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In his miserable apartment in Sydney’s most infamous apartment building block – light years from the life of his Hollywood superstar brother – Andrew Gibson claims he has been turned down by some of his relatives.

As he exclusively revealed to, the adoptive brother of world-famous actor and director Mel Gibson believes the rejection ordered by her father Hutton is in part due to homophobia.

Speaking of his home in the infamous red-brick skyscrapers locally known as « Suicide Towers » in Surry Hills, he said Mel has always been supportive, unlike some other relatives.

The once aspiring actor, who is 14 years younger than his multimillionaire sibling, lives with his four Chihuahuas in the Northcott Tower.

Andrew himself, recently approached by a neighbor armed with a homemade machete, is convicted shortly after pleading guilty to driving drugs with ice and cannabis in his bloodstream.

Openly gay and with his sexuality unrecognized in the conservative Christian atmosphere of the Gibson family, Andrew has long felt like an outcast.

Although he does not criticize Mel or any other living Gibson relative, he selects Patriarch Hutton Gibson, whom he still calls « Father ».

Hutton, a far-right conspiracy theorist who claimed the Holocaust was a joke, the Pope a heretic, and « half the people in the Vatican are strange », died last year at the age of 101.

« My sexuality is a problem. (Mel Gibson) was never anti-Semitic or anti-gay, but the decision was made … by Dad. Hutton didn’t accept you for who you were.

« It was better for me to be with my genetic family because I was the same type. I will never forgive what he did to me. He excluded me from the family and told me he wished he had me never adopted, a son of ab **** called me.

« He called my genetic family ‘criminals’. He once called me b ***** d and I said, ‘I was born one.' »

Andrew, now 51, has lived in the same apartment on the Northcott housing estate that was once notorious for suicide for five years.

The block of flats Andrew lives in was once known for the dismemberment killings of « Northcott Mutilator » Damien Peters, who hid body parts in the dumpster and a headless torso in the bathroom.

It was also the site of the 1990 afternoon massacre by Paul Anthony Evers, who shot five dead in a rampage after a neighbor called him « Dole Bludger ».

Andrew said he had occasional contact with older brother Mel, adding, « Mel supports but he lives his life in Los Angeles. »

However, Andrew, who isn’t expecting handouts from his older brother Mel’s $ 425 million fortune, lives in a place he says is both scared and nervous.

The Northcott apartments in the midst of million dollar townhouses were once a « dump » for psychiatric patients, chronic alcoholics, probation officers, and low-cash HIV patients.

Known as a drug den, security has been improved and guards have been placed at the front entrances.

But despite the three internal locks on his door and his dogs, Andrew doesn’t feel safe.

Speaking of the incident that resulted in the conviction of a roommate in a Sydney court last week, Andrew said, « I’m still scared.

« There are factions of people in this building. It’s gang related. Drug gangs, prostitution gangs. People treat me like it’s my fault. They haven’t read the facts. »

NSW police facts on the case indicated that Gibson’s 70-year-old neighbor confronted him with a 8.5-inch knife attached to a one-meter piece of wood in the corridor outside their apartments.

Around noon on April 16 last year, the man approached Gibson after the couple had an oral argument.

« The defendant said, ‘You called me a Lebanese C ***. I have friends who will come and kill you, you dogs. You will not be left alone until you leave this apartment.' »

The man then went and retrieved a « homemade spear … which appears to have no other use than … to harm a person, » the police facts state.

The man held the gun horizontally in both hands and walked towards Gibson. He yelled, « You white bastard. »

The man then admitted that he made the weapon « for my protection, because I don’t like it ».

The man was convicted last week of counting each one armed with the intent of committing an indictable criminal offense in attempting to intimidate a premeditated fear of harm and sentenced to an order to correct the community.

Andrew told that the attack was part of a broader apartment abuse regime that was « outrageous ».

Gibson has sent out emails to people like the police, St. Vincent’s Stimulant Treatment Program, members of Housing NSW, and the Northcott Committee containing bizarre allegations.

One from read: « I’ve been told if I don’t move I’ll be framed or basically murdered. »

“I don’t fit into the culture here,” he wrote in another, saying he was falsely “accused of being a drug dealer” and of “having wild sex parties”.

Andrew has also claimed he stole fish from the aquariums in his home and that « perpetrators inject meth … keep me and my pets up all night ».

« I’m at the end of my joke. I could just move out, but I don’t think I have to go, » he wrote in another.

With the help of Housing NSW and Northcott’s facility management known as The Pottery Barn, he is moving but asked not to disclose the location.

He told the attack on him « made me use drugs again, » but said it only included alcohol and marijuana.

District court filing states that Andrew pleaded guilty by phone last week to driving drugs in Surry Hills on October 31 last year with methamphetamine and delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in his system.

Andrew, who was adopted by Hutton and Anne Gibson after arriving in Australia from the United States in the early 1970s, told that his late-adopted mother was a « lovable » person and mother.

Anne gave birth to 10 children, including Mel, before moving to the homeland of Hutton’s Australian opera singer mother (Eva Mylott) where they adopted Andrew.

Hutton, a quiz show champion with a brilliant IQ, worked as a computer programmer and theologian in Australia.

Andrew said the family lived in Mt. Kuring-gai, Sydney, then Redcliffe, Queensland, then Windsor, and then Albury, NSW.

As he was packing to move apartments this week, he showed crucifixes from that he still had « from the Gibsons ».

He said that under Hutton’s influence, the family attended a Tridentine mass every Sunday, celebrated exclusively in church Latin.

Hutton Gibson founded the Mel-funded World Faith Foundation of California to help plant a Tridentine church called St. Michael the Archangel.

Andrew said Hutton provided material support for his 11 children. « We never wanted food or clothes. »

But when he was a teenager his much older siblings had left the house and he felt like he didn’t fit in with it.

« I left home when I was 16 and started having sex with men. I like male men, bikes; I’m not female. But inside, I’m really a woman. »

By the time Andrew left home in 1985, Mel Gibson was already a star after appearing in Mad Max in Gallipoli (1981), followed by Mad Max 2 and Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome.

Andrew would briefly follow his brother into the dramatic arts and appear in an inexpensive Star Wars fan short film The Dark Redemption.

Andrew was working as a recruiter in Human Resources at the time and said his one-line role as an officer on a Rebel starship was « for fun, not for money. »

« I’m a bit rebellious anyway, so I’m doing this. I’m not going to pursue this as a career. I usually leave this stuff to my family. »

Andrew told that his role at the time « got three seconds more credits than others who got all the s *** s, even though he had no ambition to act professionally. »

More recently, he has worked as a disability worker but said he is currently on « stressful leave ».

Andrew said despite his rejection by Hutton and recent troubles, he was fortunate to have the support of a bike he believed was his birth father.

« We never talked about it before, but the Gibsons said it was him and to me he’s my father. »

He said his biological father’s connections in the motorcycle gangs world meant « I am a Bikie King ».

Andrew said he believed problems would continue to plague the Northcott apartments unless « the government put a little more money into them ».

When asked about the allegations that his beloved older brother was himself racist or homophobic, Andrew reiterated his claim that this was not the case.

When Mel Gibson was arrested for drink-driving in Malibu in 2006, he told a police officer, « The Jews are responsible for all wars in the world. »

In 2010 tapes were leaked in which he yelled at his then girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva in a gossip with sexist and African-American slurs.

Last June, actress Winona Ryder claimed that Mel made comments at a party years ago calling her an « oven dodger, » a reference to the Holocaust.

Ryder, who is Jewish, said he also said to a gay male actor, « Oh wait, am I going to get AIDS? »

Andrew firmly defended Brother Mel, saying he « had never heard anything anti-gay come out of his mouth ».

He said when he joined the Gibsons as gay at the age of 22, Mel said to him, « It’s not my choice, but I love you and you are my brother. »


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