World News – GB – Video shows Florida MPs hitting and nudging Biden supporter


Posted: 07:00 GMT, 3 November 2020 | Update: 08:43 GMT, November 3, 2020

A Florida man was beaten up by police in Palm Harbor, near Tampa, during a political rally, and everything was filmed

Scott Rexroat, a Democrat from Clearwater, could be seen draped in a Confederate flag and wearing a face shield with a photo of President Trump’s face on the front

Throughout the rally for Trump, the 59-year-old’s props infuriated supporters of the president as he continued to hold up signs criticizing the president

Rexroat was arrested after MPs accused him of causing fights and beating a MP who tried to get him away from the crowd

Scott Rexroat, 59, showed up to the rally wearing the Confederate flag, a Trump mask and a sign with swastikas

Signs that mocked the president were also on display, further infuriating Trump supporters

In captured footage of the incident, a deputy can be seen punching Rexroat five times in the head and then nudging him hard in the back as he is forcibly kept on the ground

Tensions began to build after Trump supporters encroached on an area Democrats had used for months to wave signs and show support for their candidate, Joe Biden

« We’re not here to create anything other than signs, » Wendy Wentz told WMNF ‘That was the reason I got involved. It was peaceful’

Democratic supporters say they usually occupy this particular location but on this occasion Trump supporters have deliberately taken their place

When a Pinellas MP tried to pull Rexroat away from the fans, the MP ended up hitting him on the arm and nudging him on the back

‘I was like, things are going crazy The police are going to be there, and they are going to help, but I wasn’t expecting it’

Another witness who preferred to remain anonymous explained what they saw as Rexroat was attacked: «  The police came in from behind and grabbed his arm And he didn’t know who was after him And he said I didn’t do anything and the cops started to beat him, crush the living out of him,  » she said ‘It was horrible It was absolutely horrible’

« There was no Nazi, there was no swastika », she said ‘There was nothing The policeman came out of nowhere’

Rexroat was quickly forced to the ground Police were caught on camera hitting him hard

The entire Rexroat arrest was filmed on a mobile phone Rexroat’s Trump mask could be seen lying on the ground, right

Violent video shows deputy hitting Rexroat at least five times before using his elbow to punch him further

After Rexroat was pinned to the ground, he was seen hunched over with a deputy’s knees on his back, holding his arm behind his back while another held him from the front and tried to pull his back. other arm behind his back

The deputy can then be seen hitting Rexroat in the head twice with a closed fist before hitting him on the elbow in the back

The woman noted that it was Trump supporters who tried to start a brawl ‘from the start’

‘More and more of them started to appear and more and more were looking for trouble These people, they were looking for a fight’

Rexroat told WFLA he first fought back because he believed it was a Trump supporter attacking him rather than a policeman

«  I thought it was a Trump supporter doing this and I just went like that,  » Rexroat said «  There was no swastika as it says in the report from police Sounds like a bunch of lies made for me That I was rioting You know? « 

Sheriff’s office declined to comment on the arrest MPs did not wear body cameras at the time

The anonymous woman said police appeared to favor Trump supporters who were gathered at the rally and that she was not helpful when asking for help

‘They told me I deserve it’, she said.« They don’t even try to be everyone’s advocates’

A Trump supporter said Rexroat had been away for several days and attempted to harass and lure Trump supporters with his Trump-Swastika placards

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World news – GB – Video shows Florida MPs hitting and nudging a supporter of Biden



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