World news – Manchester United forward Marcus Rashford aims to strike a balance between football and CSR initiatives


Rashford saw an opportunity to change the world for the better and found something positive in these troubling and uncertain times.

Published: January 16, 2021 4:13 PM |

Last updated: January 16, 2021 4:13 pm

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MANCHESTER: Manchester United forward Marcus Rashford announced he was out for four months due to an injury earlier this year. However, it was charity work that kept the striker going while he was not playing soccer.

Rashford sustained a back injury in the second half of a game against the Wolves in January 2020 and was sidelined for almost five months. Soon the coronavirus pandemic took the sports world by storm and football around the world was brought to a standstill in March.

However, Rashford saw an opportunity to change the world for the better and found something in troubled and uncertain times Positive.

« I think it’s only positive to find in bad situations. The beginning of the year wasn’t good for me, I got hurt and then I would be out for four or five months and then Covid happened and then, when I got back to fitness we weren’t sure if the league was going to go on or not and all these things were going on in my head at that time. Then when we went into lockdown it just gave me the opportunity to really unwind, focus on something else, « said Rashford.

 » I’ve really done that, trying to find the positive in a negative situation and helping people. Right now you have this picture of how it looked see what kind of environment you want kids to grow up in, « he continued.

 » In the beginning, you hope that this picture you are thinking of comes through as soon as possible, but like you know things always have bumps in the way so it’s important not to give up during this time while we weren’t playing football and I was injured back then, that was the only thing that kept me going, « added Rashford. » / p> The 23-year-old forward believes his charity work has broadened people’s horizons, which has resulted in more people coming together to lend a hand. He has also received numerous awards and accolades for his selfless acts, including an MBE and an honorary doctorate from the University of Manchester.

« It’s a nice feeling, but the importance is greater than the feeling it makes me feel because it actually broadened people’s view of what I was trying to do and because of it, people have taken more notice and you know it has a negative impact Because more people are willing to help, the people who need help know where they can get them so that they have had a big impact on the kids, more so than me, « said Rashford

On the balance between football and his new initiative, Rashford said, » I think for me it’s two separate Things. There are two things that I feel very much wanted and strong, and from the beginning I have always said that when I feel it, that it is me.  » can both, why not try to do it and that’s basically it, it’s all about focus. « 

 » If I can focus on football when I’m in football and do my analysis at home and still have time to help these children, then you know I want to, I decide you for it, « he added.

The English striker became the third-youngest player to score 50 Premier League goals for Manchester United last month. Rashford wants to hone his skills to get better and help his team to win more games.

« I think it’s a nice milestone, but for me it’s about looking ahead and what’s next and I have to keep that mentality to keep improving and getting better and better and helping the team because that’s what it’s about, so I’m glad I made it, but I’m looking ahead now and want to get to 60, 70, 80 and do my best to serve the team help, « said Rashford.

Manchester United defeated Burnley 1-0 in the Premier League on Wednesday. So they overthrew Liverpool and took first place in the overall standings.

You will now close the horns with Liverpool on Sunday. Experience all the live action on Star Sports 3 as well as a regular feed via Star Sports Select and Disney Hotstar at 10 p.m.

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