World news – Lost public confidence in the rape scandal

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Around two in three Australians believe that the federal government is more interested in its own political interests than in protecting women who have made allegations of sexual assault, according to a new poll. The latest Essential survey of 1,074 people also found that only one in three respondents trust that political office can provide secure jobs for women. The results come after Prime Minister Scott Morrison told the media on Monday that a cabinet minister accused of rape « absolutely rejects » the claim. Morrison claims he became aware of the allegation on Wednesday last week before speaking to the minister and referring the matter to police. He declined calls to put the minister aside or conduct an independent investigation into the matter, saying he was « not a police force ». Friends of the woman who made the allegation have urged Morrison to investigate the matter. The woman took her own life in June last year. National Sexual Assault, Domestic and Family Violence Advisory Service: 1800 737 732 Lifeline: 13 11 14

The Morrison government pledged $ 452 million to tackle the elderly care crisis after a damned report from the Royal Commission has been published. The report includes 148 recommendations, including the approval of home care packages within one month of the date a person was assessed and the authority to prescribe antipsychotics into the hands of a psychiatrist or geriatrician to limit their use. The Commissioners disagreed on how best to implement the recommendations. Elderly care advocates have raised concerns that the $ 190 million allocated to care home providers is not being spent specifically on providing much-needed additional staff. In addition, $ 90 million will be earmarked for a fund to support facilities with financial challenges, $ 32 million for the Elderly Care Quality and Safety Commission, and other regulations governing the use of restraint systems in care. On Monday, Morrison poured cold water when he accepted the recommendation for a levy to fund the sector, arguing it would go against his no-tax mantra.

Thomas Sewell, leader of an Australian neo-Nazi group, was filmed assaulting a Channel Nine security officer in the network’s Melbourne offices before a Current Affair segment aired about the organization. A second man uses a racist bow on the black security guard before putting his hand over the camera while Sewell knocks the security guard to the ground. Victoria Police said: “The perpetrator has fled the scene with another man and remains outstanding.” Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy has been sentenced to three years in prison for bribery and interference with peddling. The prison sentence is two years probation and the remainder of the year can be served at home with an electronic wristband. Sarkozy and his lawyer were found guilty of bribing Judge Gilbert Azibert over information about an investigation into claims the former president illegally paid from L’Oréal heiress Liliane Bettencourt during his successful presidential campaign. Sarkozy will appeal his beliefs.

“Pythagoras and Physics: A small circle rotates faster than a large circle. What evidence do i need? It’s math. « 

Adelaide man David Scylla loses his challenge in the Supreme Court of South Australia due to a speeding penalty blaming “bigger tires and rims” on his Mitsubishi Magna.

“Parliamentary culture thrives in a hard-drinking nighttime atmosphere of information trading, networking, and political tricks that revolve around seeking, maintaining, and exercising power. Maintaining this system will see MPs working like small business employers with no management training and no proper job descriptions for their employees. Promotion and termination agreements are opaque, based on patronage and political interests and with a pointless personnel process … « I would compare it to the island of Survivor, » says Zali Steggall.

“Today, humanities and social sciences departments in Australian universities are imploding, laying off staff and subjects, teaching online or in large classes with a very loose workforce, and expecting less and less from their students. While the public is angry about what students are paying for their degrees, faculty are equally concerned about the decline in the quantity and quality of what students get for their money. “

“Prime Minister Scott Morrison has a complicated relationship with boats. We all know he loves to stop her. He even has a trophy on his desk that is shaped like a boat and that says “I stopped this” so he never forgets how much he loves stopping boats. But he also likes to make boats go faster, it seems. Once the boat is moving and he hasn’t stopped it yet, he hates things that slow the boat down. At least one impression was Craig Kelly, spokesman for hydroxychloroquine, as his resignation letter shows: « Some of my behaviors over the past few months have not helped the boat go faster. »
« Mr Morrison was also concerned about the timing of his press conference and the royal commission’s publication of the report on elderly care. His office gave just 43 minutes notice of his press conference at Kirribilli House, Sydney, while the 1000-page report was only at 1.30pm PM – which means journalists didn’t have time to read it before he spoke. The government received the report on Friday … When another journalist asked if the timing was a tactic, he pushed back.  »

« The Royal Commission in Aged Care Quality and Safety, which heard reports of physical and sexual abuse by employees or roommates, inhuman restrictive practices, and substandard food and drug practices, said only the government had authority to remedy this. » « At times, the investigation has emerged as the main consideration of what minimum commitment it could get away with, rather than what should be done to keep the elderly care system high quality and safe, » Commissioner Lynelle Briggs told the Concern Final report from the Commission.

“When you speak to public policy experts, the picture emerges of a rather sluggish government that has seen very few reforms, made Australia more divided, anchored privileges and inequalities, and polluted the political and economic landscape with mines prepared to blown up under the successor governments. The Howard government came to power on the electoral slogan « For All of Us », and its actions over the next 11 and a half years suggest that the word « we » was narrowly defined. « 

« Facts first: Trump Jr was wrong; The muppets were not banned. In fact, it wasn’t until this month that the Disney streaming service began offering « The Muppet Show, » which originally aired from 1976-1981. Trump Jr. may have advised that Disney added a content disclaimer at the start of 18 episodes that I didn’t air two other episodes – but none of those steps can be called a ban on The Muppets. “

Rick morton

More than two years after its inception, the Royal Commission’s final report on the quality and safety of elderly care has called for a systematic overhaul of an underfunded and underregulated sector.

Rick morton

AFP is investigating a report referred to by Judge Patricia Bergin following her explosive investigation into the Crown Casino as ASIC begins investigating the company’s current and former board members.

Karen Middleton

As more details emerge on how the government handled the alleged rape of Brittany Higgins, Crossbenchers are calling for a standing independent body to investigate allegations of abuse.

Rick morton

Afterpay spawned Australia’s youngest self-made billionaire. The company has yet to show a profit but has ambitious plans to grow overseas and escape the regulators here.

Giselle Au-Nhien Nguyen

Koa Beck’s new book examines how the commercialization and systematic exclusion of white feminism are rooted in a knotted history of racism.

Siyavash Doostkhah

As Queensland has been hit by the deaths of a number of innocent people as a result of teenage car theft in recent weeks, community members are understandably desperate for answers on how to prevent such unnecessary deaths. But the Queensland Liberal National Party and the Queensland Police Service have successfully used the community’s anger and grief associated with the recent tragic incidents on the street to retransmit their antiquated ideas to the government.

Paul Bongiorno

Craig Kelly’s kudos to Scott Morrison when Kelly left the Liberal Party this week was akin to the mafia sending roses to their next victim. Kelly said he sincerely hopes that Morrison « will continue to be one of Australia’s greatest and longest-serving Prime Ministers ». Make no mistake, however, the departure of the outspoken seller of Covid-19 snake oil remedies to Crossbench is a heavy blow to the stability and authority of the Morrison government.

Sami Shah

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has a complicated relationship with boats. We all know he loves to stop her. He even has a trophy on his desk that is shaped like a boat and that says “I stopped this” so he never forgets how much he loves stopping boats. But he also likes to make boats go faster, it seems. Once the boat is moving and he hasn’t stopped it yet, he hates things that slow the boat down. At least it felt like Craig Kelly, spokesman for hydroxychloroquine, as demonstrated in his resignation letter to the Prime Minister this week: « Some of my behaviors over the past few months have not helped the boat go any faster. »

The prime minister said he was unaware that Brittany Higgins accused a colleague of sexually assaulting her. He said he didn’t know until February 15 this year, three days after a media request came into his office. But he knows now. This is the moment when a leader stands up, takes responsibility, and then faces the questions that need to be answered. Instead, it seems Scott Morrison’s only concern is to avoid this clinging to him at all costs.

Mike Seccombe

When Facebook flexed its muscles and temporarily banned Australian news content, negotiations on the media negotiating code took a dramatic turn.

Jon Faine

Thanks to the compromises made by unlikely allies, the construction industry in Victoria managed to stay open and productive during the long, tough stalemate of 2020.

Rachel Withers

The government announced this week it would increase JobSeeker’s base rate by $ 50 every two weeks once the Covid-19 supplement ends. Charities warn that such a token amount will only plunge the unemployed into abject poverty.

Covid-19 cases are increasing in PNG, with quarantine staff stretched. The daily rallies in Myanmar continue despite tough crackdowns. Israel criticized for not vaccinating the Palestinians.

Debbie Zhou

Chloé Zhao’s majestic film Nomadland is an epic and gentle lament for a disappearing America.

Fiona McGregor

No Show, Carriageworks’ vibrant group show of emerging and experimental art, is filled with unexpected gems.

Patrick Marlborough

Covid-19 restrictions have forced this year’s Perth Festival to focus on local artists – and the result is a shared delight.

Andy Hazel

For a visitor to Marrakech, one good trick deserves another, but the lesson they have learned in interacting with the locals is sometimes that it is worth going away – especially when it comes to scissors.

Daniel Herborn

Where once elite athletes were encouraged not to show any cracks in their armor, today’s sports heroes want to share their vulnerabilities in order to reduce the stigma associated with mental health problems.

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