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Tao Tsuchiya « Geki Yase » makes a super beautiful woman « thin face » « became very beautiful »

Tao Tsuchiya, an actress who has been praised for her abundant body, has a reputation for being « thinner and even more cute. » Tsuchiya made a remote guest appearance on « Shabekuri 007 » (Nippon TV) broadcast on June 8th, and is a popular laugh in « fighting ».

Onikoshi Tomahawk reveals the secret of Panther Mukai’s « Bare is over » « The hairline is … »

A comedy combination, Onikoshi Tomahawk (Ryota Sakai, Kim), who is attracting attention for his « omnidirectional poisonous tongue » that anyone can be released on Nippon Television’s « Shabekuri 007 » broadcast on June 8 Chan) appeared. In this program, Toma Onikoshi

« Shabekuri 007 » is the reason for « again Johnny’s group » as a new regular candidate!

It is said that the renewal of the regular team is whispered in the talk variety program « Shabekuri 007 » (NTV). Three comedians, including the moderator Shinya Ueda, Cream Stew, Neptune, and the tutorial, are on duty.

Matsuko reveals a concrete image of « the second life » « Go head down to the roadside station … »

On June 8th, Matsuko Deluxe appeared on Nippon Television’s « Monday Late Show ». In the show, Matsuko said about his plans to build his own farm, « I’m getting concrete and I’m starting to think about what to do with the crops, lately. »

Rina Hashimoto shows off her beautiful tan body, which is a hot topic in « Monday Late Show »

Gravure idol Rina Hashimoto updated Twitter on Tuesday, 9th. Showed off a healthy beauty body. [Photo] Popular gravy boasting the nickname of « Naniwa’s Black Diamond », a training style of Rina Hashimoto with sparkling wheat-colored skin.

« Monday Late Show » « Too dangerous » Voice of concern about home planning « If you are not good at it, you will die »

In « Monday Late Show » (Nippon TV) broadcast on May 25, there are a number of voices pointing out that the behavior of the staff who tried the activity that took refrain from going out was « dangerous ». On this day, « Kanjani Eight » Shingo Murakami from the studio

The topic « ZOOM cabaret club » is recommended for beginners? Popular YouTubers infiltrate reports one after another and praise

From the beginning of April, when the city at night had to refrain from taking a leave of absence due to the influence of the new coronavirus, a new style online cabaret club using a video conferencing system such as ZOOM, “

Rino Sashihara’s « I want to block only criticism of the administration » that was leaked due to the issue of revision of the Public Prosecutor’s Office Law! Putting the past of Hitoshi Matsumoto and Yoisho Abe on the shelf …

Even the prosecution alumnus issued an unusual statement of opposition, and the bill to amend the Public Prosecutor’s Office Law was postponed. Lully Miura and other Abe cheering squads who said, « People who are protesting are lacking in study » and ridiculous ridicule have changed

« Imakura » Minami Tanaka four years ago is really a riot! « The face is totally different »

On May 13th, « I tried to compare tonight » (Nippon TV), the VTR when free announcer Minami Tanaka appeared on the program four years ago was played. Seeing her at the age of 29, the viewers seemed to be upset. This

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World news –JP –Atsuto Uchida « Gochi » first participation « I’m happy. I’ve believed in myself » (November 5, 2020) –Excite News


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