher rewards for groceries, streaming services, and takeaway and delivery from restaurants. « I haven’t taken out my American Airlines Citi card in a long time because collecting the points really is a different thing. Right now this is a major concern when it comes to choosing the card you want to use, » said Brian Riley, director of credit counseling for the Mercator Advisory Group. The company is an independent research and consulting company for the payment and banking industry. Look for credit card incentives that best reward your spending in the current environment. Several cards in 2020 have temporarily or even permanently changed their reward structures to stay relevant and useful. For Pierce, her credit card has already gained weight in the categories that mattered most. “One thing that made us feel a little better – not 100% better – but a little better was that the credit card we had (a year before this pandemic) was really geared towards our needs, that is, our food , our gasoline, our streaming services, ”said Pierce. FLEXIBLE REDEMPTIONS Flexible redemption options for rewards can top up your budget with a statement balance that lowers your balance or cash deposited directly into your bank account. Pierce appreciates that she can easily get money back instead of trying to redeem points for flights or gift cards. « Having that 6% cashback was much more beneficial, » she said. During the pandemic, some popular travel credit cards temporarily allowed bank statement credit points to be redeemed for purchases at grocery stores, restaurants, and hardware stores. Search your cards for redemption changes. PERKS FOR ONLINE SHOPPING When social distancing wiped out brick and mortar stores, online shopping became even more of a lifeline. And that can be a permanent state: The Mastercard Economic Institute estimates that 20% to 30% of the global shift from COVID-19 to e-commerce will remain intact. Some credit cards give out bonus rewards specifically for online purchases. Credit card deals from issuers like Chase, American Express, and Capital One offer additional cashback or points for shopping at certain retailers, some of which are only online. And your card may have built-in benefits that add convenience and security to online purchases, such as: B. Return protection that reimburses a purchase if a retailer does not, or extended warranty protection. CELLPHONE PROTECTIONSeveral credit cards offer free cell phone protection when you pay your monthly cell phone bill with the card. This benefit can cover a stolen or damaged phone up to several hundred dollars per incident, depending on the program terms. By having your card covered, you can save the cost of paying for a device protection plan through your provider. Month after month, the savings on multiple devices can really add up. TRIP CANCELLATION INSURANCE – Found on some travel cards, this benefit reimburses you up to a certain amount if an unexpected qualifying circumstance such as COVID-19 derails your travel plans. To be covered, book your vacation with the card that has the benefit. Your situation must also qualify under the performance conditions. 7 . RENTAL CAR COVERAGE This benefit covers a rental car for damage or theft when the rental is booked using the card. It usually starts after your personal auto insurance pays off, which means it reimburses your deductible and other expenses. If you get coverage from your card, you can opt out of collision coverage from the rental company. For example, if this coverage is $ 15 a day, that’s more than $ 100 saved over a week-long vacation. _____________________________ This article was made available to The Associated Press by the NerdWallet personal finance website. Melissa Lambarena is a writer at NerdWallet. Email: [email protected] Twitter: @ lissalambarena.RELATED LINKS: NerdWallet: How credit card companies are reacting to COVID-19 Economic outlook 2021: The ‘E-Conomy’ is here https: // Lambarena from Nerdwallet, The Associated Press

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BIHAC, Bosnia – Many migrants and refugees staying in a camp in northwestern Bosnia have complained about respiratory and skin infections after days had spent in makeshift tents and containers in icy weather and blizzards, warned helpers. Most of the hundreds of migrants were trapped in the Lipa facility, located near the Bosnian border with Croatia, was housed in heated military tents after days of uncertainty after much of the camp was destroyed by fire on December 23. Bosnia was sharply criticized because after the fire around 1,000 people were no longer protected. Authorities initially said they would move the migrants to another location, but they instead set up military tents on site. The Amnesty International rights group said in a statement on Tuesday that a sustainable and lasting solution was needed for migrants in Bosnia. The political dispute had hampered efforts to deal with the crisis of people fleeing war and poverty in their countries. « Bosnia and Herzegovina can accommodate most of the people who are currently sleeping poorly in bitterly cold temperatures, » said Eve Geddie, Director of the Amnesty International European Institutions Office. « What is missing is the political will to achieve this. » Geddie added that the current crisis is also « a consequence of the EU’s policy of strengthening its borders, which has stranded thousands of people on its periphery or in neighboring countries. Weather forecasters in Bosnia on Tuesday warned of even colder weather ahead The Lipa site also lacked basic facilities such as electricity or running water, and migrants lit fires for days to protect themselves Many migrants in the camp said they had not showered for a long time, while some washed outside despite the cold on Monday doctors examined the health of migrants in the Lipa camp and distributed medication. It was not immediately clear whether any of the migrants could have COVID-19, said Verica Racevic of the Danish Refugee Council’s humanitarian group: « Some are under the system of fever status, which means they have a temperature, « she said. » In the circumstances it isn’t It’s not easy to tell whether it’s COVID-19 or some other type of respiratory infection. « Impoverished and ethnically divided Bosnia is grappling with the influx of thousands of people trying to reach Western Europe via the Balkans. Aid groups estimate that hundreds of people slept poorly in abandoned houses or improvised forest camps. The migrants in Lipa seemed delighted to finally have protection, hot food and medical help. Suleiman Shahid from Pakistan was holding an umbrella in the snow and said the new tents were warm and « suitable for living ». From Bosnia, migrants first want to use illegal mountain routes to reach the neighboring member state of the European Union, Croatia, before moving on to more affluent nations in the USA, a 27-nation block. You have complained of setbacks and violence by the Croatian police. Kemal Softic, The Associated Press

Ontario declared an emergency Tuesday after recent modeling put Canada’s most populous province on track to have more than 20,000 new COVID-19 cases a day by mid-February. This is almost a ten-fold increase over the current number. Ontario, battling a coronavirus wave that is flooding its hospitals and causing a nationwide lockdown, could see around 1,500 more deaths in its nursing homes by mid-February in a long-term scenario, according to modeling experts advising the government. Canada began targeted vaccination in December, with current efforts focused on healthcare workers and nursing home residents.

Last year, the Malaysian Attorney General filed a motion to prosecute Malaysiakini and its editor-in-chief Steven Gan for disregard of the court cite five comments posted by readers on its website that undermine public confidence in the judiciary. Malaysiakini and Gan, who face both jail time and fines, have claimed they could not be held responsible and the offensive comments were removed immediately after being contacted by the police.

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The authorities in Madrid have called in the army to close roads, airports and railroad tracks vacate. At least four people have died and thousands of travelers have been stranded after the Spanish capital was covered in an abnormal amount of snow. Look at euronews

Iran must reverse its decision to enrich uranium at higher levels and give international diplomacy the chance to save the 2015 nuclear deal, the European Union said in a statement. « Iran’s initiation of up to 20% uranium enrichment in the underground Fordow Fuel Enrichment Plant … is a very serious development and a matter of great concern, » the EU’s 27 governments said in a statement released late Monday. Iran began last week to advance plans to enrich uranium to 20% fissure strength at its underground nuclear power plant in Fordow, a level Tehran reached before it signed an agreement with world powers to contain its controversial nuclear ambitions. p> TORONTO – Rufus Wainwright believes that 2021 could finally be his year.
The Canadian singer-songwriter, who has received much praise during his illustrious career, still misses a key symbol for a successful life in music: a Grammy award.
Once nominated beforehand, Wainwright sits with zero wins. That could change with his second nomination, however, if the Recording Academy votes for him ahead of the postponed Grammy Awards. The ceremony was recently postponed from late January to March 14th due to COVID-19.
« I think there is a feeling that I should generally have a Grammy from the academics, » said the musician recently on the phone from his Hollywood Hills home.
« But there is still a long way to go … If I don’t win, I won’t be devastated. »
As he put it, Wainwright competes against some “heavy hitters” in the category of the best traditional pop albums. His record « Unfollow the Rules » will compete with works by Burt Bacharach, Harry Connick Jr., James Taylor and a Judy Garland soundtrack (with a Christmas carol by Wainwright) sung by Renee Zellweger.
His own Garland tribute album was nominated in the same traditional pop category back in 2009, but did not receive the award. Instead, the late Natalie Cole was honored after releasing her hepatitis C diagnosis last year.
« I thought, ‘Well, that’s my Grammy, » Wainwright recalled thinking.
“I’m kind of letting go of that. I would say that I am a little more attentive.  »
The hunt for victory often involves behind-the-scenes campaigns, which outside of the pandemic can include public appearances and industry lunches. Today, most of that endeavor takes place in a virtual world, which makes it a little easier for Wainwright to shine.
« You don’t necessarily have to play the game, » he said, « but I tend to enjoy it short-lived. »
In addition to his pursuit of gold, Wainwright recently released an original Audible recording entitled « Road Trip Elegies: Montreal to New York ».
During the three and a half hour audio adventure, he and his therapist will go on a road trip in autumn 2019 to reflect on the happiness and hurdles of his past. Some of these experiences involve his late mother, Canadian folk singer Kate McGarrigle, while others delve into the intricacies of creating art. The often frank anecdotes are peppered with songs that Wainwright performed at a Los Angeles venue.
The idea came together after Wainwright heard that Audible was « looking for content and was very generous » with their offerings.
He suggested recreating the « really interesting conversations about history, culture, and mythology » he had shared with his therapist in previous couch sessions, but let them play in a less stagnant location. So they got into a car and set off together.
« It’s an incredibly private connection between a therapist and their patient, » said Wainwright.
“But I assured him from the start that it was really centered around me. His words would hardly ever be heard, which is actually the case.  »
Wainwright, who is in quarantine, took advantage of this creativity by « writing non-stop, » one of the few advantages that allowed him to focus during this terrible time.
“These are great ways to really start planning a big project. Because it takes five years to get these things going anyway, « he said.
« I would like to write a piece of music or a music film … for me there are some really interesting things on the horizon. »
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This report from The Canadian Press was first published on January 12, 2021

David Friend, the Canadian press

Lightspeed POS Inc. expands its business to include subcontractors as the Canadian technology company competes with dominant retailers like Amazon. Montreal-based Lightspeed, which makes cloud software for retailers and restaurants to manage their cash registers and point of sale systems, opened a new line of business on Tuesday to help retailers replenish their inventory. The system, called the Lightspeed Supplier Network, will be rolled out to bicycle stores, pet stores, jewelry stores, and outdoor sporting goods retailers in North America. The new feature will help small retailers and independent sellers compete better with Amazon, said Dasilva: « A large e-commerce retailer like Amazon has a lot of transparency across the supply chain – lots of data. In this case, it’s us. » Use all available data for the benefit of independent, small and medium-sized companies and their suppliers, « said Dasilva. The system is intended to provide Lightspeed’s retail customers with an online marketplace in which they can search for new, popular product suppliers. make loading product descriptions and photos for online shopping more efficient for small stores at a time when the COVID-19 pandemic has forced more local stores to rely on e-commerce. « We hope so too Being able to give benefits back to the suppliers so that they can really tailor their manufacturing to what is really popular … so that ultimately independent retailers don’t have dead, dusty inventory, « Dasilva said. By letting both small retailers and suppliers on the Avoiding faxing, calling and emailing their purchase According to Dasilva, Lightspeed wants more companies to use it win in software. Lightspeed isn’t the only tech company tracking the supply chain – although different companies have different approaches. Ottawa-based Shopify Inc. has invested in shipping and fulfillment centers for small businesses, while US fintech company Square Inc. has an app store with inventory management software. This could potentially be big business. In November, Statistics Canada reported that the majority of online sales across the country in 2019 were between businesses and their supply chains. Wholesalers contributed $ 85 billion to Canadian online sales of $ 305 billion in 2019, while transportation and storage were $ 60 billion, manufacturing was $ 38 billion, and retailers were $ 22 billion according to Statistics Canada. Dasilva said deepening Lightspeed’s supply chain business has long been a goal of the company, which went public last year to raise money for new businesses. Lightspeed is popular with bike business owners, an industry that requires particularly complex inventory tracking, Dasilva said. The company used its connections to the bicycle community to test the supplier software. « You can have more than 100,000 inventory items in the database for all parts and accessories as well as frames and brakes, » said Dasilva. “When there are new deals, suppliers recommend that those deals come to Lightspeed because they will take advantage of that direct integration … so we hope to become the default system.” This report from The Canadian Press was first published on Dec. Published January 2021. Company in this story: (TSX: LSPD) Anita Balakrishnan, The Canadian Press

Yves Dumont est atteint d’alzheimer depuis une dizaine d’années. Son états best Fortement détérioré dernièrement et il a obtenu une place au CHSLD Vigi Shermont. Or pour the permit to fulfill the obligation, quarantine for 14 days without tradition in rue Bowen à Sherbrooke, in the family and in the Illogique and in the Dangereux. Isabelle Dumont is a good woman and has a chance to find the COVID in downtown Bowen. « I’m not the one who has a cop ensemble, and I’m a person who deals with the question of whether it’s a Papa-Devrait-Aller-CHSLD, » explique-t-elle. De plus, le site non traditionnel Bowen est toujours considéré comme en éclosion alors qu’il y a eu cinq décès dans les dernières semaines. Plus de 60 employees and users who have signed a contract with COVID. Rappelons aussi que Marcel Laforte, atteint de démence à corps de Lewy, est décédé la semaine dernière des suites de la COVID-19 après avoir contracté le virus au cours d’une quarantaine conditionnelle à l’obtention d’une place en ressource intermédiaire. Cette éclosion au center Bowen empêche M. Dumont de beginner son isolation et la Situation familiale chez les Dumonts best détériorée dans la dernière semaine. «Ça fait six ans que ma mère sen à la maison, Isabelle Dumont explicate qui espère que son père soit placé le plus rapid acceleration possible. Dans les deux dernières années il a tout perdu il n’est plus capable de manger ou de marcher. Ma mère n’est plus capable et c’est trop lourd. Un matin elle a même dû appeler la police parce qu’il était agressif. »M. Dumont is hospitalized en ce moment à l’Hôtel-Dieu. “I passed the tests and I am very satisfied, I think this is a fair crib and I have to take care of the toilets to relieve Ms. Dumont. Elle n’a plus l’énergie. »Isabelle Dumont se demande pourquoi son père ne pourrait pas faire sa quarantaine à l’hôpital. « The person who is able to fulfill the requirements » reads « Problèmes cognitifs Les autorités sanitaires explicit qu’on peut admettre quelqu’un en CHSLD directement à condition que la personne soit en mesure de respekture un isolement de 14 jours dans sa chambre. Ce n’est toutefois pas possible pour tous et notamment pour M. Dumont. « Certain people who the problems of the example and the question of whether they are able to limit themselves to the transmission of SNT Bowen « are from Nancy Desautels, coordinator of the mission in the Mission Santé et des Services Sociaux de l’Estrie. Le test n’est non plus pas une preuve assez forte de l’absence du virus selon la santé publique. » Un test ce n’est qu’une photo polaroid d’un moment donné, explique Dr. Alain Poirier, Director of the Santé Publique de l’Estrie. Ça ne veut pas dire que le virus n’apparaîtra pas le lendemain ou le surlendemain. Le test pour plusieurs cest LA protection, mais ce n’est pas vrai. La meil leure protection cest l’isolement en companion Le vaccine. « Simon Roberge, Local Journalism Initiative, La Tribune

A Federal Reserve official says there is now a » clearer focus « on where the economy is moving forward and a horizon for a broader recovery. After a disastrous period in which economic conditions were so disrupted by the coronavirus that the Fed stopped forecasting, US central bankers now like what they see. While admitting the unrest among President Donald Trump’s supporters who shut down Congress last week and risking concerns about ongoing violence, officials say the January 20th transition to a new administration and likely accelerated adoption of vaccines have made them optimistic.

While Canadian provinces struggle to contain the rise in COVID-19 infections, a lack of adequate paid sick leave for frontline workers is fueling transmission, doctors and advocates say. However, the program requires users to search for paperwork on a government website and the payout is delayed, meaning someone can wait weeks for missing groceries or rental funds, said Deena Ladd, executive director of the Workers Action Center.

The St John-grown skeleton athlete Mark Lynch made his World Cup debut in the sport and is now looking to an even bigger international stage as he set his sights on the Beijing Winter Olympics in 2022. Lynch put the World Championship of the International Bobsleigh and Skeleton Federation in Winterberg last Friday in his first heats on bubbles. In his first run he flew down the icy track at a speed of more than 127 km / h, a total of 57.42 seconds. He was a little more than a tenth of a second slower in his second run and finished 18th on his debut. « My first run was really good and the second not so much, but there were a lot of takeaways, » said Lynch from St. Moritz, Switzerland, where he is training for his next race on the racetrack on Friday. In the next week Lynch and his teammates will go to another World Cup race in Königssee and then train three hours away in Altenberg, Germany, until the World Championships there in the first week of February. Lynch strives to stay in the top 20 in the world after completing all races. « I would like to win but have to be a little realistic, » he said. “If I get into the top 15 and sneak into the top 10, that would be great. Then take that into the next year and hopefully qualify for the Olympics. ”“ We don’t have the criteria yet, but I have to be ranked as one of the top two Canadians to qualify, ”said Lynch, 33 might be achievable considering Lynch finished first in Canadian national team races last November in Whistler, BC, to be eligible for the national team, but he said there are four to five other Canadian male athletes who Also are strong competitors. Paying his own way Lynch, a Calgary engineer, has taken a year off so he can continue his workout, which eats up to four hours a day, six days a week in the off-season the dry land training a little less, and then we concentrate more on the ice. On the ice you try to figure out what gear you work with and what you want to do around every corner, how you want to approach the track and then how you put it all together on race day, « he said. There is not much support for that in Canada Amateur sports, Lynch said he has launched a Gofundme page that is raising $ 30,000 to cover training costs for equipment and travel, as well as food, rent and physical therapy. “I’ve been saving up for a boost in the past few years make, but it’s expensive. We are not funded at all. So it’s all self-financed, « he said. » It’s kind of fun to look back and see where I am now, « he said. » I’ve always enjoyed speed, I think, « he laughed. Growing up he was involved in sports like hockey, rugby, volleyball, and taekwondo, which he said helped him do well in skeleton. » Skeleton is a unique sport; there are many skills from different ports that are involved. You have to be able to get a hit. There is a lot of body awareness. You have to be fit fast. I’m trying to go faster, « he said. Read more from CBC Newfoundland and Labrador

SEOUL, Korea, Republic of – The South Korean capital’s government has been criticized for an online pregnant woman handbook that contains sexist tips and gender stereotypes The now-deleted guidelines were posted on the website of Seoul’s Pregnancy and Childbirth Information Center ”suggested that pregnant women prepare food, clothing, and daily necessities for their husbands and families before going to hospital for childbirth They gave weight management tips with hanging smaller clothes for motivation and warned women not to spend too much on children’s clothes. South Korea has one of the lowest birth rates in the world, according to the United Nations Population Fund, and is trying to encourage more births. However, critics say that this effort has been hindered by a government Often reflecting a deeply patriarchal society and widespread sexist views, « It’s like Seoul City declaring that a woman should do all the housework, » Kim Hyomin, a student at Duksung Women’s University, said in a telephone interview . The handbook was released in 2019 but didn’t get widespread attention until last week when criticism spread on social media. The belated anger led the capital to clear the guidelines and sparked online petitions demanding an apology. The metropolitan government of Seoul admitted in a statement Monday that it had not thoroughly reviewed the guidelines, which originally came from the Department of Health and Welfare website, and promised to review city-related websites and educate employees about gender equality. The guidelines also warned women of the increased risk of premature birth if a husband « suddenly throws himself at them » or is « aggressive » in sexual activity. « The guidelines promoted and normalized gender-based violence, said Ji-Yeong Yunkim, assistant professor at the Institute of Body and Culture at Konkuk University. » Women must sacrifice and care for adult men, however difficult it may be, « Yunkim said. This is not the first time government efforts to increase the birth rate have failed. In 2016, the South Korean Ministry of Interior launched a “Birth Card” website listing the number of women of childbearing age by district and region. This website was accessed after a public outcry. Yunkim, the professor, said the South Korean government’s recurring mishaps were due to the perception of women through male-dominated institutions. « They see women as reproductive tools rather than individuals, » said Yunkim. Juwon Park, The Associated Press



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