World news – Government advice on COVID-safe sex affects liberal MPs


Explicit details on how to stay COVID-proof while intimate are provided by the state government on an official NSW Health website.

The erotic advice posted on the Play Safe portal instructs people to take precautions in their bedroom activities, including wearing a mask, avoiding kissing, and minimizing the number of sexual partners.

One article even suggests « mutual masturbation » to prevent the spread of COVID, although it points out that solo activities are the only « really safe » method of intimacy during the pandemic.

Safe ways to « enjoy » the practice are to « stay at least five feet (1.5 meters) apart at all times ».

« Consider wearing masks to further minimize the risk of COVID-19, or even take the fun online, » NSW Health recommendations read.

Regarding the edict of « mutual masturbation », a minister said on condition of anonymity: « I think the health authorities that provide this information have been following their own advice for years. »

While the northern beaches remain closed and Sydney does not take the risk of another outbreak seriously, concerns have been raised that providing advice on safe sex during a pandemic is an abuse of NSW Health’s resources.

One Liberal was « stunned » that the government was using taxpayers’ money to « break into » people’s bedrooms.

MPs also said the suggestions to « take the fun online » or adopt video chat could put someone at increased risk for secretly tapping sensitive content.

Several pages on the Play Safe website recommend virtual dating, sexting, or video chatting to avoid contact with others.

An August letter said « solo sex » is safest during COVID, intimate activities with a partner you live with are « probably okay ».

« Unfortunately, sex with someone outside of your household or your bladder is still at risk and is not recommended because of the physical distance of five feet. »

An October contact tracing page also recommends downloading the troubled COVIDsafe app before dating, « to give you another level of protection before you go on a date. »

When asked by The Daily Telegraph about the material, Chief Health Officer Kerry Chant replied that NSW Health had provided a lot of advice to young people about the pandemic, including how it was related to safe sex.

« We put COVID advice in the context of sexually transmitted diseases … advice for young people, » she said.

She said NSW Health was able to harness young people’s interest and concern about COVID to provide advice on broader sexual health.

The state government’s information on a range of health issues has been tailored to address the risk of COVID-19 since the pandemic began.

« I am very proud of the work we have done with our partner agencies and our network of young people to bring some content to the attention of this website, » said Dr. Chant.


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