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While we wait for the production of new episodes of Casualty so that we can get back to our usual Saturday night fix on drama, death and disease and destruction, it was lucky the BBC had had an invisible episode from the beginning of the hidden series

« Code Orange », which was originally scheduled to air in April, showed DE staff facing an ongoing chemical attack incident

Because it featured staff in creepy PPE and frequently used the term ‘lockdown’, it might have sounded imperceptibly alarmist in April, but we’ve grown wearily used to it all now so that the episode can finally be seen

The storyline had more in common with the Salisbury Novichok poisonings than with Covid-19, featuring a woman who was the victim of deliberate chemical poisoning

The nerve agent spread through contact, so when the empty bottle was left on the garden wall of a woman named Julia (Kate Anthony) and she took it to rinse her before put her in recycling, she also got a bad dose Her neighbor who came to help – who was also Marty’s father, Graham (Philip Wright) – was also contaminated

It was Fenisha (Olivia D’Lima) who realized that Julia’s symptoms were strangely similar to those of an unconscious woman and her son who had been found in a field earlier, and the staff of the ward The emergency quickly understood that they might be facing a terrorist attack « We are initiating the procedure for a Code Orange », said Connie (Amanda Mealing) « We are going into lockout! »

The practical difficulties of working with full PPE were shown Jade (Gabriella Leon), who is deaf, could not hear at all what was going on and had difficulty lip reading as people stood turned away from her Dylan (William Beck) struggled to cope in the confined suit

This is one of the things that grounded the episode in reality and made it even more frightening.But like the real NHS heroes they represent, our victim staff were calm, professional and competent As David (Jason Durr) said, «  We do what we always do: stay calm and carry on ‘

Of course, Casualty isn’t Casualty without his ongoing dramas, and as this episode was shown out of sequence, we finally got to see the moment when Ethan (George Rainsford) found out Fenisha was pregnant and that he was the father

There have been several twists and turns since, of course Fenisha is currently still pregnant but Ethan believes she had a layoff We have also seen Marty (Shaheen Jafargholi) and her father reconnect, with Graham’s neighbor Julia , reassuring Marty that Graham really loved him – although Graham didn’t react at all well when Marty told him he needed to be tested for HIV

Eventually, the perpetrator of the chemical attack was revealed to be a distraught father, wanting revenge on the owner of a pesticide company whose product had killed his daughter The pesticide woman’s son was upset and told Connie that humans keep finding new ways to kill each other

« We’ll always find new ways to save each other, » she replied – a comment that, under current real-life circumstances, seemed like the kind of optimistic and reassuring note we could all do with

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World News – GB – Injury review with spoilers: Chemical attack in Holby as episode is skipped


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