World news – Jab fears deaths from Pfizer vaccines in Norway


The Australian Medical Inspectorate is seeking further details after reports of deaths in elderly Pfizer vaccine recipients with serious health problems came out from Norway.

Foreign media reports that 29 elderly people have died after being vaccinated. All of these patients had serious medical problems, but at this point it is uncertain what caused the deaths.

To date, more than 42,000 people in Norway have received the Pfizer shock, and it is the only vaccine available in the country.

Pfizer is expected to be the first vaccine to be approved in Australia. The Therapeutic Goods Administration is expected to give the green light to imports later this month.

Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt said the TGA had obtained information from both the company and the Norwegian medical regulator.

« We have contacted the Foreign Minister and Marise Payne will instruct DFAT to take direct advice from the Norwegian government, » he said.

« At the same time, we saw an encouraging report from the CDC or the Centers for Disease Control in the US that reviewed approximately 1.8 million doses of the same vaccine – the Pfizer vaccine – with very positive results for both safety and security Effectiveness.  »

In a statement to Bloomberg Media, Pfizer said, « The number of incidents is so far not alarming and in line with expectations. »

Clinical evidence to date shows that the Pfizer BioNTech vaccine is 95 percent effective against COVID-19.

Australia has secured 10 million doses that can immunize five million people, with frontline medical professionals, hotel quarantine workers as well


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