World news – IN – Taiwanese Teen Regains Consciousness on 62nd Day of Coma Upon Hearing ‘Chicken Fillet’en


We all have an item on our food menu that can do wonders to our mood We find it hard to say no to it because we are never too full to eat that However, just the name of a food item in Taiwan has done the unimaginable

A teenager in Taiwan named Chiu is said to have come back from a coma because his brother said the two magical words — « chicken fillet »

The person was in his 62nd day of coma after an accident when his elder brother jokingly talked about Chiu’s favourite food The nurse recalls that on the mention of chicken fillets, the pulse of the teenager started racing and he miraculously began to regain consciousness His vitals also started to stabilise since that day

As per the reports, this person had a life-threatening scooter accident in Taiwan’s Hsinchu County in July 2020 where he suffered injuries to multiple organs

When Chiu arrived at the hospital, he had a coma index of three Emergency surgery was performed on the teen and doctors were able to stabilise his condition, however, he slipped into a deeper coma

The director of the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at Ton Yen General Hospital, Hsieh Tsung-hsin said that he underwent six surgeries during his hospitalisation — a laparotomy, craniotomy, splenectomy, liver repair, right kidney nephrectomy, right clavicle and right femur open reduction and internal fixation (ORIF)

As per the doctor, Chiu’s organs were treated one at a time He said that the teenager has recovered because of his strong will to survive Calling Chiu’s struggle with survival as a constant ‘tug of war with death,’ a nurse said that the teenager’s family was present at the hospital and constantly prayed for his recovery

The impact of the accident was understandably quite traumatising Chiu suffered many medical conditions like pneumothorax, laceration of spleen, right kidney, and liver, bleeding from abdominal cavity fractures, common iliac artery bleeding, and subdural hydrops

The 18-year-old has fully recovered now He visited the hospital staff and brought them a cake (although a chicken fillet would have been more appropriate) in order to thank them

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World news – IN – Taiwanese Teen Regains Consciousness on 62nd Day of Coma Upon Hearing ‘Chicken Fillet’
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