World News – GB – Watch: Evra asks Sky Sports to let him go so he doesn’t have to analyze United Games


It’s clear that Patrice Evra loves Manchester United, and the man is absolutely up to date with what’s going on at the club right now Their performance at Old Trafford tonight was nothing short of a shame

In the studio after the match, the Frenchman was on the verge of tears Asked about his feelings after the match, he said he wanted Sky Sports to let him go so he didn’t have to analyze the matches of Manchester United

« I would really like to end my contract with Sky – I know you have to have a filter when speaking on TV » Patrice Evra’s emotional thoughts after # MUFC’s 6-1 loss to Spurs are a * MUST WATCH *! 😮🟥 picTwittercom / dEy4w5GJgD

Alexis Sanchez commented that when he signed for Manchester United, after his first training session, he asked his agent to terminate his contract

That’s why I’m going to ask Sky, that I want to end my contract with Sky This is my second game, I’m a positive person and I never want to talk about United because when you tell the truth it can hurt I’m passionate and I love my club

I know you must have a filter when talking on TV, but it’s a mess

Gary Neville, I heard him say Captain Harry Maguire needed a vacation or a break We always talk about pairing him up with someone, but what about taking him out of the team?

I don’t want to start criticizing the players because I have been there I made a lot of comments on the board but tonight no one can have an apology They let all the United fans down

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Every year it’s the same story I now feel what all United fans feel, which is why I would rather make a different game than the United game if I continue to work for Sky

I’m really emotional right now It’s hard to break a man like me because I’m a positive person I don’t promote violence, but a lot of people need a good slap in this moment in this club

Patrice Evra asking to be let go by Sky Sports so he doesn’t have to analyze Manchester United games is perhaps the strangest piece of TV we’ve ever seen 😬 #MUNTOT

Evra would go on to say that some players in the Manchester United dressing room ‘need a slap in the face’, a big statement from a man who said he never tolerates violence

Big changes are needed at Old Trafford They will likely have to come in the form of a change of players, management and board

It will take time, and it is likely that Patrice Evra will have a few sleepless nights ahead of him before the club becomes more successful

Patrice Evra, Manchester United FC, Gary Neville, Harry Maguire

World news – UK – Watch: Evra asks Sky Sports to let him go so he doesn’t get not to analyze United Games



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